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Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve

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Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve 

By: Sandi Krakowski

Writing words that sell makes building an online business a blast! Why? Because it's easier to help people get the results they are seeking.

For example, what if your product can help someone get out of debt? You have the ability to help people pay off their credit cards, get past their current struggle and rebuild their life. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Here's the harsh reality behind this amazing product- if you can't write words that sell, no one is helped and you can't stay in business.

The best person for this topic- debt reductions, paying off debt, getting past the bondage of debt and rebuilding your life is non other than Dave Ramsey. He is my go-to source when it comes to learning how to manage wealth and living a life of freedom financially. I trust 100% everything he publishes and have benefited personally from it. 

Harsh reality again- if Dave Ramsey didn't have someone on staff who could write sales copy that converts, he would not have the world-wide influence that he does. No one would have bought his books nor would they know who he is. Copy that does this is why he is where he is at. Coupled with marketing to the right clients, we can see the obvious success.

Copy that converts and generates massive traffic is a MUST for your business. Are you taking it seriously?

Every month there are multiple companies that go out of business… or worse yet, never even take off. Obviously there are many factors that can cause this but one simple reason is- they can't write or speak words that sell. Ironically, it's not a hard process to learn, but it is a skill that must be learned, it can't just be picked up by reading a few articles.

The Steps To Learning How To Write Good Copy

Step One- Get my book. It's free and you can begin to implement what it teaches now. You'll find it on iTunes and on Amazon.com With 17 years of experience in business, this will teach you how to become more familiar with your market, your clients and what they are already saying in your respective niche. Then….. your job is critical. Learn to think, process and even LIVE in the world your client lives in.

Bottom line- what you think, what you like, what you believe about your product means absolutely nothing! What does matter is what your client thinks, likes and believes. THIS is your first step. Get to know your client better than they even know themselves.

Step Two- Your WordPress site is the best platform for everything to grow at the fastest pace online. Everything works better with Google Ranking, Social Media connections and beyond with a WordPress site.

My first choice for any beginning business owner is Thesis. Here's why- SEO is unstoppable and can't get better with any other theme. As well, you won't need a web master to run everything for you!  Sure, there are other great themes but they ALL seem to lead you on a path to always needing someone else to do everything for you. YOU don't have time for that. Maybe later you'll hire someone to do some custom things, but for now, a good header, a good layout and you're all set. 

Once WordPress is set up it's time to SATURATE your mind with good copy.

I hate to break it to you but it's CRITICAL that you get really good at copywriting.  And it's NOT going to happen with just a few books or by reading other people's work. It's important for you to understand basic principeles of copy and it's imperative that you learn to bring this into all of your work. Blogging, emails, social media, sales pages and more all depend on good copywriting skills.

Being able to write words that sell doesn't just happen, it's a skill that has to be learned. The only way to learn it is to have someone who is very good at it, teach us. This is how I learned. Do whatever it takes to increase your skill, so you can grow your business.  Without copywriting skills everything else will fall apart and won't do what you need it to.

Step Three- Decide and determine in your mind that you will get masterfully good at writing copy that converts. Make a decision to do whatever it takes to get there. Guard your mind. Protect it from negative influences. Remove from your circle of influence those who might hold you back.

The decision to really put ourself into a state of being able to succeed is something that so many people forget. They study, they try, they push…and yet they never get themselves into a state of being prepared to succeed and doing whatever it takes to do so. 

When I was a single mom, raising my son who is now 25years old, we were living on $5000 per year. Deep inside of me was a desire to be more and to go farther than I could even imagine. However, the actions to do so were never taken until I was married, some years later, and first exposed to the internet.

It was at that time that I began to take specific steps to learn how to build an online business. I studied businesses, spent hours and hours and hours learning how to build websites, write copy and all the aspects of an online business that were needed. It was not easy, but here I am talking to over a million of you! It WAS WORTH IT! 🙂 

If I had given up, you would not be reading this today. Thank you GOD that I didn't give up. There were so many times through the last 17 years that the stage was set…. even prepared it would seem, for me to fail. But I didn't quit. I didn't give up. There was a burning passion and fire inside of me that was BIGGER than me. Today, in 2013, I see it. It's connected to Y-O-U. ALL of you. YOU were the reason I kept going. And YOU were worth it all! Still are!

The question I have for you today is this- are you doing the things that it takes to get you to your dreams? Or are you still hoping that somehow you can get there without doing something different? 

Learning to FIND the urgent pressing problem that you are going to solve is critical. 

Finding the unique solution that you offer and then understanding how to write words that lead people to that solution is imperative for you to succeed.

Build the best way to reach your ideal clients and then creating an offer that is irresistible is what will create a steady stream of cash flowing into your business daily.

However, if you do all of these things and never take any steps to becoming the kind of person who can manage success, it will flow right through your hands and onto someone else. Building a business is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it! But it's also not complicated! It's something that can be done by anyone who will make a commitment to do so. I'm proof of that and so are our clients and their stories!

Today, make a decision to do whatever it takes and then do the actionable steps to get there, for an entire year. At the end of the year you will be masterful, because of your daily steps forward.

Today, make a choice to no longer live the same! YOU were designed to BE MORE! 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert

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The Magic Of Auto responders

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How To Wave Your Magic Wand With Auto Responders For Increased Sales and Customer Retention

By: Sandi Krakowski

One of the most enjoyable things for me about writing sales copy, email campaigns and auto responders is when a client replies to an email I have written and says, “Ok Sandi, I’ve been following you for quite sometime now and I still can’t tell if this was written to me personally (because it made me feel great!) or if it was an auto responder!” 

These emails tickle me because it means they are written well and my clients love to interact with me. Do you love to hear from your clients?  Here’s a secret- if you do they’ll love to ‘talk back’ to you!

A recent email I sent out to my entire list triggered 347 replies in just 2 days. Notes of appreciation, kindness, fun comments and more from people I’ve never met but who have relationships with me online. Some connect through our TV Show, others through our Facebook page and some through Twitter.

Who says owning your own company can’t be fun?

We must be careful, however, when it comes to using auto responder messages. As is the case with everything else in business- not all auto responder messages are created equal. I’ve seen some that are down right silly, outdated and inappropriate. I bet you have as well.

Auto response messages, which are emails that are prewritten & sent automatically at a predetermined time, can build rapport, increase trust & give more credibility with your audience. Or…. It can make you look like very unprofessional and out of date.

Years ago when Majo Domo email newsletters and interactive bulletin boards wer the way to connect with massive amounts of people online, auto messages sent in a series were the normal way of doing business. In a world of social media, regular blogging, newsletters and live chats however there are a few key points you must remember whenever communicating with your audience.

Grab a pen and write these key points down. It will serve you as a guideline for communicating with people online:

1- How long has this person known my company

2- When did we first connect

3- Have they ever ordered from our company

4-Have we intereacted thru social media, emails or our website

When you ask yourself these questions you’ll see that the standard method for sending autoresponders years ago just won't work in today's new economy online. To send an email automatically introducing yourself to people who opted in for an event but have known you for awhile through Social Media would appear almost rude or cold. You might get a 'duh!' reply because they've been talking to you daily already. 

But before you get discouraged remember that using autoresponders can make you more money and cause a flood of sales without ever speaking to one person live, if done correctly.

Here is a right way to communicate through auto messages:

  •  Invite someone to Facebook. Every person who opts in for your newsletter, your event or offer should be invited to join you through Facebook, Twitter or both. We have over 120,000 people following us on Twitter and yet, I personally prefer Facebook because it’s a closer connection with face to face interaction. When someone opts in for my free report I send out an autoresponder a few days later asking them to connect with me. This makes it really fun to get to know people more personally.
  • Introduce one (ONE!) of your products. Don’t go overboard, just serve, don’t sell. People buy from someone who serves more often than someone who hard sells. Give a few tips on something you offer and a link (NOT a sales pitch) to that page on your site. 
  • Invite to an event, webinar or some other form of connection that can help the relationship with your customers grow. People love to connect with others online. They love relationships that are real, even if it's with a company! Starbucks has over 1 million friends on Facebook- this should give all of us a clue to pay attention.
  • Give a discount to something on your site that they can’t get anywhere else. I’d wait till about day 4-5 to do this, after you’ve invited them to Facebook and even invited them to a free event.
  •  Post a link to an article that relates to the original reason they opted in. Link to your WordPress blog. This not only brings your prospective customer to your site again but it also helps with your organic click thrus. The more people clicking thru to your website the better! So steer those who opted in back to your website and give excellent content and make it worth their while.

WARNING: Auto responders are not the place to send your offers out repeatedly.

We’ve all seen them, “Hi, thanks for stopping by, did you see this on my site, buy it now here!”.. “But wait, day two, there’s more!”… “I bet you missed me, but don’t you worry I have an offer for you that you can’t refuse!”… LIMITED TIME OFFER”… “Just this once!”…. “We’ll never do this again!”……..”It’s the last time!"  Makes you want to throw up, doesn't it? That's how your prospects will feel as well. 

Emails like this sent are pretty sad but they happen far too often.

Remember- relationships are key. Your customers are the focus (not your company or your product) and creating happy customers who love you is the ticket to long lasting wealth building online. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

There's MORE to life!


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It’s COPYWRITING month in Inner Circle!

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It's COPYWRITING month in Inner Circle!


Because there are 5 Tuesdays this month we've decided to GIVE AWAY Lesson #1 of our Inner Circle training video!

This month we're doing Copywriting!! You can watch the ENTIRE video here now- 

When you write your blog posts, emails, auto responders, newsletters and sales pages are you paying attention to word count? You should!

Word count = attention span!

This month in our Inner Circle program I'm teaching Copywriting for an entire month! We're starting out today with a lesson on word count. Specific tips on word count, how to benefit your reader with a targeted count, how to not overwhelm them with too many words, what is industry standard on various platforms and more!

The Inner Circle program is a great starting point for any beginning business owner. It's also a GREAT place to keep your skills sharp if you find yourself reinventing things too often!

Come join us TODAY!! We are delivering the first training video shortly!

See you there-

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

P.S. The Inner Circle program is a specialized coaching program where you get daily access to me and we focus on one topic, each month, to saturation. After homeschooling my children for 20+ years it's become obvious to me that the BEST approach to mastery is to saturate a topic. Every month in Inner Circle we do just that. 

Come on, we can't wait to meet you!

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