by Sandi Krakowski on December 28, 2012

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    iStock 000014844334XSmall The CHAMPIONS Creed!

    "The Champions Creed"


    I take full responsibility for my rising & for my falling.

    I don't beat myself up nor do I beat up others.

    When I make decisions I live with the results & don't play a victim.

    With the power that is within me I seek above all things wisdom & discernment.

    I fly high & sometimes I crash but the total race is the goal, not just one episode.

    I know when to push & I know when to pull back.

    I give it my all & I love others even when they don't.

    I am a Champion!

    My strongest words are I did great & I'll do better next time.  

    Step UP! BE more! BE the Champion our world needs today!  

    With love,

    Sandi Krakowski

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