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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

By Sandi Krakowski

The first time. It’s a full gamut of emotions. You might judge yourself, check your copy, feel like you’ve failed or worse yet, be mad. Furious! You might even want to challenge the situation!  What am I talking about? The first time someone asks for their money back.

If the first place you look is your bottom line, I’m going to challenge that perspective today.

Reading through the archives of our newsletters it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we’re serious about our customers and passionate about what we do. 

A casual reading of our mission statement shows that our focus is always our customer. Delivering the best service, at the best prices, with the best guarantee. It’s a business plan with a long term focus and it’s rewarded us handsomely!

With less than a dozen returns each month, and thousands of sales, you might be shocked to find that we get very few money back requests. We get even less complaints and disappointment letters.  For today’s discussion, let me share with you five key factors that I believe hold our guarantee and our profits solid.

1-Mirror Your Mission

Our mission statement can be found here: A Real Change Mission. In this mission statement you can see that we align ourselves with the best in the marketplace, we seek to be the best in all that we do and we attract some of the best customers the world has to offer. 

When your return policy and guarantee on your offer is mirroring your mission statement it’s not hard to put things into place. Create a “Standard Operating Procedure” and have full confidence in it. 

If you mirror your mission statement you’ll remove entitlement, cutting corners and shoddy practices instantly. Sadly, we’ve all seen guarantees that don’t mirror a ‘so-called mission statement. Our data shows that this isn’t the case with A Real Change. 

Mirror your mission statement and you’ll have fewer refunds. 

2-Serve With Excellence

What is excellence? Well it certainly isn’t showing up in the government lately! But before you think I have any interest in having a political discussion, think again. Excellence is defined by Webster as: setting a high standard, known for being excellent. Related words are:  choiceness, distinction, excellency, first-rateness, greatness, perfection, preeminence, primeness, superbness, superiority, supremacy. 

Is your company known by it’s first-rateness? Are you known for being preeminent in the marketplace, set apart by greatness because of the way you treat people? If you are, you’ll have a supreme, known for it’s greatness, guarantee.

Sadly, the standard being set lately is ‘do what you can’ and hope it works. The philosophy of ‘getting by’ has nearly run over the standard of excellence so many of our leaders in the past deemed normal, not above the average.

A choice distinction will set you apart in the marketplace so highly that even if someone does ask for their money back or has to return something you won’t lose a customer or a referral. 

3-Ditch The Dough Heads

Be prepared, just because you live and act in excellence and serve others with a choice ability above the norm doesn’t mean you won’t have a few dough heads visit your establishment. Or in plain English, idiots still shop online. 

My normal mode of operation is to not get into heated debates, squabbles or even conversations with people who have no standards and make it their aim to infect their miserableness in the earth. You know, people who buy products, never even use them, ask for a refund 6 months later and think you should have pity on them? Yeah. That kind of person. Or the one who says they’ve ‘fallen on hard times’ and you should give them their money back 4 months later. Try that at Target. Whatever… 

They can show up on your website, flood your email, attend your classes and even pay for a plane ticket to your live events! But this doesn’t mean you have to roll over, play dead or even get defensive for one second. This is where you must shine and they must falter. How do you do that? Give them their money back. Give it fast, give it with a smile and a blessing and be on your way. Sometimes, you might want to remind them that what they’re attempting to do is against the law- it’s call fraud. Other times, just give them their bloody money back, wipe yourself off, and go make some more. 

In some rare cases, you may wish to give a referral to such dough heads, to your competitor. Because most likely they are from the same crowd. 

I’m very grateful that like breeds like and that these kind of interactions are very few and far between in my career. But let me add this snippet of wisdom, “Answer a fool according to his foolishness and you will be like him. (or her)!” So rise above, be excellent and go serve the rest of the millions who are not of such low degree.

4-Clobber Your Competitors

How you treat your customers could not only make or break your business but it could equally make or break the success of one of your competitors. 

If you spend any amount of time reading our materials you’ll soon find out that we don’t spend much time worrying about our competitors, knockoffs or copy cats. People can’t copy who you are, your heart and soul. But the truth of the matter is, there is a higher level of competition the higher you go.

My main motive in business is not to put someone else out to business, but it is to serve at such a level that we organically and naturally rise above and to the top.

One of the best ways to bring a healthy dose of competition to those who are in your niche is to serve with a guarantee, policy and heart that no one can touch. Be yourself, give from your heart, live from your core and you will, ladies and gentleman, clobber your competitors.

There’s no sword of war quite so sharp as being true to you. Your customers will love you, they will be loyal to your brand and they will recommend you to everyone they know. Give with your mission, your excellence and a guarantee that is flawless and you could be the inducer of insomnia to those watching on the sidelines. What  a sweet and ethical victory that will be. I’m sure you agree!

5-Blueprint Yourself And Your Sincerity On The Heart Of Those You Serve

Lastly, but definitely not least is the case of creating long term business relationships. 

Invest into yourself, your skill & who you are… and rise to the top of your niche! Rise with excellence and honor and YOU my friends will stimulate the economy in a way the Federal Reserve could never touch!

The things that make a strong economy are the same things that make strong relationships. In your marketing, your branding and more,  blueprint yourself, the sincerity of your message, the excellence in which you serve and the honor that you live in, on your customers heart. Your customers will follow you anywhere.

We used to live near a large Amish community. These are hard working people who build houses in groups in less than a week, work from 3 am- 10 pm without complaining and take very seriously the relationships they have with their customers.

