The ALL-NEW Facebook Promote Button & What It Means For Your Business

By May 30, 2012Blog

The ALL-NEW Facebook Promote Button &

What It Means For Your Business

It's popping up on business pages!

What does it mean?

Is Facebook now going to CHARGE you to have people see your "Page" and to be able to interact with customers?

OMG… what does this mean for all my hard work on my Facebook Timeline Page?

Listen now to this 12 minute MP3 training I just did on WHY the Facebook Promote button is a great thing and how YOU want to use it so you don't lose a lot of money.


With love,

Sandi Krakowski

P.S. On this call I talk about how our 25,000 clients on the A Real Change Facebook Page are influencing more than 12 MILLION people! Here's a screenshot for you to see.  

P.S.S. Your FIRST goal is to get more than 400 LIKES on your page, so that the promote button will be active. More details-


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  • Emma Ewers says:

    Worth remembering that a page has to have over 400 likes to be eligible to see the Promote button 🙂

  • Sandi Krakowski says:

    Exactly…. and more details are posted here. We teach in all of our courses that is your goal-
    get over 1000 Likes.

  • OK Sandi, here is my question.

    I can see the possible benefits of the promote button. I actually tried it last night.. but had fairly unimpressive results I think that fact that it is listed as “sponsored” is going to reduce interaction automatically. I know I personally avoid clicking paid posts in Google and prefer organic ones. I believe that same thing will happen on FB.

    There is one aspect I am EXTREMELY unclear on.. if your average “hot” post gets 3000 organic views and you pay for it to be seen by 3500.. do you get 500 extra views or 3500 more..?? Last night the post I ran already had around 2300 views when I started my promotion. I ended up only running it for a few hours (because the promotion in the post was ending). I received around 116 paid views and paid around $2.40 – it was over $.02 a view and that would only put me around 1000 views if I would have continued until the end. I believe the $20 paid promo was suppose to be 3500-4000 (I can’t remember and it does not show you once you pay so I can’t verify). If I already had 2300 and the paid promo gave me 1000 more by the end.. that is definitely not the 3500 or so extra views. It seems I am paying $20 for 1000 views..which doesn’t seem such a good bargain, especially if the interaction and clicks are reduced due to the “sponsored post” title it will now be given..

    Thanks for your help


  • Sandi Krakowski says:

    There are many variables that will be influencing your results-
    Regular communication on the page

    Just because 3500 people ‘saw’ the post doesn’t mean anything. IF they come back to your page it’s now 100%
    on your table how they’ll connect, if they’ll communicate and ultimately, stay. 🙂


  • Beth says:

    It’s a shame to see so many people up in arms about this, even while I run a partly business partly social support page, I understand the power of this :P)

  • waqas says:

    oh God……..mam what amazing effect

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