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I want YOU to write for me! Please read….

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Writer's Alliance Network

I want YOU to write for me! Please read…. 

When I started out this company five years ago, I had a dream. My dream was to create such a large platform that a variety of other talented people could collectively benefit and serve with me. So I grew a platform that serves more than 2 million clients, has more than 750,000 people connected to us on social media and does millions of dollars in sales and is on track to do over $3 million dollars per month in the next 12 months. That dream is here NOW!

During the last 60 days I have hired an Operations Manager, General Manager, more Client Care Representatives, IT Professionals, Social Media Team Members and A Web Development Expert. Oh… and we hired one of the best web development teams in the world to create for us a new website platform to support the dream!  I am getting ready to SHIFT, offering more classes, more opportunities and WE NEED YOU!

I am looking for:

  • Authors who can write books that we will publish through the A Real Change Media Publishing House
  • Columnists who can create regular content that we can disperse to our more than 2 million clients and the 750,000 people who follow us on social media
  • Video producers who are great with a camera, have a powerful #BEMORE message, lesson and insight to teach
  • Bloggers who want to be a part of a huge curated network that creates events, gets media attention through television, radio and more!
  • Editors and proofreaders who can make the rest of us look wonderful
  • Researchers who can go to town as we create some of the world's best infographics

Exclusive Opportunity Of A Lifetime On This Call!

If you are serious about changing the world with me and you want to jump on this wild ride, I'm going to ask you to do 3 things:

#1- Get a seat on my writer's class tonight

#2- Listen to the entire call where I will teach how to build a success writing career all on your own

#3- At the end of the call I'll ask for some manuscripts, videos, article submissions, applications and more.

Things are changing. I WANT YOU! Are you in?

If we can ban together and create content together we'll be known as one of the most significant content creators on the internet today. I've done the HARD WORK. Now it's your turn to join me!

Get a seat NOW!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski 

Sandi Krakowski







Make More Money WIth A Blog

How To Successfully Take A Survey To Create A Bigger Sales Campaign, More Responsive Client Base And Longer Lasting Business

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"How To Successfully Take A Survey To Create A Bigger Sales Campaign, More Responsive Client Base And Longer Lasting Business"

By: Sandi Krakowski

Simply taking a survey isn't going to work.

You can't ask strangers questions at a mall and earn their trust, so please don't think you can do this without any consideration ahead of time online.

But when executed the way I'm going to teach you today, taking a survey can be the difference between copy that converts and copy that flops. It can make or break a pay per click campaign on Facebook. Taking  a survey in the right way can take a Tele-Class that might have produced 25 attendees and create 250+ who pack out your lines.

Grab your pen and paper because you will want to do more than just read today's article,you need to activate it quickly!

Implementation that happens as quickly as possible is far more successful than implementation that is delayed, thought through and processed. Why? Because if someone who is successful gives you a brilliant idea and you ACT on it, you go from having mere knowledge of the situation – gnosis- to having experienced what HAPPENS when you accomplish the knowledge, activate and propel it forward- epignosis.  Your homework today is to activate what I teach you and then come back to me with your results. 

Taking a survey is something that you want to do strategically. You don't want to wing it. 

When you ask questions of your clients, it's important to not only pay attention to the answers they give you, but you want to influence them in the direction that you would desire that they should go. What direction is that? The direction where their honest answers are, the things they are already thinking about and talking about.

Your questions need to be written in such a way that your clients spill the beans, so to speak. They are already very familiar with how they feel and have opinions about things that matter to them. Your job is to do whatever you can so that YOU become familiar with this as well.

Conversion goes way up when you speak to your clients in the same language they think in all day. Email campaigns convert, social media pay per click ads get higher response and even tele-classes get greater results when you KNOW how to speak in the words your clients are most familiar with. 

We use Survey Monkey for all of our surveys. 

Three Rules For Successful Survey Taking:

1. Do not ask open ended questions. Lead with multiple choice and give the option of none of the above, or all of the above. The choices should reflect where you know they will go and then give you a percentage of which direction is strongest. If you leave it open ended, the input will be too confusing because people have to think too much.

2. Don't ask more than 8 questions, preferably 4-6. If you are doing a survey that is going to go beyond 8 questions, give your clients the option to not have to answer every question. Leave only 4-6 as the mandatory needed to participate. Remember, most people won't want to do long surveys, so keep it brief but not so brief there's no interest.

3. Report your results.  People not only love to give opinions and suggestions, but even more than that, they love to see what OTHERS are saying! So give your clients who answer your questions an opportunity to 'spy' on all of your responses!

Make it fun.

Make it something that is motivated by helping your clients more fully. 

Don't pitch them, don't try to sell them. Ask questions so you can more fully serve them.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski


A well rounded education makes you disposable

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A well rounded education makes you disposable 
By: Sandi Krakowski
I got to thinking this morning about how many people are programmed to get a well-rounded education in life and learning.
People go through the motions, learning just enough about as many topics as they can…. and some don't even bother, because it's so darn boring anyways. And what kind of results do we get? We see an entire world filled with people who have NO mastery, NO marketable skill and no special talent. We have a bunch of well-rounded "Nonthinkers" and drones.

If you are reading this you are definitely not one of those kind of people.
You'd never survive with some of the radical out of the box thinking we present. I mean give me a break, I have pink hair, a tattoo and a big diamond in my nose. .. enough said. To be successful in life you don't need pink hair but you need to learn how to think in a way that is totally different than the rest of the world. 
I feel a moral and an ethical obligation to challenge you on something today. If you are still trying to learn everything you can in a basic understanding of business so you can one day have the life of your dreams, my friends, you'll never ever get there.

The way that you get yourself to earning 6 or 7 figures is very strategic.
You MUST become a Master at something. You must get so good at one thing that no one can compete with you. You MUST get so masterful that you are unstoppable in the marketplace.

So… how do you do that? Well, you saturate and dissect one thing until it's become a part of your DNA. This is how marketing is for me and the study of how people respond to things online. It requires intense focus to get to where you want to go… and I feel a moral obligation to tell you that a well rounded education or degree in business will NOT do it!

If you had 12-24 months of focus on one thing.. and you got so good at this one thing that you were unstoppable… what would YOUR life look like?

That's a question you have to answer or you, my friend, will become a well rounded citizen who takes on a role that doesn't impact anyone. It's about time…. now… to get masterful at something.
The life you now live is a result of choices and decisions you have made. Do you need to make a real change in those?   I'm fighting for YOUR future.. will you join me?

With love,
Sandi Krakowski