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Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts By: Sandi Krakowski Email marketing has changed through the years. Back in the late 90's when I came online we worked with something called Major Domo. This was the beginning of mailing list management. You would have this set up on your own domain and send emails to everyone who belonged to your 'list'.  To subscribe people didn't fill out a form, they had to send a message to the Major Domo on your server and say, "Subscribe". To unsubscribe, do the same thing but with "Unsubscribe".  Major Domo in Latin means "Head Of The House" and this is what you became when you sent out an email to the people who were on your house list. Unix/Perl based list management is how we built our first house list with [...]

Auto Responders Made Easy For Your Business!

    How To Wave Your Magic Wand With Auto Responders For Increased Sales and Customer Retention By: Sandi Krakowski Today's newsletter has an article that is one of our best of the entire year! It is a reprint of an article we did in 2010... and we've added some content to take it to a whole new level!   During the last year more than 5890 people have gone through our Auto Responder Magic courses. Every person who applies what we are about to teach you gets more response, closes more sales and builds their social media following!   Grab a pen and let's get to work! :)   With love- Sandi Krakowski   Autoresponders... I just love them! But when you write a great autoresponder you always have to make sure that it's still [...]

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Enter To Win The Total Online Blueprint DVD Set

  You could WIN our Total Online Blueprint DVD, CD & Workbook SET! Contest Details- Questions posted and answers given March 10th thru 12 noon March 14th. Winners announced March 14th on our Monday night calls Question #1- What is your biggest sticking point when it comes to discovering your Divine Purpose & Passion? Question #2- What does your life look like when that sticking point is removed? What is included in the prize-  NOTE: This is not like our previous released products. Material on THIS DVD & CD set are actually the step after our "Bigger Business Profits" event. The two are completely different. If you are SERIOUS about business, do not miss this DVD & CD set. Hour #1- WordPress, Your Ideal Client, Your Message, Your offer Hour #2 & 3 – Your Mindset, [...]

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The Things That Make Money In Business

The Things That Make Money In Business How to stop getting distracted by all the things that are keeping your business unprofitable, move forward and step into the profit-zone fast! By: Sandi Krakowski Today's article for our newsletter is a very special gift. Earlier this week, we did a survey to ask how we could help serve you in regards to Social Media Marketing. More than 700 of you jumped to the task and gave us your input! I am SO grateful for your help! Thank YOU! This led me to thinking how I could serve you in a very powerful way today. Rather than writing an article, I am going to share with you a recording from a private paid for event. This call is a 1- hour session that I recently had [...]

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