Schedules And Systems For Small Business Owners That Actually WORK!

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I have a free gift for all of you today! Listen now!
This is one of my best trainings on schedules, time management, building a business at home and more!
Your schedule either supports you or destroy you. You can’t keep flying by the seat of your pants, doing things that pop up in front of you, working your ‘business’ when you have a few free minutes. If you have less than 10 hours per week to build your fortune you need this even MORE than ever! But if you have 40 hours per week to build your business, I guarantee you, if you’re not making $1 million yet, you’re wasting a lot of time. I want to help with that.
If you have a full time real job the truth is you will have to accomplish your dreams at a pace that is slower than other people. HOWEVER, you’re not a victim. EVERY year multi-million dollar startups are created this way. GOOGLE was created this way. We do what we can do. The stress is NOT the lack of hours, it’s actually we pay attention to things that don’t matter, we stress about what we can’t do and we’re not doing the money making activity in our companies, DAILY. Focus on this audio today.  If you do that, you’re already 75% ahead of others who are spinning their wheels with no discipline.
NOTE: This was made two years ago, but it’s EVERGREEN which means 20 years from now you could listen to it and it would STILL be super super valuable. Take it that serious and listen to it today. Listen at least 3 times. Take good notes! It’s gonna help so so many of you!!! For MORE powerful training like this and 60+ full length classes, jump into my Inner Circle Mastermind where more than 1600 small business owners are working with me every single week in a private Facebook group 😉
With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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BEFORE I formed you in the womb, I knew you.

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BEFORE...... God knew.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

As a former single mommy who raised 3 sons, grew multiple multi-million dollar companies and felt so inadequate for the task of raising up children, despite my success in business, THIS VERSE comforted me.

THIS verse I prophesied and declared over all three of my sons. I would declare and decree, “GOD KNEW YOU long before I even carried you. GOD KNEW YOU long before I would ever meet you. GOD KNOWS YOU better than I could ever fathom knowing you. GOD KNOWS YOU in more ways than I will ever get the honor of knowing you. I am your mother, a partner with God in your destiny. It’s MY job to find out who GOD sees, who GOD created, what GOD designed, what GOD planned.”

This freed me from pressure, helped me to let go of perfection. It reminded me that I made the right choice to not only ‘stay in the game’ even when I felt inadequate, unskilled and ultimately had a horrific marriage, but EMPOWERED me that the work I do daily in loving my sons is a divine work, a holy work and a work GREATER than any company I’ll ever build, or client I’ll ever influence. BEFORE.

BEFORE I knew, as a single Mommy I was carrying Jeremiah. BEFORE as a married woman I carried Justin and Bobby. BEFORE I knew the second half of my life I’d be single again. BEFORE EVERYTHING we went through, we’d go through, we’d endure…. BEFORE that…….God knew.

That word knew is INTIMATE. It’s the highest level of intimacy. It’s a word that should sober us. It’s a word that should charge us. It’s a word that should govern our thinking, our hearts and our motives in life. GOD KNEW. Then, He asked me to DO. Free will comes in.

USE your free will wisely in all that you do with your family, your business, your influence, your choices and your life. YOU were given a free will. Forgiveness is real, yes. GOD does forgive our mistakes, and throws them into the sea of forgetfulness. But we are responsible and accountable for what WE DO with “BEFORE… God knew.” #SELAH

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