A Real Change Certification Program Verification

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This page is for the verification of certified
A Real Change companies and providers.

This certifies that the clients listed below have taken the courses mentioned and have been trained to serve according to the A Real Change business model.  

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Lori Bruton

Approved page: http://lbessentials4u.com/essential-virtual-servicesKat Tores

Approved page: http://vasolutionsteam.com/virtual-assistance-services/Eric Schmidt

Approved page: http://rocketva.com/content-management-servicesTasha Nelson

Approved page: http://yourfriendlyva.com/services/Heather Santo

Approved page:   http://thevageek.com/social-media-services/Melissa Gaines

Approved page:   http://byyoursideva.com/virtual-assistant-servicesTerry Ramirez 

Approved page:  http://theinspiredva.com/executive-office-managementLeslie Foster

Approved page:  http://www.fosteringresults.com/va-servicesMelodee Forbes

Approved page:  http://simplyroyalty.com/instagram/Angelika Vorderstrasse

Approved page: http://provahelp.com/services-2/Cheryl Bruce

Approved page: http://vainyourpocket.com/social-media-services/Dawn Rawlins

Approved page: http://dawnoncall.com/admin-support-services/Tasha Smith

Approved page: www.linkedvirtually.com/adminsupportCarolyn Mehdi

Approved page: http://delegatingout.com/virtual-assistant-services/

Stephanie McLaughlin 
Approved page: http://www.c2cva.com/vaservicesNancy Prall

Approved page: http://nancyprall.com/vaservices/Hirut Ejigu 

arc certified2 Get Your A Real Change Certification Code


Tiffany (Johnson) Parson

Approved page: http://virtualhiredhand.com/servicesGolda Smith   

Approved page: goldasmith.com/social-media-client-care-services
Bethany Looi
Approved page: ontaskva.com/social-media-packages
Kim Starry
Approved page: starrynightsocialmedia.com/social-media-management-customized-for-your-business/
Anne Maybus
Approved page: cleverstreak.com/social-media
Frederika Angus
Approved page: nextlevelvision.com/social-media-content-management-services
Tamara Golden
Approved page: a18media.com/smservice
Beth Heilman
Approved page: bethheilman.com/social-media-marketing-services
Debby Twomey
Approved page: djtwomey.com/managing-social-media-packages
Deanna Martin
Approved page: netsocialmojo.com/social-media-content-management
Michelle DeMarco
Approved page: thebossyredhead.com/social-media-content-management


arc certified2 Get Your A Real Change Certification Code


WP Experts Certified

Tiffany (Johnson) Parson

Approved page: http://virtualhiredhand.com/services

Frederika Angus
Approved page: nextlevelvision.com/wordpress-website-blog-services

Branding web and social media graphics
Wordpress / Theme installation and customization and monthly maintenance
Shopping Cart integration (PayPal, 1ShoppingCart)
Corinne Battle
Approved page: clearpointweb.com/services/wordpress-website-services

Specialty: HTML, CSS, WordPress installations, customization and monthly maintenance, header and social media graphics, Facebook business pages, email opt-in forms/graphics, and website tune-ups. John Hays
Approved page: johnphays.com

Specialty: HTML, CSS, header graphics and header with horizontal opt-in offer creation! Kimberly Carmen
Approved page: barefootmompreneur.com/services/wordpress-websites

Specialty: General WordPress installation, set up, and maintenance Ashley Dixon
Approved page: unforgettablewebdesigns.com/blog/services-2/wordpress-design-website-maintenance

Specialty: E-Commerce Website Design, Graphics & Horizontal Opt Ins Francine Vallone Trendler
Approved page: light4soul.com/from-me-to-you Katie Wilber
Approved page: themarketingmomma.com/website-design

1. WordPress Installation and Design
2. WordPress Maintenance
3. Graphic Design and Custom Website Headers with Optin
Victoria Gazeley
Approved page: thecabindesignstudio.com/what-we-do

1. Membership Sites
2. ‘TV’ channels built with the Wave theme (ARealChange.tv SCDLifestyle.tv)
3. Custom website headers, logos, banners, product covers and other web graphics.
Lisa M. McMahon
Approved page: intergalacticwebs.com/about/arc-website-services

Specialty: WordPress / Theme installation, configuration, customization and maintenance.

Lane Jones
Approved page: http://www.freshtakeoncontent.com/wordpress-websites/


  • Branding
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Email Templates/ Custom Sign Up Forms
  • Google Authorship and Analytics Set ups

Stephanie Thomas
Approved page: help4mybusiness.com/wordpress-services-all


1. WordPress Websites
2. Website Maintenance and Tweaks
3. Ecommerce (3dcart and Shopify)
4. Real Estate Websites with IDX integration

Leslie Williams
Approved page: lesliesansonewilliams.com/what-we-love-to-do Amy Whitmer
Approved page: amywhitmer.com/wordpress/wordpress-installation-and-set-up Tamala Huntley
Approved page: wpwebsitesdone4u.com/store-a Beth van Koetsveld
Approved page: rockyourpower.com/services

Specialty: Blog transferring to self-hosted WordPress, Theme Customizations, Graphic Design & Opt-in Header Form. Lisa Carter
Approved page: cepwebdesignsolutions.com

Specialty: My specific niche is natural horse care/horsemanship and health/wellness. About 95% of my current web design clients are horse-related businesses and hopefully will soon expand my client-base to include more diverse businesses. My expertise is more with installations, updates and just getting things started and organized for people (the busy work so to speak). I do enjoy taking on the full-fledged build packages to keep things interesting, but maintaining sites for people with maintenance packages is where my focus will be. I'm very good at going through the pages of people's sites and making sure all their fonts are consistent throughout their pages, cleaning up the photos, checking for broken links…OCD type stuff. I'm an organizer:-)  Michelle Gale
Approved page: wordpresswiz.com.au/wordpress-packages Anna Kennedy
Approved page: websydesigns.com/arc-client-services

WP set up and design
Graphic design
Sales page set up and design
eBook formatting and design
autoresponder services
1ShoppingCart & PayPal
Facebook Set Up & Design
Patricia Ogilvie
Approved page: patriciaogilvie.com/about-wordpress-websites

1. Traditional wordpress website set-up and design
2. Autoresponders (Aweber proficiency)
3. Copywriting for web pages
4. Research and creation of ebooks
Jean Millheim
Approved page: cabincrick.com/wordpress/wordpress-maintenance

WP plug-in installation and maintenance
Fix broken links
WP set-up and maintenance
Penelope Regula
Approved page: bluejeancreative.com/services
















arc certified2 Get Your A Real Change Certification Code

Claudia Looi
Approved page: travelwritingpro.com Shanshera Quinn
Approved page: quinnscopy.com Jen McGahan
Approved page: myteamconnects.com Mary Knippel
Approved page: theunleashedhomemaker.com



The A Real Change Certification Seal does not constitute endorsement or recommendation. It certifies that the clients listed have taken the courses mentioned and have been trained to serve according to the A Real Change business model.  The page the certification is posted on validates course taken and does not suggest entire site or all services are certified












WARNING: If you have found the A Real Change Certification Seal on a website of someone that is not listed, please report this immediately to clientcare@arealchange.com There is a $1000 bonus available for anyone who finds a website fraudulently using the seal. The A Real Change Certification does not warranty or suggest company policy. Please be sure to get references and samples of work from all listed vendors. ARC reserves the right to revoke certification for any reason. 

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