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Wisdom For New Small Business Owners….. from home and real life!

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Today Sandi shares a quick video with her exclusive Inner Circle Mastermind giving some very helpful wisdom for small business owners. As many of you may know, she’s a new Mimi!! Her first grandson, Luka, was born last week. In this video, that is going viral on Facebook, she shares wisdom for new business owners that she gained by being a new Mommy many years ago.

Watch now and share with your team!


Here’s a beautiful photo of the new baby!

When It’s So Dark, You Can’t Find The Light…… My Own Battle With Depression

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When You Can't Find The Light

When It’s So Dark, You Can’t Find The Light……

My Own Battle With Depression

Being powerful doesn’t mean we don’t struggle. It doesn’t mean we can always just snap ourself out of difficulties, or challenges. It does mean we do whatever we can, to change things. But when we’re struggling to even do that, it means we admit it, and get some help. There was a time in my life when the darkness was so bad, I could not find the light. I remember what it is liked to be so depressed I didn’t want to live.

My first experience with depression happened when I was a single mother. I was doing everything by myself, with my son. Days of no sleep, fear and worry plagued me. But then it got really bad and I sank into a darkness I had never known before. I lost a lot of weight and was not myself. My bubbly happy state turned to exhaustion and just wanting to stay in bed all day. Eventually, I wanted to die, it got so bad. I’m so grateful that my family helped me through this dark time. It has given me a real compassion for people who struggle.

When I got real sick a few years ago, I again hit a place of really bad darkness. But now, I was a different person. Healed spiritually, encouraging others, and even talking to people about how to overcome anxiety, worry and depression, it was different than last time. Initially, I didn’t think it was depression. But I would later discover, that is exactly what it was. Something was just not right for me. I knew that I had to get some help. As I discussed how I was feeling with my naturpathic doctor and neurosurgeon, I explained that I wasn’t down, didn’t feel like I would hurt myself or anyone else, but I had absolutely NO desire to do anything. My pain was so bad, worse than even I knew my neck or back could cause, and I could not seem to find the light like I usually did. All I felt all day was like I was in a constant state of numbness and I really didn’t even care. That’s when I knew I had to get some help. When I didn’t even care if things changed, I didn’t care if I did anything to change things, that’s when I knew, it’s time to ask for help. 

To be in a state of not caring, and being so numb I didn’t even want to do anything but sleep was definitely not normal for me. I remember explaining that I felt like I was ‘floating’ through my day. Doing what I had to and then looking forward to my bed every night. Only thing is, I was crawling into bed by 5pm some days, as soon as I got home from work. My doctors were super helpful and we did some blood and other tests. Instantly the problem was revealed, my levels were so off, my doctor looked at me and said she was shocked I was actually doing as well as I was. She proceeded to give me some alternative medications and some other traditional medications to help, along with helping my hormones. Within just a few weeks, my energy started to come back, my pep was kicking back in and I no longer had a desire to stay in bed all day. 

You really don’t know how sick you are, sometimes, until you get well.

It hit me right then and there, just how dark things had really gotten. Because the energy I got back felt so good, so free and so fresh. I could see and live in the light again. It was then that I realized how dark it had really gotten. 

Funny, isn’t it? One case I was really depressed and wanted to die. I was sad all the time, angry even and trying to control everything, as a young woman. Later in my life, when depression came back, it wasn’t sadness, or a desire to die, I just had no ambition or desire to do anything. Numbness with darkness is how depression showed up this time. Depression has many faces. Please DO NOT EVER tell someone they are not depressed, if they say they are, just because you don’t think they ‘look it’. 

In the Christian world, and with many people who are athletes, CEOs and people who strive to be there best, we can be sidetracked and misled even, thinking that ‘powerful people’ don’t get depressed. The truth of the matter is, they do. EVEN when everything is going great! And the powerful thing to do, is to get some help. It’s a POWERFUL thing to say, “I just can’t seem to find the light anymore, it’s so dark.” It’s a POWERFUL thing to say, “I am really struggling, I have no desire and am completely numb. Please help me.”

Because I influence so many people, and I understand it would be easy for others to think that Sandi is always up, always happy, and never struggles, I wanted to reach out today to encourage ALL of you to be powerful. To encourage you HOW to rise above, when the light has gone out. There are times when we might need medication. We might need our hormones checked. We might have something clinically wrong that is  taking our light away. It goes beyond how we think, we feel, or we can pray our way through. For me, it was a combination of leaky gut, I was not absorbing my nutrients, I had been recovering from a serious pathogenic bacteria, and my hormones were way out of whack. The HAPPY hormones had gone south and I was just not myself. Numb.

