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Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics

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Rochelle Griffin A Real Change

Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics

Several times per week through social media I will post something about learning to IGNORE your critics. Everytime I do, people start chiming in that they are so grateful I shed light onto this very difficult situation- HOW to answer a critic. Many thought they needed to give a well scripted and polished answer. Others thought they should try to win their support. Still others thought it's a great platform for debate!

NONE of these are the answer. 

When you are building your best life don't be shocked that there are people who will NOT want you to succeed. Yes, it's true. There are people who will see your life changing, your family growing stronger and you becoming happier but they will have NOTHING encouraging to say. As a matter of fact, the closer you get to God's absolute best for your life they will begin to attack even more. The picking you apart will increase, the judgements and even lies can escalate.

So WHAT are you supposed to do? Answer these people and hope to win them to your side? NO! Ignore them.

Today, one of our head coaches here at A Real Change International, Inc., Rochelle Griffin will share some specific insights into what happened to her as she began to use the "one to many" model in her direct sales business. You would think that as she and her husband grew closer, her child was happier and her income soared, everyone would be praising and celebrating with her. FAR FROM IT. Listen as she shares how to build your best life and learn to ignore your critics.

We are so grateful to have Rochelle active every month in our coaching groups, helping people break through as they encounter some of these very challenging situations! Watch now!


Information Publishing Made Simple

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Information Publishing Made Simple For The Small Business Owner

What if there was a way for anyone, anywhere, to supplement their current income (or to start an online business) by sharing their expertise and passion? Well there is. I'm living proof and so are my clients.

I built my entire 17 year career around selling physical products and marketing services. It wasn't until 2008 that I tried my hand at marketing digital products and all I can say is WOW!!!! It changed everything for me, because the overhead was very small, the hours it required of staff was minimal and it could be done from anywhere in the entire world!

In my first business back in the 1990's online, through marketing, selling and shipping millions of dollars in kitchenware, I learned how to run a business from scratch. Going into multiple eCommerce platforms, my expertise in PPC, web development and copywriting grew. When I started a marketing firm and then a copywriting firm to serve other companies, my skill in managing content distribution, search engine domination, social media, advertising, direct mail and all forms of online marketing became masterful. And when I began to share my knowledge, wrapping up everything I knew and delivering it into easily downloaded digital products, my expertise grew even more!

Let me share with you one of the most powerful publishing platforms in the world that is generating BILLIONS of dollars and YOU can get a piece of it!

Information Publishing is one of the fastest ways I know of personally to get someone into the profit zone online. It has been my great honor to help our clients earn a substantial income by creating information products that can be purchased online, every single day, without anyone having to touch a thing, over and over again.


Let's analyze some of the hard data about the Information Publishing world, shall we?

Pricing of products and services is one of my core strengths in business and having sold hundreds of thousands of information products myself I'll tell you that an eBook will sell very well with a price between $27-$57. Depending on the page length, content, worksheets, charts, etc this would be a very profitable range to stay within. Now….. What if you wrote an eBook about that passion of yours and you sold it for $27.00 a piece? If you sold just 10 per WEEK you'd earn $1080.00 per month.  There is a less than .02% overhead cost and you'd make more money than most do with a supplemental income- AUTOMATICALLY and repeatedly!

Now…. if you grew a list, as I can TEACH YOU and have proven it can be done with our hundreds of thousands of clients, you could end up selling 10 per day. If you sold 10 eBooks per day at $27 per unit, you'd be earning $8100.00 per month.THAT my friends is 6-figures!

The data doesn't lie:

10 eBooks sold per week = $1080.00/month

10 eBooks sold per DAY = a whopping $8010.00/month

PASSION INTO PROFIT just got easier!

Starting June 1, 2013 I am going to bring together some of my TOP STUDENTS and we are going to meet in a private Facebook Group with a select group of people for 90 days to teach them HOW to create the best information products possible. Now listen, I've worked through ALL the bugs and have been blessed to earn millions of dollars with my information products.

Information Publishing Made Simple For The Small Business Owner

For more details until then….

See you then!

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert



Rochelle Griffin

Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi?

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Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi?

Does our system work for direct sales? WOW!!!
Ask Rochelle Griffin – she got RID of her phone calls, constantly on the phone, talking by email, running around the country to do meetings & 90 hours per week. Went to 30 hours per week, working through social media. After 10 months her income went from $180k per year (90 hrs per week) to $400k per year (30 hrs per week) and she just PROMOTED to the next level in her company!
YOUR next step is below.
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert


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Then your curriculum for success begins!

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