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Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics

Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics Several times per week through social media I will post something about learning to IGNORE your critics. Everytime I do, people start chiming in that they are so grateful I shed light onto this very difficult situation- HOW to answer a critic. Many thought they needed to give a well scripted and polished answer. Others thought they should try to win their support. Still others thought it's a great platform for debate! NONE of these are the answer.  When you are building your best life don't be shocked that there are people who will NOT want you to succeed. Yes, it's true. There are people who will see your life changing, your family growing stronger and you becoming happier but they will have NOTHING encouraging to say. As a matter [...]

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Information Publishing Made Simple

What if there was a way for anyone, anywhere, to supplement their current income (or to start an online business) by sharing their expertise and passion? Well there is. I'm living proof and so are my clients. I built my entire 17 year career around selling physical products and marketing services. It wasn't until 2008 that I tried my hand at marketing digital products and all I can say is WOW!!!! It changed everything for me, because the overhead was very small, the hours it required of staff was minimal and it could be done from anywhere in the entire world! In my first business back in the 1990's online, through marketing, selling and shipping millions of dollars in kitchenware, I learned how to run a business from scratch. Going into multiple eCommerce platforms, my expertise in PPC, web [...]

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Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi?

Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi? Does our system work for direct sales? WOW!!!                       Ask Rochelle Griffin - she got RID of her phone calls, constantly on the phone, talking by email, running around the country to do meetings & 90 hours per week. Went to 30 hours per week, working through social media. After 10 months her income went from $180k per year (90 hrs per week) to $400k per year (30 hrs per week) and she just PROMOTED to the next level in her company!   WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! GO ROCHELLE GO!!!    YOUR next step is below.   With love, Sandi Krakowski We encourage you to start with Sandi's FREE 30-Day Blogging course. This will give you an overview of WHY [...]

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Your Gifts, Talents & Abilities And How To Use Them Daily For An Incredible Life!

  You were uniquely designed with a gift inside of you. It is designed to help your brain operate at it's most highest level. It is wired so that everyday can be like a FRIDAY where you feel fantastic and on top of your game. And in relation to business or ministry, it is what God gave so that YOU would impact the world for Him. It is my FIRM conviction that each of us, operating in our gifts, can create a world that is beyond our wildest dreams. As a matter of fact, let me challenge you with this one thought- Did you know that those dreams in your heart, the longing inside of you to BE more, DO more and to GO beyond where you currently are is actually knitten and woven inside [...]

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