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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

By: Sandi Krakowski

Have you noticed a shift in how people communicate?

No one wants to talk on the phone anymore!

Even when it's a friend or family member calling, talking on the phone all day is no longer desirable!

Most people do not want to answer the phone when someone they know calls. They'd rather talk to them online through social media, email or texting. So how can someone who is trying to build a business use the phone to do so? Or would a better question be, do you have to use the phone like we used to in years past to grow your company?

We can't do cold calling and phone prospecting like we used to be able to do it. As someone who has personally dialed more than 30,000 leads myself in my years of phone prospecting, it is my belief that we either have to step up- or step out, when it comes to using the phone to build our business. (Yes! I have phone logs and lead lists to prove I DID that many phone calls! Wild huh?)

If people don't want to answer the phone when a friend calls what makes anyone think they'd want to talk to a complete stranger?

Currently, A Real Change International has a client base of over 1.5 MILLION customers. News flash! We don't have phones ringing non-stop, we don't have a call center and we don't have employees falling like flies because they are worn out with whining customers. Most of our clients speak to my team of staff through either email or social media. Answers are fast and easy – everyone is happy. This is the new way to do business. Our customers tell us all the time they love it!

When you build a company, one of the biggest keys to success is staying relevant to where customers are currently. If customers don't want to talk on the phone, it's our responsibility as business owners to put up systems so that they can contact us in a way that they feel most comfortable. It's obvious that social media is where people want to communicate in the year 2014. 

Having someone active at all times through email and social media gives our clients a high level of security and trust when doing business with us. Here at ARC, we do have a phone line where someone can be reached during normal business hours. But most of our clients reach out to us through email and social media, as their preferred means of communication.

This same method can be in place if you are running a business that requires a lot of phone prospecting or calling. One of the best ways to get through to a gate keeper is to build a relationship with them online! By doing some initial connection with a client's assistant or secretary through Facebook, Twitter or email, you'll not only be welcomed when you call by phone, but you'll be invited! 

Social media and email are great ways to 'warm up' a lead or to even do your sifting. When I was prospecting years ago for a direct sales company, I would send out initial emails that asked all the right questions to get my clients to reply back to me. These are some of the same things we do today with every person who joins our email list and the results are amazing!

Rather than having hotel meetings, many people online are now hosting tele-classes, info summits that are run virtually and even Skype Chat video parties!  In the same way social media and email have made it much more easy to connect with people and start a genuine conversation quickly.

Disconnect your phone a few hours per day and start making relationships with prospective clients through social media. This is how I was able to make a solid 7-figure income in my copywriting business, too!

Social media and email are how most people prefer to communicate. Go to where your client is, speak their ideal language and closing more sales will be easier than ever!

Come join me on Twitter and let me know if you are already using social media to build your business! I'd love to hear how it's going for you! Connect with me here: 

Whatever you do, remember this- People love to talk to those who care and make them feel special. Social media is one of the best places to make that happen!

Sandi Krakowski

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Business Is Just A Big Game….. Or Is It?

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Business Is Just A Big Game….. Or Is It? 

By: Sandi Krakowski

We’ve all heard the saying, “Business is just a game, break the rules and you’ll win!” 

Or maybe this one resonates more with you, “Business is just a numbers game, get enough numbers into your game and you’ll get more in your bank account.” 

When we built our first business life was my teacher, the integrity that we lived daily was how our customer service department was built. We didn’t cut corners, operate without ethics or serve ourselves to build a $ 4.5 million dollar company. Our customers always were and always will be our focus.

Are you building a customer focused business or are you simply working to make money?

A customer centric company creates a mission statement with core values that are upheld in all areas of the business operations. It is these core values that make it possible to create the best products, have the best practices and create insane results in your business!

These core values dictate what businesses will be partnered with, how business is conducted in all situations and what the primary focus is within the company and amongst its team members.

You can view the mission statement of A Real Change International by clicking here. 

Our focus is to help people create an extraordinary life, business and income with ordinary tools, both online and offline. Our purpose is to serve our customers with excellence and to uphold our core values every single day.

This mission statement has caused me to seek out the best staff and team members. It's also required that I fire a few people. Our mission statement has caused me to turn down millions of dollars in the last several years from those seeking to ‘do business’ and gain "private exclusive rights" on some of our products.

The notion that a business is a game indicates that one doesn’t have customer focused core values. The business becomes a mere pursuit of money. Chasing money as a goal for building a business is a very hard process. Go collect unemployment! It will be much easier.

But seeking to serve and be the best you can be, with your service to your customers, gives your business a higher purpose that will propel all that you do forward!

Don’t get me wrong…. Before you think I don’t enjoy the challenge of business, the desire to grow big and profit wildly, I do, I absolutely love it!  But the thing that gets me up in the morning, causes me to keep my heart, mind and spirit in alignment with the core values that God planted in me a long time ago, goes far beyond closing another sale and making money. It is 100% geared around the desire to improve the quality of life, business and income of our customers.

Years ago I heard people in business say that anyone who could fog a mirror was a potential prospect.  This made me feel slimy and unethical. Knowing that not everyone was qualified to work with me or would even want our products, I rejected such a philosophy. Rather, our focus was on serving those who were our ideal prospects better than our competitors, adding core values that made it easy to do business. This has always profited my companies handsomely!

What is a customer-centric company anyway?

A company that is focused on serving the customer first, is a customer-centric organization. They are aware of what the competition is doing. They are mindful of what other leaders are doing in the marketplace. And….They don't seek loopholes to get into niches where they have no skill or track record.

When your customers become your primary focus you are very careful what you’ll position yourself as an expert in. It would be contrary to your core values to position yourself as one with expertise in something you have very little experience in.  This is why a mission statement is so critical. It’s about more than money, and honestly, will give you a slight edge that will triple your profits if you do it right.

These governing principles must align with our core values and help us in making sure we are giving our best at all times to our customers.

So what makes this belief that ‘business is just a game’ so wrong?

It’s only focus is how can I win and many times, sadly, it will cut any corner it can to win. It doesn’t consider the long-term goal of business building and is typically only looking at numbers.  Quality of life in the business, healthy relationships amongst the staff, a great reputation in the marketplace, is not typically a driving factor.

So…..Where are you when it comes to your goals for business? 

Is the bottom line your only focus? A business built with the sole purpose of making money is a business that will either never reach its goals or implode as soon as it gets there.

Build a business with a mission statement in place. Uphold that mission statement when making decisions for your company. Refer to this mission statement when hiring and firing.

Remind yourself of this mission statement when choosing JV partners, sharing your list and choosing your mentors.

A customer-centric company will be the happiest most profitable business you’ve ever built

Thank YOU for being a part of ours. 🙂

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski

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Poverty In The Mind Of A Business Owner

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Poverty In The Mind Of
A Business Owner

By: Sandi Krakowski

You wouldn't think that most business owners online struggle with a lack mindset, but many do. It is evident in workaholism, poor decision making and even lack-minded management. As a 'budding entrepreneur' it's critical that you understand this plague and protect yourself from it.
What does poverty look like in a company and more specifically in the life of a business owner and how can you stay clear of this horrific condition?
To be impoverished and live in lack according to Webster's Dictionary is:
The state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.
Scarcity goes one step further:  
The quality or state of being scarce; especially:  want of provisions for the support of life.
When you see these two definitions you typically think of those suffering in a homeless situation, one who can't even provide for his next meal, the ones who live in third world countries who barely have sustenance. But you wouldn't see it as a controlling factor in the life of a business owner who can't get ahead, would you?
Let me say this as clearly as I can- having worked with tens of thousands of clients in my kitchenware businesses, the three vitamin stores I owned and operated, the gyms I managed, coaching people through bodybuilding, the network marketing programs I built, writing sales copy, doing all aspects of advertising and consulting in marketing….. this is a killer disease for the business owner. Few ever find their cure. Sadly.
How can you recognize poverty in your life or that of your company structure?
Here are a few clues:
1. Do you guard the things you have as a company owner or business as though it is more valuable than anything?  Do you protect everything you have, every penny, every hour, constantly keeping track to make sure nothing slips through the cracks?  This my friends is an impoverished state of mind and it typically will hold a company back. Try as hard as they can, most company owners (and I say most, there are exceptions to every scenario) won't go beyond that point because of this basic essential need of control and fear.
Control is a symptom of poverty. Good management is the opposite.
Tony Hsieh is a great example of that. Rather than fearing his bottom line and having to fire someone who doesn't mesh with his culture, his company practice is to give $2000  for workers to leave if they are holding the team back. Nothing more needs to be said. What a wise man!
2. Is there always a reason for why you never quite made it to your dreams? Is someone in your past, your current client list
, the economy, or your competitor the reason why you never got to where you should have gotten to? And is this story of such loss a part of your company history that all clients know? Do you nearly instill 'fear' into your customer base of anyone bringing harm on your "precious" – ie your company?
Many of you might be laughing at this point and that's a good sign. Others might be feeling completely sick to their stomach and that's a good sign as well… as long as you do something with that emotion rising up in you.
What is poverty anyways?
Some think it's a force, an energy (negative). Others believe it to be a spirit, an enemy or a spiritual entity to be avoided.  I personally think it's all of the above!
3. Do you struggle to just get ahead? When you work hour after hour after hour do you always feel like no matter what you do, you can't get ahead? Do you presume that others must have more talent, more insight, more gifting, more 'connections' and something else that is MORE than what you have?  This is a sign of poverty. I'll agree that insight, gifting, connections and talent will get you far but a preoccupation with the 'more' that others have is a sign of a deep rooted problem that will make building a company the hardest thing you ever do in your life. Hence the reason some stay in a dull, boring job they hate. The pain of staying where they are, is reasoned, is less than the pain of continuing to fall short on their desires.
4. When you create a website for your business do you settle for what you can 'get' for free? Are you always looking for the next discount? Do you stay with a 'free' hosted blog even though you know that it isn't the right way to run a business? Do you always presume it's God who wants you to stay where you are, it's just your lot in life that has made it impossible for you to get training on WordPress, sales copy, internet marketing and whatever else it is you need?  This is poverty. It's a crafty form of poverty that keeps one in lack and scarcity, but in a very passive form. 

Poverty is defined as a lack of a basic need.
So what is the basic need a business owner has that he or she is feeling so removed from that would cause such destructive behavior? It's different for everyone.
Your basic emotional needs however cannot be met in the profit or loss of your company.
You can pretend that it can be, but you're kidding yourself. There is no amount of money that can bring peace to the soul, no amount of list size in your internet based business that can bring you security and contentment. These have to be found first. Then crazy wild fun things will begin to appear in your business. THIS is why at A Real Change International we work with the whole person in our programs, along with the marketing tactics, strategies, secrets and methods!
So, where are you today? Do you see yourself in any of the examples I've given?
If you have, here is a formula for getting past that point.

1.  Forgive. Start with yourself and then others. Do not exclude anyone or any situation. I realize it's easier said than done but having experienced horrific trauma in my life as a child, a gang rape at 19, several abuses in religious cultures in my lifetime and more…. I can say with full confidence… you deserve to let it go. You deserve to be free. Do whatever it takes to get to the other side of that pain and keep short accounts.
2. Be realistic. Your expectations of your business must be objective and not governed by your emotions.  Be willing to go the extra mile, take the extra time and do whatever it takes to get input on what you can expect in your business. Masterminds and mentoring help tremendously with this.
3. Go forward. To be stuck is a sign of poverty. Sometimes just 'doing the next' thing will bring about change in your life. Move forward no matter what.
I believe with all of my heart that a business and owning your own company will change your life. It will be the most fun, the most challenging, the most rewarding and the most incredible experience you'll ever encounter. But it requires a good hard substantial look at things along the way.
I hope I have helped you with this issue of poverty. This is NOT your portion in life and it's not your future.  Let's move forward together, shall we?  🙂
With love, 
Sandi Krakowski

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