PR: Can A “Secret Millionaire” Really Live On $55 Per Week?

By March 30, 2011Blog

PR: Can A “Secret Millionaire” Really Live On $55 Per Week?

Inspired by the hit reality show, Secret Millionaire, expert business coach and entrepreneur Sandi Krakowski shares plan of what the show's millionaires could have eaten, including not just a sample meal plan, but tips for grocery shopping and “rich” living

[ONLINE PR MEDIA] March 31, 2011–Entrepreneur and Highly successful business owner, Sandi Krakowski has been watching the new hit reality television show, "Secret Millionaire," and is not at all surprised that the millionaires on the show, who give up their luxurious lifestyle to be immersed in inner city, low income living situations, are struggling to eat 'rich' on a budget.

Armed with only $55 to eat for a week, most are reaching for macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly! Aside from the many lessons and heartfelt moments the show teaches, Sandi has been inspired to write a newsletter detailing a sample meal plan and tips for grocery shopping, which shows the public what the millionaire could have eaten for $55 or less each week.

The premise of the show is that very successful business people, such as Sandi herself (who happens to be a millionaire business owner), volunteer to live in very low income conditions, trying to find people who are truly making a difference. At the end of the show, the millionaire then reveals him or herself, giving away several monetary gifts to those who are making the biggest impact in their community.

“I can't wait to tell you how to eat rich on a budget. The Secret Millionaire show is very inspiring, in teaching good deeds as well as appreciation for what one has . But there’s one thing that concerns me- why are the millionaires struggling so much to eat on $55? They could have eaten well with their given budget, and I'll show you how!” said Sandi Krakowski, CEO & Founder of A Real Change International, LLC (

Sandi and her company have always worked to donate a portion of income, in hopes of helping those who need it. The Secret Millionaire show along with the social media reaction has shown her that the public expects millionaires to struggle when trying to live on less. Eager to reveal that it doesn't have to be that way, and that many people can eat 'rich' on a budget, she released a detailed meal plan and grocery list with details.

"My husband and I eat healthy foods, are debt free, and live very comfortably, but we still are within a very small budget. Most of the people in our town have no idea what we do, and we’re actually giving away more than many of our neighbors are earning each year! It doesn’t matter how much you earn, you don't need to be a millionaire to eat well or live well, and this newsletter will show you how,” concluded Krakowski.

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