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  October 4, 2010  This call is about "Low Hanging Fruit". How to use blogging, search engine marketing, PPC, Social Media, email marketing and more to build your business. Specific step-by-step instructions are given on this call for building a bigger list and increasing your profits quickly with low hanging fruit. Listen now!

 October 11 , 2010  Tonight's call we're talking about "5 Steps To Getting Unstuck In Business- Understanding What IS Holding You Back"– On this call I not only share with you the 5-Steps to getting unstuck and staying free forever, I also share some insights we've gleaned from over 150 entries to our Dallas, TX contest. What is holding you back? What would your list look like if you got UNSTUCK for good? Listen to this call NOW!



Prosperity Vs Poverty-

You are responsible for the life you live!

Welcome…. sit down in my "Miracle Chair" .. and here is a THREE HOUR MP3 gift I am giving to you! From my heart to yours! Listen in and "spy" as Mindset Maven PJ McClure & I coach our private clients on the topic of  PROSPERITY vs POVERTY.  More than 800 people have already heard this call. Share it.. enjoy it… I love you all! 


I pray above ALL THINGS that you prosper & be in good health, even as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2 


photo Prosperity Vs Poverty  You are responsible for the life you live!


Here is the recording for the call "Prosperity Vs Poverty" 

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 October 18 , 2010 Tonight's call we're talking about – "How To Learn More, Go Farther & Increase Your Edge In Business". I'm sharing my secrets for increased learning potential and how I am able to retain so much information, so quickly! Listen to this call NOW:

  October 25 , 2010 Tonight's call we're talking about – "3 Keys Every Successful Business Must Have".  On this call we talk about what helps some people make twice as much money with less time than others. We also talked about list building, how to market and what to do with your marketing and concluded with the topic of FOCUS. How to increase your focus and your results! Listen to this call NOW:

  November 1 , 2010 Tonight's call Sandi and her assistant Amity are talking about – "Behind The Scenes Of A Thriving Business".  On this call we talk about shared some intimate detail of running a million dollar company from the ground up in 7 months time! How do you manage a list that grows from 3500 to 65,000 in just 7 months and how many hours a week does it take to handle 7-figures in sales?! Listen to this call NOW:

  November 8, 2010 Tonight we are discussed: "Two Critical Keys to Accelerate Your Business Growth In Breakneck Speed"! We gave you two keys that I use everyday and usually only share with my private coaching clients for making more money, having less stress and LOVING your work! Listen to this call NOW:

   November 15, 2010  Tonight's call we talked about "How To Change Your Mindset To That Of A Millionaire Quickly!"  On tonight's call I shared some insider information that was discussed with some private clients of mine at the Glazer-Kennedy event this past weekend. Ironically, it was also discussed by Dan Kennedy himself when he spoke. Listen to this call NOW:


 November 29, 2010  

Tonight's call we're talking about "Your Ideal Client And Communicating With Them Through Email, Your Blog And Social Media".  Our call tonight will reveal the secret strategies that I've used to grow a huge list, find the most ideal clients, have a deep connection with them that we both enjoy and how to go to 7-figures in under 7 months! Listen to this call NOW!

    December 13, 2010- 

 What a call that was! TOTALLY what I didn't intend!! "3-Strategies For 2011 Success" – YOU NEED these keys! Please listen & take notes before you EVEN attempt to start this new year!  Here is the recording- Listen to this call NOW!

  January 3, 2011- This call was amazing! My Special guest PJ McClure & I talk about the Mindset of your ideal client and your mindset. It's affecting 100% of your business! If you are a coach, a leader, a writer or just a social media marketer- you need this information! Listen to this call NOW!


January 10, 2011- Tonight's call we discussed the Direct Sales industry. I've been fortunate to make over $ 1.8 million dollars in the Network Marketing industry and over $ 4.5 million in a direct sales company where I marketed kitchenware and other appliances and household items. This doesn't even include my career as a marketer and a copywriter! Are YOU in a home based business?  Are you wondering how to bridge the gap between opportunity and products? Wondering how to use your blog and social media to connect with your prospects instead of the phone? I've got answers that will EXPLODE your business!

 January 17, 2011-On tonight's call we talked about The Fear Of Success! What is it that causes fear of success and why is it holding so many people captive? Does God want you to succeed? Does He desire you to prosper? Is it OK to ask God for more money? Listen to this call NOW for some answers!!


 January 24, 2011-Tonight we did a Special Call on Service Based Businesses! If you are a coach, fitness expert, a copywriter, web designer, graphics artist, writer, teacher, social media advisor, or any other service based provider THIS call will show you how to get to Six Figures without losing your life and having a blast along the way! Listen to this call NOW for secret tips on service based businesses!

January 31, 2011-Tonight we are talking about what causes procrastination and perfectionism and holds business owners back! This is a BREAK THRU call! Listen NOW! 


 February 7, 2011-This call will teach you to FIRE YOUR LEAD GEN provider, create your own leads, close more sales and consultant packages from your website, sell more homes more services and more products without every leaving your home!  Today's prospect does NOT want to talk on the phone all day- so don't do it!  Listen to this call and close leads from your blog! Learn to speak your Idea Clients language. Listen NOW!


 February 14, 2011-Tonight's call I shared how to use social media and email instead of, or along with, your phone efforts when prospecting in business. Imagine if you could close more leads in your pipeline, sell more products and services without ever picking up the phone! You can!  If you are registered for my 30-Day free training, Make More Money With Your Blog, this is critical information! We start our 30-day course tomorrow and this will help you get ready! It will make you more money with a lot less work.  Listen NOW! 


 February 21, 2011-I want to chat with you about a secret that has caused me to have success faster than most of my competitors. It is THIS secret that helped us create a $ 4 million dollar kitchenware business without any mentoring, modeling, expertise or anything! It is THIS secret that gave me courage to get back up when I didn't want to in business and we went onto earn $ 1.8 million dollars in the network marketing industry! It is THIS secret that enabled me to earn more than $250,000 my first year as a copywriter and go onto develop a 7-figure copywriting and marketing firm. AND….. it is this secret that has built for us a client base of more than 98,000 customers in under 11 months! I can't wait to share with you a secret that attracts money like a magnet, builds your list like a TIDAL WAVE and you can go farther than most will ever dream of doing in far less time. Feel free to download, share and encourage others with it! 🙂

Listen NOW!-


March 07, 2011- Tonight my special guest PJ McClure taps into the topic of Purpose! Are you struggling in business? No matter what you do you're not where you want to be? It could be due to a disconnect with purpose. Listen to this call NOW!


March 14, 2011- Strategy OR Slippery? Are you finding your Divine Purpose in business? This call will help! Listen as we unveil the secrets to the Divine in business!!  This information will ROCK your world!!! And take you into the prosperity zone instantly!!



 March 21, 2011-We talked about reading your ideal clients mind! It was a Sneak Peek of what our live event will be like in Chicago! Do you write copy on your blog or in your emails that people are NOT paying attention to? Do you get less than desirable results on your sales page or through social media even though you're doing the best you can to post regularly?
It could be because you're clients can't HEAR you! Listen in now as we gave some quick tips on discovering their ideal language and how to USE it immediately in all that you do!