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What Chewbacca Mom Taught Every Business Owner About Facebook

If you've been on Facebook in the last week I'm sure you've seen the Chewbacca Mom - the lady with the mask from the Star Wars film and her contagious laughter.So many people were amazed by the joy this lady had and how happy she was just being herself. Now, she's been on TV interviews, got to go visit Facebook's headquarters, and her profile has over 750,000 followers in just 1 week (from no where)! Woohoo! You go girl!There's a huge lesson that every business owner needs to take time - stop what they are doing and pay attention to - you ready?This woman gained the publicity with 1 video on Facebook that takes people year's to build - as well as thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to grow - in an instant [...]

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The Social Media Engagement Snowball

The Social Media Engagement Snowball by Jeremy Krakowski Why is engagement more important than the amount of followers you have on Social Media? It’s a snowball effect that a lot of advertisers and social media marketers ignore at the core level, but is the very foundation of how social media works. It’s about human interaction. If no one is interested in what you are talking about, those 500,000 followers on your page don’t mean anything, and your impact is that of a page with 5,000 followers. But what does this matter to business? How does this convert to any impact in sales or revenue? Would you rather have a page of 500,000 people and only 50 of them purchasing from you, or 50,000 of them purchasing from you? I would say 50,000 is a [...]

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Release the Genius Inside & Bring Heaven on Earth

      Media, marketing, family, friends, strangers opinions: These 5 things are what are what drives our culture and makes us as people do what we do. We drive a car because we feel like it equals who we are, we dress a certain way, act a certain way, seeking out an identity that sometimes isn’t truly who we want to be. And yet so often, we think “This is how I was made" and "this is who I am born to be”. We are all seeking acceptance, approval, purpose, a passion, but never stop to ask the real question: Am I who I want to be? I had to ask myself this question about 2 years ago when I went from being a DJ on 6th street in Austin Texas and a [...]

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Where The Poppies Blow On Social Media

Today is the day we remember those who’ve gone before us; Those who gave their life so that we may have the freedoms that we have in America. While yes, A Real Change is an International company, we are headquartered in Kansas City, MO, in the heart of the United States of America. But today, we wanted to do something special to remember those who have paved the way for making this great nation what it is today, and for those who gave their lives so that we might have this freedom in this country. Back in 1914, a war began that was referred to as 'the War to end all Wars'. The Great War, more commonly known as World War 1 began. 9 million human lives were taken from this earth during the [...]

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