Media, marketing, family, friends, strangers opinions:

These 5 things are what are what drives our culture and makes us as people do what we do.

We drive a car because we feel like it equals who we are, we dress a certain way, act a certain way, seeking out an identity that sometimes isn’t truly who we want to be.

And yet so often, we think “This is how I was made" and "this is who I am born to be”.

We are all seeking acceptance, approval, purpose, a passion, but never stop to ask the real question:

Am I who I want to be?

I had to ask myself this question about 2 years ago when I went from being a DJ on 6th street in Austin Texas and a freelance designer to pursue my health and fitness.

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Then as I got deeper into health and fitness, I realize I was just conforming myself to the image of some magazine cover and not who I want to be.

The truth lies in the burning desire of our hearts of who we truly want to be, and who our creator designed us to be.

To truly unlock the potential of your mind, you must step outside and ask, “What do I want to be?” and deeper “Who does God want me to be?

Amazingly, we all have a free-will to be whoever we want to be. God doesn’t control who we are and the path we take, we do that. The greatest design inside of us is this: we all have a freewill. A freewill comes with responsibility. Our Creator gave us responsibility and we can't run from it. If we do? We give up power. POWER comes with responsibility. 

Yet so often we shape and mold ourselves to the images of what advertising, marketing, our friends, family and even strangers opinions of us are telling us we are destined to be.

To fully grasp who you were designed to be is to look deeper into who you were as a child, with childlike faith, and look at the world without bounds, without rules, and say “If i could be anything, who would I be, what would I be, what would I do”.

…and then, as Nike coined, Just Do It.

Retro image of happy cheerful carefree kid in nature

If we focused on these things: Love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (which are also called “the fruits of the spirit”), there’s no other rule that regulates who we are or what we are supposed to do and our purpose besides the desire that was planted in our hearts. In plain English, to unlock the OUR potential and discover the true calling for your life.

My desire? Truly? I want to help as many people as possible to be free from the chains that hold them back, the internal prisons of their mind that keep them captive to others opinions of them. Most importantly- to find JOY in who they were born to be, to unlock the brilliance in each and every person and to allow people to shine.

So often we don’t allow ourselves to shine bright because we are worried what others might think of us. I did this for many years, and now I say “NO MORE” – and like Moses in the book of Exodus said to Pharaoh, I say “Let my people go.”

No longer does this world have hold you captive to the image of who you’re “supposed” to be, but rather, who were you designed to be.

What is your destiny?

It's within your heart, and by pressing into the Spirit of God and asking "Direct my footsteps and my path, I surrender to you", only then does one find it.

So today, go out, do the thing your afraid to do.

Love your God, love yourself, talk to a stranger and share love.

By giving love, we get love, and love is what makes this world go round because God is #Love. It is deep inside of our soul to have love and connection with others. Just ask: “What can I do to make the world a better place, and change the world, and bring heaven on earth?”

Then, and only then is how we find our destiny to create A Real Change in the world today and have peace and joy in our hearts, the way God designed us, by walking fully in tune to his spirit.



Jeremy Krakowski

Director, Media & Marketing

A Real Change International, Inc.