The A Real Change Certified Web Designer & WP Expert Training

Are you an experienced web designer that wants to capitalize on the New Media Culture, create a IN DEMAND career that has the potential to create more than $100,000 in earnings per your very first year? Then keep reading.

It's not a secret that WordPress has created the biggest shift in the web design world to hit the internet EVER. And behind every successful business online is a web team that knows how to use WordPress, can create customizations, graphics and more completely in alignment with the message of the company.

At A Real Change we are very serious about helping people grow their skills so they can be some of the best service providers in the entire world. This is one of those positions we are serious about helping YOU grow in!

A WordPress & Web Design Expert would do some of the following tasks:

  • Headers
  • Custom Opt In Layouts
  • Graphics
  • Branding
  • Coding
  • Widgets
  • Opt In Forms
  • Optimization Of All Files And Media
And more! 
Let ME help you with your marketing, how to serve clients and get more business!!!
Here’s the ;potential of a WordPress Web Designer Expert ;who has already built up a good track record for themselves and understands the basic steps of WordPress Management:
Client A- Manage all custom graphics: Header, Widgets, Social Media Profiles, Various Copy Graphic Inserts & Opt In Customization

Client B- Do all of Client A work & include monthly updates for all sales campaigns and marketing client needs, including newsletter edits and updates on the graphics and template side ;

Client C- Create monthly optimization steps so that all media files, load times, plug ins and back end pieces are running smoothly, make sure no disconnects exist.

Increase the amount above to include 7 clients and you are now making over $7,000-$35,000 per month.

I have been creating 6 and 7 figure incomes for her coaching clients who are web designers for the last 2 years! UNFORTUNATELY they get SO MANY referrals and so much work…. they can't keep up! 

We need YOU!!! 

In June of 2012 I will be conducting a Private Training Classroom where I will personally be training a select group of clients to take their business to the next step and become an ARC Certified Web Designer & WordPress Expert.

One of the biggest changes to hit the online world was the invention of WordPress.

Many balked it at the beginning, but that's usually the case with anything new. Now that I've been working online for more than 15years I've come to realize that things change so rapidly that if you don't like change you really should just go home rather than even attempting to work an internet based business.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to get their online presence going. They need you, however, the WordPress and Web Designer expert to come alongside and support and facilitate what they should not and cannot do on a weekly and monthly basis so that their personal brilliance shines!

I am ready to help a select group of people to build a HUGELY profitable business.

Become an ARC Certified Web Designer & WordPress Expert

This is NOT for a beginner. It's for a web person who has great graphics skill, understands and uses WordPress, GET what's going on in social media & Google. Custom designs, graphics, widgets, coding, setup, social media profiles that match- how to market and create one to many model, outsource & even hire VA's to assist with management, while you do your brilliance and more. Several of my web experts are making $10-25k per month. Those who are ready for this, I'm ready to show you how in a group setting. (No whiners arguing with me how they don't like WordPress, blah blah blah) Those who are ready to serve our clients and get my referrals, and will go through my training to do so, this is for you. 

Let ME help you with your marketing, how to serve clients and get more business. 

What the course includes:


FREE Membership in the Inner Circle-90 days  ( $ 291 value )

FREE Membership in the Emerald Membership Program90 days  ($111 value )

FREE Email & Auto Responder Marketing All-Day Clinic 6 Hours so you can market yourself more successfully ( $ 897 value ) 


Sandi's Email Marketing Swipe File -548 pages, 244 emails!– ($ 5000 value)

Sandi's Copywriting 101 Course which includes 20 Hours of Copywriting training so you can set yourself up for the most success ever! ($ 697.00 value)

$ 6996.00 IN BONUS Materials to get off to the fastest start!


A Real Change SEAL Of Certification For Your Website Upon Completion

90 Day Training Course Which includes the following- 

  • 3- 3 Hr GoToMeeting Trainings (1 Per Month) 
  • 9-30 Minute MP3 Trainings , done 3 per month done ahead of time for you to learn from on your own time
  • 3- Group Calls With the entire group, 1 hr long (1 Per Month)
  • ARC Certification Seal for your website and referrals

  • FB group Private Interaction With Sandi – 90 days 


PLEASE NOTE: This schedule has been made so you can implement and activate everything you are learning. You'll have an intense workshop each month and then activate, receive updates by Mp3 and interaction with Sandi in her Private Facebook group. WE ARE SERIOUS about your results, this gives you a pace to ACTIVATE & Master!

90 day training program


Class operates from June 23- September 29th, 2012

SOLD out to 50+ students in just 4 days! Woohoo!

All class details will be sent by email on Monday, May 7th to all registered and paid students of classroom times and hours.