Mindset And Marketing For Your Business

Mindset and Marketing are so closely related that if you ignore one side over the other no matter what you do in business you'll never see the results you not only want, but you deserve.


Dear Struggling Business Owner,

When you started your business online there was a fire in your belly, a passion in your heart and you knew that things were finally going to be different.

Maybe you started to build your list, got your Opt In just right and even prepared to do your first live tele-class, which would eventually be turned into a highly profitable information product.

Night after night you worked and day after day you moved forward- building your social media following, answering emails as quickly and as efficiently as you could. But truth be told, when it was time for your tele-class to sell out and the profits to start trickling in, only 2 people were there to listen to you.

Before you give up and throw in the towel on your future, there's a secret that you might not be considering that changes everything.

My name is Sandi Krakowski and I've been working online for the last 15 years. During those years I've made millions of dollars in profits and I've lost millions of dollars in sales. It's a part of the entrepreneurial journey to do so. But it wasn't until 7 years ago that I ever realized that there was something Bigger playing a key role in the way I made money and built my business.

The topic of mindset and how our brain works became a near obsession to me about 5 years ago. Ok, ok, I'll confess, it became a full on obsession and one that I've benefited greatly from studying. It has been my personal experience and that of my clients that if your 'head' is in alignment with your goals ironically even less than perfect copy will convert on a website and you'll be able to make money.

Equally, we've seen that if your 'head" is out of alignment with what you've mapped out, you could have a top copywriter write for you and you'll still, most likely, fall flat on your face.

Mindset unfortunately has been approached by many people as some esoteric voodoo force that you can 'tap into' and the Treasury Dept begins to send you all their money. Well, alright… that was a bit extreme. But I'm sure if you're still reading you've seen these kind of things just as I have in the business world. People who are hoping to levitate and magnetically pull money towards them without any consideration for marketing!

Are you beating yourself up because no matter what you do you can't get anyone to buy your products or services? Learn the secret strategies that cause fast-forward profits even with beginning business owners!

Marketing is a topic that I have built my entire career around and it's one I think about nearly 20 hours out of every day. Yes, I'm an addict and proud of it. My clients pay me enormous sums of money for my knowledge and results produced by this addiction as well! But truth be told there was a time when even 90 hours per week of marketing didn't do what I needed it to do and the tactical strategies of the 90's that paid me millions were no longer going to work!

If you're not up to speed on your marketing and you're still trying to market your business like a door to door salesman, you'll fall flat on your face no matter how good you used to be years gone by.

Mindset + Marketing Is The Formula For Success

A car without wheels is nothing more than pretty when you look at it. Your body without blood cannot even function. Equally, if we approach as business owners only one side of the Mindset + Marketing equation we WILL struggle and never get to the level we want to.

Your future is so important to me that I'm going to be Purposefully Vulnerable with you. I'm ready to share with you secrets on the topic of Mindset and Marketing that will completely change your business future… and I'm so darned confident you'll be changed by what we reveal?  I'm going to give a 100% money back guarantee on an upcoming tele-class I'm hosting with my good friend, The Mindset Maven, PJ McClure.


For two intense hours each day we will gather with business owners all over the world through a Tele-Class environment and we will reveal to you secrets in the game of business when it comes to Mindset + Marketing that will change everything for you.  

What you'll learn:

  • How to be clear on who you are and your vision for your company
  • How to hire the best staff and contractors who mirror this vision
  • Signs when your vision is off tract
  • How to fix mistakes quickly so you don't lose your business
  • How to attract more clients who will pay you what you're worth, cheerfully!
  • Handling criticism and complaints
  • Staying focused on your To Do List daily
  • Getting training, work and family into one day
  • Overcoming workaholism with one simple key
  • Staying true to the LIFE you want so the money can show up
  • What do you look for in hiring? Tasks or skills? WHY both are wrong!
  • How to get the best clients who love you immediately
  • Writing sales copy that mirrors you and not your product
  • Picking the message that best expresses who you are so that you're not in confusion
  • Make more money in less time
  • Get higher conversions to your list building and Opt in offers

and more! 


            4 Hours Of Powerful Audio Training. Play on any MP3 player, smartphone,  laptop, computer or pad device. 

1- EZ Payment Of $ 77.00 ($ 1995 value!)


Some of our amazing clients…

Karen Petunias 256x300 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

With just 100 days of coaching with us!!! 

