The Most Robust Search Tool For Keywords, Hashtags & Finding People Through Social Media

The Most Robust Search Tool For Keywords, Hashtags & Finding People Through Social Media Today I'm sharing how to find your ideal clients right where they are through social media.  This one tool revealed in this episode can connect you with people who not only need your products and services, but they are already talking about them through their posts on a daily basis! Keywords and hashtags are a bloggers best friend! When used correctly you'll create a SWARM of fresh targeted traffic. The search engines seek out good content that is being consumed on a daily basis by regular traffic. The more targeted traffic, the higher you go into the search engines and the more clients you get! It's a BEAUTIFUL thing! Watch episode #57 NOW and let's make your blog go viral, very [...]

Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus

Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus   By: Sandi Krakowski My body hurt. I'd done my time, the body fat was below 4% and the workouts had paid off. No carbs had entered my body for more than 10 days and the lack of water had created the final 'sharp edge' I needed. Walking on stage that day, in the Mount Pleasant Body Building Championship, I knew that my dreams had come true. Overcoming every mind game and trick, forcing my body beyond it's own emotions and feelings, it had obeyed and gone beyond all of my expectations. My tan, lean and ripped body became my trophy and I'd earn a huge one at the end of the day. Ribbons placed around my neck for the best arms, most ripped abs and biggest [...]

Business Is Just A Big Game….. Or Is It?

Business Is Just A Big Game….. Or Is It?  By: Sandi Krakowski We’ve all heard the saying, “Business is just a game, break the rules and you’ll win!”  Or maybe this one resonates more with you, “Business is just a numbers game, get enough numbers into your game and you’ll get more in your bank account.”  When we built our first business life was my teacher, the integrity that we lived daily was how our customer service department was built. We didn’t cut corners, operate without ethics or serve ourselves to build a $ 4.5 million dollar company. Our customers always were and always will be our focus. Are you building a customer focused business or are you simply working to make money? A customer centric company creates a mission statement with core values [...]

My FAVORITE Apps To Use For Business

My FAVORITE Apps To Use For Business Apps can make it easier to run your business anywhere you are at! Right now we're in Hawaii for 12 days and if it wasn't for my apps making it easy to post pictures, share with all of you our fun times and also answer emails a few times per day with my team, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do what we do! (Working just 1-2 hours per day our company with 22 team members and reaching almost a million clients is EASY with apps! Seriously!) Here is my list of my FAVORITE apps that I use for business. Aloha! Facebook Facebook Pages Twitter Hootsuite Instagram GoogleApps InstaProFrame Tweegram Pinterest Socialcam Piccollage Sound Cloud Wordpress Mashable Evernote Pen Ultimate Analytics HD Klout Bizxpense Tracker Seatguru GoToMeeting SlideShark [...]