WHY your breakthrough will always come right in the middle of the fire & the storm! Every single time, the clouds get darker, the stress gets thicker and the fear gets fierce! 

I'm convinced that the breakthrough we need in our lives always comes when we're ready to quit, give up, do the 'rational' thing and give up our faith.

It takes faith to walk out your dreams, when your bank account doesn't match your desires. It takes faith to stay in a relationship, when your heart is growing weary and doesn't see change. It takes faith to walk out love when we feel fear and darkness.

But it is always right in the MIDDLE of that storm that breakthrough shines through!

I remember writing my now best selling book #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Best Life. The amount of times I wanted to just give up are numerous. My mind would race, many times my whole body would ache. Everyone would support my decision, because the storm was so dark! The MRIs showing spinal cord tumors. The fevers rising and the stress mounting.

But every day I would write, for just 30 minutes. Everyday, I would declare that this was going to open the gates for me and I'd come out of the gate like Secretariat, amazing everyone!

I'm getting ready to head to NY now with an exclusive offer from one of the biggest publishers in the world. Can you believe that?! What if I had given up?!

I remember when I was a single Mommy, praying for a husband, living on just $5000 per year. My son and I used WIC coupons, we lived in a one bedroom apartment and I had no idea that my life would be where it is now. Most days, I was surviving and hoping to just make it through. But there was a fire inside of me, a vision and a dream that GOD had given. AND…. I refused to give up!

YOU are in the fire now. You're in the storm. Now is not the time to quit. NOW is not the time to just settle, be grateful and live a small life. NOW is the time to call out the BIG GUN style prayers. NOW is the time to believe in MIRACLES and to press through with all of your might, even if no one else around you understands!

YOU will not be shaken! YOU will not falter. Do not quit now!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski