I'm looking for ONE person to give $3,000 to!


WOW! You guys are UTTERLY amazing!

We have these updates to give you today and then we're OFF to the races…. where I'm on a HUNT to find the best business plan and who will be the ONE I give $3000 to at The Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit!

Total seats available in the room – 32.  That's right! Thirty two seats LEFT!

Total seats left at the VIPs session with Gary Vee- 27! ONLY twenty seven!

Now… every person who got a paid seat to be at the event is now in a contest, from now until September 15th at 12:01 pm ET. I'm looking for the BEST business plan!

Let me forewarn you- most of what Small Business Schools, Colleges and Corporate Organizations teach or put out there are a MESS! They're silly and not making anyone money. How do I know?

Because every single month people come to me with these ridiculous overly-technical plans for their business that not only don't make sense, they don't make money, either.

I don't care HOW you present it to me. 

Do a video!

Write it out on a writeboard and take a picture!

Send me a PDF!

Send me a Powerpoint.

I want to know how YOUR business is unique, what problem you solve in the marketplace, how you have irrefutable evidence that people get results with what you offer and HOW it is hard to refuse- irresistible!

Send me that… and I'll pick ONE PERSON!

Your charm, sas, good looks and even your begging will not help.

I am looking for a SHARP business mind.

Sharp business minds come in stay at home moms, dads who've never done more than construction work, the heart of teenagers and even in the creativity of senior citizens!

Send me your best.  

If you have paid for a seat at the GPS event, here's your instructions:

Send your business plan to:  clientcare@arealchange.com
Send a copy of your paid receipt

I can't wait to see them!

More than that…. oh my gosh you guys… I can't WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! 

Oh…. and I almost forgot to tell you! I'm bringing an iPad to give to one person while we're there…. I'm FULL of surprises ya'll!!! We're gonna have a blast!

With love, 
Sandi Krakowski