Email, Autoresponder And Newsletter Subject Lines On Steroids!



Never again struggle to come up with a killer-open rate subject line! Instantly refer to 1200+ subject lines that have been proven & tested to create results and will radically change anyones open rates who use them!

Email, Autoresponder And Newsletter Subject Lines On Steroids!

Dear business builder and CEO,

Back in May of this year I was in a closed door all day session with copywriters who were working to increase opt in rates and write better autoresponders for the clients they serve.

This event was sold out, an 8 hour day and produced results that have caused the Direct Response Marketing world to wonder, "Where did THAT talent come from?"

During this class we had a break-out session that was UTTERLY ridiculous! We sent out more than 50 participants scrambling together into a Facebook Group to create a LIST of the best subject lines they've seen in business. This led to an over ONE HOUR blitz  of contenting being generated!

Imagine, you no longer have to rack your brain for a subject line….

… you can pull out this trusted, proven and profit injecting BOOKLET and have a subject line in seconds!

These subject lines have been tested in our business, with our clients and now I am ready to release them to you!

1200 subject lines

More than 45 pages to choose from!

These subject lines can be used:

On Social Media 

As headlines for Blog posts

In a PPC campaign

The possibilities are ENDLESS! You could go two YEARS without ever having to think about a subject line again!

Put YOUR subject lines on steroids.. NOW!

$ 49.59     SPECIAL PROMO PRICE  $ 39.95 


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