Ok ok…. hold your horses…. I'm going to give it all to you but first I need to ask you a question:

Are YOU the focus of all of your Facebook & Twitter posts or is someone else?

The key to making money online is in relationships… and NO ONE, at least that I've ever met, likes to build a relationship around the other person.

Prior to my trip in San Fran, CA I was a Sushi Virgin!! NO MORE!

I now LOVE SUSHI…. how about you??

So be sure that when you send out posts, you send updates, emails, etc… that the focus is something your ideal prospect will enjoy.

Ok.. here is the secret.  

We have 3 children in the Krakowski household… and we homeschool two teens ages 16 & 14, have one who graduated already is 22 years old and runs his own business on the side that earns him 6-figures… while working for someone else full time. If that wasn't enough Dad works full time building and designing military vehicles for a major company here in Indiana… and me.. well…I is a geek who makes a lot of money while playing online. <g> yes I did write I is.

Lest you should think that it's all play it's really not… but that is what work can become if you really enjoy what you do.

Here's the deal…..

Last year we set out on a test market to see if this Social Networking Media Marketing "thing" really works.

This is one of the ADORABLE babies my companies support!!!!

We needed to find something we could confidently lead our clients in to make more money with less advertising dollars.

So…we upped my Facebook usage and Twitter activity. Began to steer ALL of my contact with my clients, my connections, my networking through those channels.

Periodically I'd post blog posts to my blog and then send that info out through Facebook and Twitter.

My clients want to make more money online and do it in less time with less stress. They want no ceiling on their money making capacity. That was my focus. BUT …. I wove my life and my fun personality inside of those tips and strategies.

WOW….  With not one advertising dollar spent this little side-effort (which was done while I was writing copy for large and small companies, writing emails, autoresponders, press releases and my other tasks… while homeschooling and enjoying my life... ) it yielded me an amazing income.. it paid me an extra $ 165,000 in 2009… one of the most trying financial times the United States has seen. Connected me with some of my best clients and even some new friends!

But it gets better. It also connected me to some amazing people with stories that I have personally been affected by.

Using Facebook and Twitter, with some tools that do automated subscribes, automated follows, automated direct messages…. being certain to never whine, stay happy, be positive, be an encourager, SHOW… not do… what it is I do….

…..earned me an amazing income.

THESE are my guys!!!  I am a VERY blessed, happy woman!!!

Are you SHOWING what you do?  Or are you just talking about it?

When you say you live a free life and have fun with your family- do you show it??

When you say you've been brainstorming since 3 am and came up with a great plan to help your clients make more money- do you show? Or do you just talk.

When you connect with people on Twitter, is your autoresponded direct message telling me to connect with you on your blog because you're someone famous and I'll be so fortunate to connect with you?  BLAH!  Makes me want to barf!!!!

Or… does it invite me to a more personal connection through Facebook because you are INTERESTED in me…. seriously… and you want to know more about me?

The SECRET… to making an income online through Social Media…. is:

1. Bring your own life into it but make it interesting so that it changes MY life…. let "ME" your reader be the focus

2.  SHOW me what you do.. give examples, case studies, share with me the good, bad & the ugly

3. Be positive… I can find any whiner anywhere…. if I follow you and befriend you… be positive

4. Honor me… don't blast me with stupid ads, don't post your services on my Facebook wall!

5.  Be real…… real….. it really intrigues me as your reader and inspires me

So… there you have it.  The "Secret"… and it worked.

Some of you will listen and go prosper. Some will roll your eyes and stay broke.  I hope I inspired at least 10% of you! 🙂

ALL business is about relationship…. the products and services we offer are just the tools.

Have an amazing day,

Sandi Krakowski