"Since joining Sandi & PJ in the Ruby coaching program in 2012 my business, Make A Difference Make A Living, has grown by leaps and bounds.  This year I’ve added more than 1,000 people to my email list, designed & sold online classes to the health & wellness practitioners I serve and have built a strong foundation within the online social media world.  For me, the best part of their program is that it focuses directly on my specific needs.  No “one-size-fits-all” mentality.  It’s customized and exactly what I need to build the business I’ve been dreaming of for so long.  Sandi & PJ do an amazing job at being on the leading edge of changing trends and educating their coaching clients how to adjust accordingly for maximum results.  They do everything they can to make sure their clients succeed.  I can’t imagine coaching with anyone else and can’t wait to see what Sandi & PJ have planned for us in 2013."  Karen Pattock 

208590 1868626202780 1454829759 2050267 2291900 n 253x300 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

Over the last year I have worked closely with Sandi and PJ. I have completely replaced my 22 year nurses salary!! My list continues to grow daily, my business partners have tripled, my check from the beginning of the year has tripled. I became the first Young Living Distributor to build a solid Silver 2nd level Team Performance and over 20,000 in volume without using the phone. Setting a model of how to build relationships online, through social media, blogging and email. Angela Brook

418391 3193659559192 1197021308 3475060 1009583855 n 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

"Plugging into Sandi Krakowski's Coaching has been one of the best decisions in my life. She has given me a simple, easy to follow plan for success.  Because of her Coaching, I had my first 6 figure year and was able to hire staff to help me expand even further!  I'm excited for what the future holds!" Thank you so much Sandi! Jimmy Hays Nelson  www.nelsongy.com

187989 188109374577083 1931337441 n Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

When I first started coaching with Sandi and PJ 5 months ago, I was working what seemed like all the time.  I had lost my focus,  my discipline and I didn’t have a plan for my business.   My children felt that once again, my job had come first.  And, I wasn’t seeing the growth that I had expected to see for the amount of time that I had invested in my career.  I had lost confidence in myself and what I was doing and had set goals that belonged to others; not goals that allowed me to achieve the life that I wanted to live.

Since I began one on one coaching with Sandi and PJ, my marriage is better, my relationship with my children is better and when I work, I work and when I play, I play.  Sandi and PJ have been honest and direct with me, guiding me be my best possible self. 

Even though I’m working less, my business has grown.  I’m using the tools taught by Sandi and PJ to meet new people online, by using social media and blogging and haven’t had to pick up the phone once.  This has be lifesaver for a busy mom, like me. 

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to be mentored and coached by Sandi and PJ. They have been instrumental in changing my life in so many ways. –  Laura Kelly-Pifer

186444 1289694755 500037586 n Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert
When I first started coaching with Sandi & PJ 7 months ago, I was working 80hr/week, had a weakened marriage, & a child who despised my business. Even though I was making a good living, it was at the expense of my family and I was miserable. I was traveling monthly and spending a lot of time away from home.
Over the course of the past 7 months, my situation has changed considerably. Under Sandi & PJ’s guidance, I’ve reframed how I look at life and where my business fits in. Their honesty, foresight, and knowledge have been invaluable to me.
As a result, I’m now only working 30 hrs/week, my 21-yr marriage is stronger than ever, and my child no longer resents when I work. We’ve had 3 family vacations this year and are planning another one in a few weeks.
Even though I’m working less, my business has flourished. We are coming off of the slowest quarter of the year for my industry, yet I brought more coaches onto my team and served more people during this period than ever before! The best part is that I spent ZERO time on the phone finding these people. Using skills that Sandi taught me, these people sought ME out online!
I’m truly grateful for the mentorship & coaching provided by these two wonderful people.
Rochelle Griffin

Jane button head 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

When I first met Sandi on Twitter, I wanted to learn more about WP and  how to write better copy. I had personally built million dollar businesses, but upping my game in a full fledged coaching / consulting business  for creative entrepreneurs was a different business model for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the industry experience, I was not communicating as effectively as I could nor was I offering the best programs for my target market. Step in Sandi –  and now in my second year of Diamond Coaching with her, I am a better writer / communicator;  I am completely confident  charging what I’m worth for my private VIP clients; and I am creating more options for teleclasses and group opportunities for helping newer or growing creative product companies. Sandi’s been with me every step of the way! It’s made a huge impact on my bottom line and most of all I am now better equipped to effectively help more creative entrepreneurs turn their big idea into a money making business without going down unnecessary rabbit holes!  
Jane Button 

bethanylooi 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert


I'm 16 and very thankful to have had a VIP session with Sandi. After meeting, I was able to start my own virtual assisting business and blog. I love serving my clients and having a path to continually design a life I was made to live. 
Bethany Looi  http://ontaskva.com/ 

Anastasia web 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

I am a Virtual Assistant based in the UK. Several years ago, I was working for a bank as a Personal Assistant for to 2xVice Presidents.  I started my business 1 year ago and now I am a Virtual Assistant. I would like to say a big thank you to you, because not only have I learned from you a lot but also your techniques and approach helped me to find my 4 ideal clients. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work with you and that you are my coach.
Anastasiya Day 

a facebook 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

I’ve been working with Sandi and PJ for two years now, and I just keep growing on all levels!!  During the past 9 months, my income has already doubled over last year and I still only work 5-10 hours per week.  Working with Sandi and PJ has not only transformed my business, but my entire life—from the thoughts I think, to the way I interact with every person I come in contact with–I am a renewed person!

Kayla Howard http://kaylahoward.com

eshoop 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

Before I found Sandi, I was trying to sound too much like a business.  She taught me that it was ok to be a business and a person at the same time.  My business is a true reflection of who I am now, and I could not be happier (and my clients love it!)!

Emilie Shoop 

headshot1 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

"As a mother of twelve children who is still homeschooling five of them, you can imagine that the time set aside for my business is limited.  When I started working with Sandi Krakowski and PJ McClure two years ago, I didn’t believe in myself or my business and I constantly found excuses for not getting things done.  Fast forward:  my list has grown more than TEN TIMES bigger and my Facebook Page has generated 1,400 likes in just a few months.  The engagement on my Page stays at 30-40% (according to experts, an engagement rate of 1% is good for a Facebook Page!).  In that two years my information products have grown from one to a dozen, with more to come soon.  I’ve gone from occasional, sporadic newsletters to consistent twice-weekly issues.  But the biggest change has been in ME.  My personal growth and confidence have skyrocketed since working with both Sandi and PJ.  Their tough but loving mentoring has led to many personal breakthroughs.  It’s almost been like healthy, life-changing therapy!  The changes in me have allowed me to serve and encourage others in ways that I never thought I would.  I wholeheartedly recommend any mentoring program offered by A Real Change, because it WILL make a real difference in your life and business!"

Charlotte Siems


annewebsitephoto 150x150 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

Starting a business was the easy part. What I understand now, but didn't 5 years ago starting out, was what leaders meant when they told me in order to grow a bigger business, I had to grow. Growing a business has been a lot like raising a child.

Anne Dovel www.annedovel.com

275863 681843880 1629808703 n Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

I’ve been learning the world of online business from Sandi in various capacities since June of 2010 when I participated in her WordPress for Business Owners live class.  At that time, I was transitioning from full time employment as a communications professional in the city to living a long-held dream of rural life and home-based business… and was pretty overwhelmed about how I was going to make it all work.  I wanted to be home for my son, and to have him grow up closer to nature – and to his grandparents.  Prior to ‘finding’ Sandi, I’d spent literally thousands of dollars training with other online business trainers that left me more skilled, but also more confused.

Now, just two years later, by investing in my future with continually more challenging ARC coaching programs and classes, I’ve:  launched my dream blog at modernhomesteading.ca, started writing blogs at two major online magazines, left my full time employment to work full time from home in the world of WordPress design and development, gained flexibility and freedom, and have become much more skilled in my craft.  Since working with Sandi and PJ as a team in the Ruby coaching program in 2012, it’s only gotten better:  with PJ, I’ve managed to eliminate a good chunk of the ‘head crap’ that was holding me back from putting myself out there and offering my services to the world, and with Sandi I’ve learned to focus on what I do best and what people really need, and bringing two sides of my life together in a really elegant way that, quite frankly, I’m more and more excited about every single day.  I’m calmer, more centered, much more productive, and life just seems to flow so much better.  And  I finally launched my WordPress business site!

Without them, I know I’d still be spinning my wheels instead of feeling like things are about to take off in a very big way.  In fact, they already have.  And for that, I’m very grateful indeed…  Victoria Gazeley 

180868 1848188206058 1281286766 2231123 3088852 n1 274x300 Coaching Programs With Sandi Krakowski, Millionaire Mompreneur and Internet Marketing Expert
Prior to working with Sandi we were plateaued in our business. After working with Sandi we got unstuck and are creating exponential growth. We are growing so much that in 72 hrs we closed more new business than we had in the previous 6 months.  Mary Starr