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WHY Your Business Is Failing And You Are Broke!

 Hey!Most business trainers will constantly focus on what they can do for you, what you can accomplish and how to get there.  HOWEVER, the bottom line is- if you've never gotten there before and everything you've applied is still leaving you lacking, and nothing is working than someone will need to walk you through what makes you BROKE (lacking money, impoverished and struggling financially in business) and why your business isn't prospering. I want to be that person!If you don't have highly targeted clients on your email list and your social media following AND on your blog, every single day..... you're going to be broke and your business will fail. Unless of course you've got somebody giving you a big endorsement or a TV spot, but most of you don't have that! Neither do I! So what we [...]

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50% OFF For 5 Days Only!

50% OFF OUR TWO OF OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCTS FOR 5 DAYS!   If you would have told me 4 years ago that we'd be serving more than 1 million clients in such a short period of time, to be honest, I would have thought such a thing was completely impossible.   Sure, I've grown big companies before, in a very short period of time, but nothing like we've seen in the last 4 years at A Real Change International, Inc. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart.   I remember what it was like to peel myself out of debt, watch where every penny goes, learn new skills and even take classes late at night. Studying into the wee hours of the morning so I could move my goals and [...]

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Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve

Copywriting That Converts, Generates Massive Traffic And Creates A Huge Culture To Serve  By: Sandi Krakowski Writing words that sell makes building an online business a blast! Why? Because it's easier to help people get the results they are seeking. For example, what if your product can help someone get out of debt? You have the ability to help people pay off their credit cards, get past their current struggle and rebuild their life. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Here's the harsh reality behind this amazing product- if you can't write words that sell, no one is helped and you can't stay in business. The best person for this topic- debt reductions, paying off debt, getting past the bondage of debt and rebuilding your life is non other than Dave Ramsey. He is my go-to [...]

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Falling Panties And Online Success

  Don't Get Caught With Your Panties Down & How A Big Typo Made Me Huge Profits By: Sandi Krakowski The year was 1999 and our kitchenware business had just passed a record in profits. Things were booming! Our list had grown to over 30,000 customers, we were publishing a regular newsletter 4x per month, doing regular direct sales campaigns and everyone was tickled pink with the products they bought! Weekly products were mailed to my house to review for possible sale. Blenders, gadgets, oven inserts and more! Books came on a weekly basis as well! We had our regular meeting set to roll out our weekly plan. My staff (one other working at home Mom) and I created a newsletter, set sale prices, came up with special promotions and got ready to send [...]

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