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Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve

Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve  By: Sandi Krakowski Writing words that sell makes building an online business a blast! Why? Because it's easier to help people get the results they are seeking. For example, what if your product can help someone get out of debt? You have the ability to help people pay off their credit cards, get past their current struggle and rebuild their life. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Here's the harsh reality behind this amazing product- if you can't write words that sell, no one is helped and you can't stay in business. The best person for this topic- debt reductions, paying off debt, getting past the bondage of debt and rebuilding your life is non other than Dave Ramsey. He is my go-to [...]

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The Magic Of Auto responders

    How To Wave Your Magic Wand With Auto Responders For Increased Sales and Customer Retention By: Sandi Krakowski One of the most enjoyable things for me about writing sales copy, email campaigns and auto responders is when a client replies to an email I have written and says, “Ok Sandi, I’ve been following you for quite sometime now and I still can’t tell if this was written to me personally (because it made me feel great!) or if it was an auto responder!”  These emails tickle me because it means they are written well and my clients love to interact with me. Do you love to hear from your clients?  Here’s a secret- if you do they’ll love to ‘talk back’ to you! A recent email I sent out to my entire list triggered [...]

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It’s COPYWRITING month in Inner Circle!

  It's COPYWRITING month in Inner Circle!   Because there are 5 Tuesdays this month we've decided to GIVE AWAY Lesson #1 of our Inner Circle training video! This month we're doing Copywriting!! You can watch the ENTIRE video here now-  When you write your blog posts, emails, auto responders, newsletters and sales pages are you paying attention to word count? You should! Word count = attention span! This month in our Inner Circle program I'm teaching Copywriting for an entire month! We're starting out today with a lesson on word count. Specific tips on word count, how to benefit your reader with a targeted count, how to not overwhelm them with too many words, what is industry standard on various platforms and more! The Inner Circle program is a great starting [...]

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What’s Sandi Reading? Recommended Books From Dallas, TX Event

  What's Sandi reading?  Recommended Books From Dallas, TX Event Wow!!  What an amazing event we had in Dallas this past weekend!!   Thank you so much to all attendees, at both the live and virtual events, for making it such a success.  We couldn't have done it without you!  It was an absolute blessing and joy to meet everyone at the live event. Now that we're all back home, it's time to activate what we learned from Sandi, PJ, and Rabbi Lapin.  I don't know about you, but I'm chomping at the bit to get started!  During the event, Sandi recommended several excellent books to read; books that will educate, and help grow and excite the mind.  Those books are listed below, so start reading! What's Sandi reading? Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi [...]

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