One day as I went with my boys to a local farmer to get some fresh dairy products, I asked him what the most important key to his business was. I’ll close with his profoundly insightful words,

“Your customers are everything. Without them, there’s no one to drink your milk. The cows don’t amount to anything if there is no one to serve. We’ve built our business one family and one serving at a time.”

A falling economy won’t even matter to you if you apply these to your company policies and standards. Let’s rise above, serve with more and make a big impact in our world, with the work of our hands and the service of our businesses!  
With love,
Sandi Krakowski  

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Created For Greatness In A Church That Won’t Allow It

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Have you ever noticed that we train people for GREATNESS as the people of God, but when someone starts embracing their greatness, they oftentimes get accused of being filled with vain ambition, worldliness or even sin?  

We preach and pray that people will INVADE the marketplace and bring the love of God to the highest places on the mountain of influence… but when God positions people in these places of high influence the religious then start saying the person is no longer safe to be around, are focused more on the world than the church or all other manner of lies from hell?  

I recently heard someone preach that Joseph was disobedient when he was buried in Egypt and that this was not the plan of God for him. This was such wrong teaching rooted in religion and tradition. GOD POSITIONED Joseph into Egypt. God HIMSELF made Joseph look like an Egyptian. HE gave Joseph a heart for Egypt. He gave him FAVOR and AUTHORITY and INFLUENCE in EGYPT!

If God raises up someone in Hollywood or Las Vegas or in Washington we must be very very careful what our small soulish mindsets have to say about that.

We teach about marketplace movements and we teach about invading the mountains but when God gives authority, influence and supernatural power (WHICH by the way is the outflow of a mandate from heaven) many will judge such a person by their own small scary world view. They can’t comprehend God using a Daniel with a King Cyrus, who not only doesn’t seek God, but who GOD has full intention in using.

Cyrus was SUMMONED by God and God said He was going to use King Cyrus for His own glory and His own purpose. Be cautious having an opinion about how that looks in the eyes of men.

When we train our children for GREATNESS please prepare them, empower them and EQUIP THEM to be great, powerful and holy.

Equip them to resist the religious spirit and to learn that the positioning is lonely but it will be RIGHT.  

 A NEW generation is rising. Dancers, worshippers, warriors in the marketplace who SHIFT ECONOMIES and will be entrusted with great portions of wealth for the King’s glory. Be careful having an opinion about how the hand of God moves.

Prepare your children for Greatness and get out of their way when God brings it!  


Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski

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Release the Genius Inside & Bring Heaven on Earth

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Media, marketing, family, friends, strangers opinions:

These 5 things are what are what drives our culture and makes us as people do what we do.

We drive a car because we feel like it equals who we are, we dress a certain way, act a certain way, seeking out an identity that sometimes isn’t truly who we want to be.

And yet so often, we think “This is how I was made" and "this is who I am born to be”.

We are all seeking acceptance, approval, purpose, a passion, but never stop to ask the real question:

Am I who I want to be?

I had to ask myself this question about 2 years ago when I went from being a DJ on 6th street in Austin Texas and a freelance designer to pursue my health and fitness.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.11.07 PM

Then as I got deeper into health and fitness, I realize I was just conforming myself to the image of some magazine cover and not who I want to be.

The truth lies in the burning desire of our hearts of who we truly want to be, and who our creator designed us to be.

To truly unlock the potential of your mind, you must step outside and ask, “What do I want to be?” and deeper “Who does God want me to be?

Amazingly, we all have a free-will to be whoever we want to be. God doesn’t control who we are and the path we take, we do that. The greatest design inside of us is this: we all have a freewill. A freewill comes with responsibility. Our Creator gave us responsibility and we can't run from it. If we do? We give up power. POWER comes with responsibility. 

Yet so often we shape and mold ourselves to the images of what advertising, marketing, our friends, family and even strangers opinions of us are telling us we are destined to be.

To fully grasp who you were designed to be is to look deeper into who you were as a child, with childlike faith, and look at the world without bounds, without rules, and say “If i could be anything, who would I be, what would I be, what would I do”.

…and then, as Nike coined, Just Do It.

Retro image of happy cheerful carefree kid in nature

If we focused on these things: Love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (which are also called “the fruits of the spirit”), there’s no other rule that regulates who we are or what we are supposed to do and our purpose besides the desire that was planted in our hearts. In plain English, to unlock the OUR potential and discover the true calling for your life.

My desire? Truly? I want to help as many people as possible to be free from the chains that hold them back, the internal prisons of their mind that keep them captive to others opinions of them. Most importantly- to find JOY in who they were born to be, to unlock the brilliance in each and every person and to allow people to shine.

So often we don’t allow ourselves to shine bright because we are worried what others might think of us. I did this for many years, and now I say “NO MORE” – and like Moses in the book of Exodus said to Pharaoh, I say “Let my people go.”

No longer does this world have hold you captive to the image of who you’re “supposed” to be, but rather, who were you designed to be.

What is your destiny?

It's within your heart, and by pressing into the Spirit of God and asking "Direct my footsteps and my path, I surrender to you", only then does one find it.

So today, go out, do the thing your afraid to do.

Love your God, love yourself, talk to a stranger and share love.

By giving love, we get love, and love is what makes this world go round because God is #Love. It is deep inside of our soul to have love and connection with others. Just ask: “What can I do to make the world a better place, and change the world, and bring heaven on earth?”

Then, and only then is how we find our destiny to create A Real Change in the world today and have peace and joy in our hearts, the way God designed us, by walking fully in tune to his spirit.



Jeremy Krakowski

Director, Media & Marketing

A Real Change International, Inc.




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