If you’re there today, hear me now, please. There is NO SHAME in feeling depressed. We all have blue days. We all have bad days or weeks and sometimes, even months! But if your light has gone out for too long, or you just can’t seem to bounce back, please, find a good doctor, get some blood work, possibly hormones and even allergy tests done. YOU deserve to be powerful. I know you want that. If my story can help someone to get help today, that would mean the world to me.

Being powerful means, that when we can’t find our way back into the light, we can’t pray, meditate or think our way there, we ASK FOR HELP.

I love you!

Sandi Krakowski 

Sandi Krakowski

How To Make More Money FAST In Any Business (Or how to start one!)

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How To Make More Money In ANY Business Fast!

I remember the first time I realized I didn’t want to work for someone else, it wouldn’t fit into the lifestyle I wanted and I had to find a way to make money. I was 24 years old, a single pregnant mommy and working a traditional 40 hour job was not cutting it for me. Exhausted and weary was an understatement. There was no way this was going to work for me. So I got creative, and decided I could make more money per hour by doing something else.

That’s the path most people initially take to make more money and increase their income- make more money per hour.

The questions buzz through our head over and over again, “How can I get a better job and make more money per hour?!” This question buzzed through my head and I came up with a few ideas. I later I decided I would clean houses. It was 1985 and at that time I could make $55 cleaning a big colonial house with 3-4 bedrooms. It would take me 4-5 hours to do a great job. If I pushed hard, I could do 2 in a day. One colonial in the early part of the day and a small house in the afternoon and make between $90-100 per DAY.  The small homes I would charge a minimum fee of $35 to show up and clean. That translated out to be: $12.50-$15 per hour. There was NO WHERE I could go and make that kind of money at 24 years old with only a year of college under my belt. So I did it. Many times 3-4 days per week, making $300 or more per week. I quickly got my income over $1000 per month. But being pregnant, that kind of income stopped just as quickly as it came. I couldn’t keep up with the pace, and eventually, stopped working and lived with my parents.

But I got the ‘itch’ again when I knew I had to be on my own with my baby. By the time he was 5 months old, I was ready to move out!  I wanted my own place, with my own rules and my OWN way of doing things. (That runs inside an entrepreneur- I want to lead, let me do things my way, I need my own space!)  So I got creative again, but pay attention closely to what I did!

I knew that cleaning as I had done before wasn’t going to suit my new lifestyle, as I didn’t want someone else raising my child and it would be stupid to be gone 7-8 hours per day and pay someone else 1/2 of what I was earning. So my creativity and entrepreneurial mind took me to the library. That’s where we went before the internet was born.

I studied CLEANING JOBs, cleaning products, cleaning business and realized if I cleaned commercial property, I could charge 2-3 times more and make more money per hour. Remember, this was still my idea of a good business- increase my HOURLY rate. I hadn’t stumbled across the concept of multiplication, outsourcing and such yet. So I created some business cards at my local printing store, and at 25 years old I was the proud owner of “Smiley’s Cleaning Services”. I went to local hospitals and talked to them about their prompt care facilities. I was told that most of the time they didn’t have employees working at the emergency care clinics, they outsourced and contracted in cleaning companies. So I created my best ‘proposal’ that I formatted like I had read in a book at the library with my best ‘letterhead’ and created my services. It would be $125 per night for me to clean a Prompt Care Facility that would take me 3-4 hours to do. QUICKLY my hourly income went up to: $ 31.25 an hour. Mind you, I’m a train! I work hard and fast. I got done what two people would get done in less time and I did it excellently. There are somethings I still do that way. Working fast doesn’t make you more money, but doing what you do very well at the best pace you can, better than anyone else, will. There’s a tip:

Do excellently what you can do without much thought, better than anyone else, at a pace no one else can touch, and you’ll make more money per hour. People PAY for results. I’m blown away by how many small business owners are trying to make money at something they just learned, are still learning, don’t like, or aren’t wired for all in the name of money. That is called business stupidity, not wealth.

Keep reading…. 

