They DOUBLED Their Daily Opt In With One Tweak!

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They DOUBLED Their Daily Opt In With One Tweak!

It's like MUSIC to my ears….. puts a pep in my step and gives me courage to do it again!
YOUR stories motivate me beyond anything else I can think of!
Meet Jordan and Steve, owners of SCD Lifestyle and also Ruby clients with PJ McClure and myself in our 2012 Best Business Coaching Program.
These guys are amazing! They are also regular contributors to our Emerald Membership Newsletter!
I received this story just now and couldn't wait to share it with you!
The first is this:

“In just two weeks of implementing Sandi’s inner circle Social Media tips, we got 100 new likes on Facebook and increased our weekly reach 28%” (INCLUDING ATTACHED PIC 1)

And second:

“Sandi had us change our opt-in offer on our blog sidebar during an inner circle monthly call and we immediately doubled our daily opt-ins from the blog” (INCLUDING ATTACHED PIC 2)  

I'd LOVE to help you succeed! Tell me about your business goals in the comments below!

WIth love,
Sandi Krakowski

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  • Joyce says:

    I just started a business where I broadcast LIVE weekly fitness classes online.

    My business goals are to get 1000 people taking each class weekly.

    I just read Reading their Mind.

    I am not sure how to start with you, I love your blogs, posts etc…but I can’t make out how to transact with you. What are my options? Can I start small and then go big? Need to opt-in for everything? Is it ala carte? And if so, how do I know where to start?

    I need help, can you help?

    Thanks much


  • Tom Gorddard says:

    I am new to social media marketing and web design in general. I built a web site for my in laws and wife’s traditional brick and mortar children’s toy store but I am not getting the traffic we need!
    I’ve done a lot of tweaks that ive read about and continue to do so everyday after my regular job into the late hours. I am feeling out of my depth and would really like to help the family store.
    Tom Gorddard

  • Sandi Krakowski says:

    Hi Tom,

    Jordan and Steve are in our Inner Circle, where these tweaks took place.
    Imagine.. they invested $ 97 and got hundreds of new clients! WOOHOO!
    I recommend you also get into Inner Circle and get WordPress I as well.

    God bless!

  • Sandi Krakowski says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I recommend you follow this path to get to your next step:

    #1- Go entirely through my free 30 day training. It is a $500 value and it’s a real course. Go through the whole thing
    #2- Get WordPress I – this is the pivotal point over everything we teach
    #3- Get into Inner Circle so you can have more access to me and can get your questions answered.

    We look forward to serving you!

  • Dee Britton says:

    Another great result Sandi.
    I am a Health & Happiness Coach and i work with busy mums to help them feel better about themselves than they have ever felt before, easily and effortlessly starting by eliminating their fat thoughts. – Feeling Fabulous Forever.
    My business goal is to have 10 new coaching clients per week, 10,000 people on my list and 5 new products and programs launched.
    Thanks for everything you share.
    I look forward to being in one of your programs.
    Dee 🙂

  • My goal is to build my network marketing business through my website/blog. My passion is writing and getting the message out that it IS God’s divine plan and purpose for people to be wealthy. That the entrepreneural dream that is inside them is NOT born out of ‘love for money and things’ as we are so often accused of but was planted in us by Him! I also love to write words of encouragement.

    My ‘issue’ has been I’m ‘stuck’ I have a website…a great network marketing company that I believe in…love to write but do not know how to drive traffic. Have gotten just about every system and course and attempted to learn this all on my own.

    My dream would be to be able to focus on my blog and writing…I love, love, love to write…communicate via emails…and have people coming to it and joining me in my business as a result of that and no longer doing the leads thing which has absolutely been a total frustration for so long now.

    I just purchased the Emerald Newsletter last night but quickly realized that I might have messed up. Although it looks like it has lot so of good info in it it alone is not the actual ‘course.’ I’m guessing the place to start is with the Inner Circle?

    Ya’ll Be Blessed!

    Sherry Higdon
    Louisville, KY

  • I’m in the process of having my website converted over to WordPress. As part of this process I am having a header designed and currently I am working on my tagline! This is turning into a grueling process. It seems to be so difficult to get my message across and still be succinct. Everything I come up with is too darn long. Any thoughts on this Sandi? Your input would be extremely valuable.

  • Marisa Stone O'brien says:

    My big hairy business goal is to create for myself and business partners 15 home purchase transactions a month.

  • Sandi,
    I want to speak professionally about leadership in healthcare practices to as many healthcare professionals as I can. I want 2-3 speaking engagements a month!

  • A paying customer would be nice.

  • Pauline says:

    I’ve been really excited refining my WordPress site; with the tools in your WordPress I class I am feeling more confident and competent as I build my site, and it gives me something to work with as I implement what you’ve been teaching. Skill builds upon skill and the confidence I am gaining as I learn has been a great motivator to keep learning and implementing incrementally.

    I’ve been blessed by something I read recently of yours that gave me great hope as I figure out how to go from knowing only what makes me passionate to knowing where in that passion I can find a niche service to offer to go from being non-profit to being profit generating. One of your comments or articles spoke to that a bit; it helped to be reminded that comparing my lack of clarity now to your laser sharp focus 14+ years into your business isn’t particularly helpful (and is better at generating excuses to stay put rather than motivation to move forward)

    So as to actionable goals, I need a clearer business mission and plan; it’s gaining focus, but still not there.

    In the meantime, practicing the skills you’re teaching by blogging 2x a week and tweeting (hopefully increasingly effectively!) 6x day, steadily gaining followers, is my goal as I further refine the brand of me. 🙂 As I take baby steps into understanding social media, I have to say I can see why it would be a fun business to be an SM content manager – the creativity of having a set of tools and getting to apply them differently for various clients seems almost an art!

  • My goal is to bring in $1,000 a week to start off. That would be 8 clients a week. $125 each or 5 at $200 I also would like to increase my Facebook likes and have more feedback on my newsletters. Converting more. I’m in the process of finishing the 2 part of the WordPress 1 class. I’m taking wordpress2 in Feb. then list building class. I’m doing well with social media and building more relationships. I’m getting more comments on twitter and linked in. Little progress makes a huge difference. It’s now time to see a big increase!

  • Janet says:

    Want to increase traffic to my website, blog to built my newsletter list. Not sure how to do it. After reading the Read Their Mind book -( on my 3rd read w/notes!!) I’m getting more clarity in business but still trying to find the niche that will create income I would like.

  • Sean Dye says:

    I’ve been trying to get a business going online for a very long time! So far, I have nothing to show for my efforts! My current project is I’m beginning with selling casters on eBay and then I’ll work on this website.
    I’ve learned quite a lot about selling online. I’ve reached page one on Google with a few of my websites. Still I’ve never made enough sales to call it a success! My passion is business and I don’t ever want to stop trying to get a successful online business started. I’m sure I’ll figure this out because I keep trying!!!


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