WHY Your Business Is Failing And You Are Broke!



Most business trainers will constantly focus on what they can do for you, what you can accomplish and how to get there.  HOWEVER, the bottom line is- if you’ve never gotten there before and everything you’ve applied is still leaving you lacking, and nothing is working than someone will need to walk you through what makes you BROKE (lacking money, impoverished and struggling financially in business) and why your business isn’t prospering. I want to be that person!

If you don’t have highly targeted clients on your email list and your social media following AND on your blog, every single day….. you’re going to be broke and your business will fail. Unless of course you’ve got somebody giving you a big endorsement or a TV spot, but most of you don’t have that! Neither do I! So what we have to look at is why are we still broke, what isn’t working and what MUST CHANGE.

Most of the time on my social media pages, I tell people to focus on what IS working, and on what they want more of. That’s truth. But in business, we have to be objective and look at what’s not working, what is broken, and we can’t keep ignoring these things.

Here’s a list of things that will keep you broke and struggling in business: 

1- You’re always focusing on the technical things. If you’re only focusing on the technical things and you’re not connecting with highly targeted clients every single day, I don’t care how pretty your website and everything else is, you will be broke. Most trainers lead with everything technical because it makes people feel smart. I’m not trying to be belittling, but when you don’t understand what you’re doing in business it’s really important for you to have a level of satisfaction in your work. SO…. they will lead you with all of these technical things and you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere, but you’re NOT. The reality is, a lot of ugly websites and not technically sound social media pages and people who don’t track things make millions of dollars every single month! HORRORS!! Yes, people who have ugly websites, don’t track a thing and aren’t technically sound are getting RICH why you still stress over the technical. If you obsess about the technical things just so that you feel secure and you stay broke this is insanity. You’ve got to get highly targeted people in front of you. You have to have the right products or services in front of these highly targeted people. You can work on the pretty later, let’s get sales first!

2- If you’re not interacting with people every day and you’re just thinking you can ‘set it and forget it’. A lot of people who want to build a business seek strategies to just ‘set it and forget it’. The word “automated processes” is an interesting delusion. The only businesses that can boast about ‘set it and forget it automated’ profits are the businesses that worked their butts off FIRST! There’s no such thing as a strategy for a beginner to just set it and forget it and money comes in. You have to build your following, build your relationship, assess where things are going and have real-time measurable data to research. This does not mean you have to hustle your life away, work 90 hours a week and never sleep! That’s a delusion too! You can work part time doing the right things and get the results you want. When things start growing you can set some automations.  But you can’t set anything and forget it until you do the hard grunt regular work first. I MAKE this part of business easier and FUN! 

3- Positioning and ROI increase obsessions. I always find it comical when young small business owners  tell me they want to position correctly for high ROI. I ask them “So, what does that mean to you?” They look at me like a deer in headlights. They’ve been quoting some marketer who misled them and they thought they were smart, but they’re still broke! Let’s look at the statement. Position yourself – that means get in front of, in the right place at the right time. ROI – that means a return on your investment. So what I want to know is….. what’s your investment? What are you doing? What do you put into your business so you could get what you wanted to get out of it? 

4- Thinking you have to do everything in order to start anything. You don’t have to do everything to make money quickly. And you don’t have to have everything set up to start things. Nobody sets everything up and then starts making money! Sure, you have a few preliminary things to set up, but what you REALLY have to do is have a relationship with the right people (your ideal highly targeted clients), connect with them, and learn how to close a sale. You can’t do everything in your business. But initially, you’re gonna have to do some things you’re not very good at, and it’s gonna have to be good enough. Or you’re gonna have to outsource and hire the right people. But outsourcing is not always your answer!  Make sure that you understand the basics of marketing, get in front of the right people, creating great content and close a sale. REPEAT. That is the bottom line!

Now, most marketers would give you a link and pitch you a product here. I’m not going to do that. If you’ve followed me for any length of time YOU KNOW I have more than 60 full length classes teaching everything I talked about and more in my Inner Circle Mastermind Coaching Group. If you’re serious about making money and kissing broke and struggle goodbye, I WILL NOT make it easy for you, because building a business isn’t easy. I’m gonna tell you to go to my Facebook page, click on the pinned video post at the top and do what it says! If you can’t do that, trust me, I love you, everyone of you…… but you’ll never build a business if that’s too hard. I don’t want to mislead you. That was an easy assignment. 

Let’s see who is serious!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski