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Where The Poppies Blow On Social Media

Today is the day we remember those who’ve gone before us; Those who gave their life so that we may have the freedoms that we have in America. While yes, A Real Change is an International company, we are headquartered in Kansas City, MO, in the heart of the United States of America. But today, we wanted to do something special to remember those who have paved the way for making this great nation what it is today, and for those who gave their lives so that we might have this freedom in this country. Back in 1914, a war began that was referred to as 'the War to end all Wars'. The Great War, more commonly known as World War 1 began. 9 million human lives were taken from this earth during the [...]

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Rappers, Monsters & Men Eating Fruit In The Jungle

Rappers, Monsters & Men Eating Fruit In The Jungle: A modern parable in marketing & loving your customers by Jeremy Krakowski Director of Media & Marketing, A Real Change International, Inc.   Editorial note: I actually wrote the first draft of this article over 2 weeks before Apple acquired Beats Audio. I've decided to edit this article based on those recent developments into what you see below as the principals are even more applicable.   I flew into Washington State, Seattle specifically, for an incredible time of rest and relaxation and pressing into the spirit of God. A time that was much needed for me. I've been on a long health and fitness journey, losing over 100 lbs. for the last two years, but haven't really taken the time to take rest. I had [...]

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Why ‘Obama-care’ was the Best (and Largest) Direct Response Marketing Piece in History

When I logged into Facebook the other day, I saw an ad in the sidebar. It said, “Sign up by March 31, or pay a fine of up to 1% of your income.” there was an image next to it, it was a calendar with the 31st circled. 
Actually, here it is: When I saw this, a thought popped into my head, “What if this deadline is just to produce scarcity? What if this just the best direct response marketing piece of all time?” Are you still asking yourself “What is the ROI on social media?” Do you really need to ask that anymore? I urge you to look at the Presidency of Barack Obama. Whether you agree with his political tilt or not is NOT the question here! Don’t get it twisted! I honor, [...]

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International Happiness Day Celebration Contest Winners!!

International Happiness Day Celebration Contest Winners!! by Holly Krakowski   The response we received from our Big Giveaway Happiness Day was astounding! We are OVERJOYED with all the happiness going around! The impact our followers made yesterday was simply incredible. Think of all the happiness we spread to those who might not have had any! WOOHOO! Spreading love and joy to everyone we come in contact with is one of the goals we hold here at A Real Change. And because of you, our followers, we made a HUGE impact! We loved seeing your happiness pictures, so THANK YOU! They certainly brightened our day J Sandi has shared her Twitter stats with all of us from the Happiness Day giveaway. Engagement skyrocketed because of this spontaneous contest, and Sandi added 1.4k followers during this [...]

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