I was super happy that it was going to be a different kind of building with different items in it. No longer cleaning a bunch of kitchen floors, toilets, etc these buildings were mostly carpeted except for the exam rooms and I could vacuum 80% of it and with a good commercial mop, do the rest with a great cleaner. I studied what cleaners worked the best (I wanted to be the best at what I did!) , and then I stumbled across the BIGGEST BUSINESS IDEA OF MY LIFE.

It is this business idea that I want to pass onto you today.

Little did I know that this business idea would later impact my kitchenware business that I started when I was 31 years old and grew to over $4 million dollars in under 4 years, and it would impact the rest of my career as a copywriter, direct response marketer, social media marketer, influencer, thought leader and even as an angel investor! 

Here it is. The biggest business idea I ever had, that sales people and advertising agencies have been using since the 1800’s and even earlier, but we don’t have very many books that talk about it.

The BIGGEST BUSINESS IDEA I ever had:  The biggest problem people have is your doorway to making more money. Fix a problem and you’ll make more money.

Write it down. Read it out loud. Meditate on that!

Keep reading…… lots of wisdom for you here. I decided to interview the prompt care managers before I started my services. I was contracted in already, but if I was going to retain my clients, get referrals, have excellent feedback and create some ‘income security’ for myself (because I wasn’t working a job, didn’t want job security, I was now a business owner and needed INCOME security) I needed some feedback. My interview survey form consisted of a few basic questions.

Here they are:

  1. What is the number one complaint you have had with other companies who have cleaned your emergency clinic? 
  2. What is the number one thing that you wish people would do without you asking for it?
  3. What do you notice first when you check to see if your cleaning company has done a good job?
  4. What is the biggest thing that we can do to retain your business?

Then I had it! Their problem and my solution for income security! If I could solve this problem over and over again, they would happily pay me, I would have a regular income and they would have a service they could depend on. The answers they gave me were somewhat surprising. Things like, “Be sure to get the corners of the bathrooms” or “Don’t leave anything ever in the exam room. Pick up all trash, little items, dirt, wipe fingerprints, make it look like no one has ever been there.” and the biggest one was really amazing to me, “Be sure to set the damn alarm!”  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that. You mean the other companies weren’t activating the alarm when they left? You’re kidding me. Really?! Unanimously I heard this complaint and believe it or not, after all these years, it’s still etched in my mind because they nearly ALWAYS swore about it. It made them so mad they really wanted me to get the message. 

I made myself a checklist for each client. I printed out a copy for EVERY single night I was there. Not depending on my own memory and making sure I didn’t just ‘wing it and go by memorization or habit’ I made myself accountable. It was now my job to be my own boss and manager, so I made checklists to be sure I never forgot what was super important to the customer and even if I thought it was common sense or something I’d never forget, I wrote it down and put a RED MARKER CIRCLE around it. 

It worked. I solved the problem, and made more money. My prosperity was directly related to how well I could solve someone else’s problem.

Long before I studied copy and how to write call to actions, and began building websites and getting more creative and learning how to write emails and create higher conversion,  I WAS OCD-LIKE OBSESSIVE about solving problems. So much so that when I hired someone to do a job for me if they didn’t ask me what was my biggest complaint and how could they serve me the best, it would upset me. SO much so that if someone didn’t do the thing I said was super important to me, I would FIRE them. This became such a big red-hot firey money making thread in my career, that it not only helped me to go on and sell over $225 million dollars worth of products online, but it built several successful businesses along the way.

To this day it’s super important to me that we’re solving PROBLEMS, bringing RESULTS, and making sure that we do it in such a unique way that people stay with us. It’s business 101. 

So many people get so esoteric and hookey spokey about business. They pursue passion before results. They chase dreams before PROBLEMS. I get it. I love God. I believe in faith at work. Heck, I write about spirituality at work for Entrepreneur Magazine! But the truth of the matter is, GOD is even interested in work being done excellently and the way we do that is to solve a problem. No passion or dream for business is worth a penny if it’s NOT fixing a problem and bringing a result. Every single job created in the workplace is someone doing something because there’s a problem. McDonald’s can’t serve billions of people if someone doesn’t fix the problem of flipping the burger, putting it on the bun, making sure it’s CONSISTENT and predictable every single time. There’s not one business on the planet, no matter how big or small, no matter what industry, no matter what it is that isn’t solving a problem.

Want to make more money in your small business FAST?!


The biggest PROBLEM that people have is YOUR doorway to enormous prosperity. FIX a problem and you’ll make more money.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski