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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

  Your Guarantee Is About More Than MoneyBy Sandi KrakowskiThe first time. It's a full gamut of emotions. You might judge yourself, check your copy, feel like you've failed or worse yet, be mad. Furious! You might even want to challenge the situation!  What am I talking about? The first time someone asks for their money back.If the first place you look is your bottom line, I'm going to challenge that perspective today.Reading through the archives of our newsletters it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we're serious about our customers and passionate about what we do. A casual reading of our mission statement shows that our focus is always our customer. Delivering the best service, at the best prices, with the best guarantee. It's a business plan with a long term focus and it's [...]

Created For Greatness In A Church That Won’t Allow It

Have you ever noticed that we train people for GREATNESS as the people of God, but when someone starts embracing their greatness, they oftentimes get accused of being filled with vain ambition, worldliness or even sin?  We preach and pray that people will INVADE the marketplace and bring the love of God to the highest places on the mountain of influence... but when God positions people in these places of high influence the religious then start saying the person is no longer safe to be around, are focused more on the world than the church or all other manner of lies from hell?  I recently heard someone preach that Joseph was disobedient when he was buried in Egypt and that this was not the plan of God for him. This was such wrong teaching rooted [...]

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Release the Genius Inside & Bring Heaven on Earth

      Media, marketing, family, friends, strangers opinions: These 5 things are what are what drives our culture and makes us as people do what we do. We drive a car because we feel like it equals who we are, we dress a certain way, act a certain way, seeking out an identity that sometimes isn’t truly who we want to be. And yet so often, we think “This is how I was made" and "this is who I am born to be”. We are all seeking acceptance, approval, purpose, a passion, but never stop to ask the real question: Am I who I want to be? I had to ask myself this question about 2 years ago when I went from being a DJ on 6th street in Austin Texas and a [...]

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WORD for today, May 31, 2014

WORD FOR TODAY, May 31, 2014 Please share with anyone you know who needs this. It is posted on my Facebook page for you to easily share and encourage others. You can find that here.  Your future is so bright! Lights are coming on in dark places! Doors are opening! Angels are protecting and The Lord God is making a way for you where there has been no way! You have a new part of your journey that is birthing real soon.  The Lord would say to you, "Do not put false boundaries around yourself, don't keep  trying to fit into mans boxes or expectations. Repent and renounce the lie that things are falling apart and you are limited. Take seriously that I will open all of heaven over you if you will trust [...]

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