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The Legal Side Of Copywriting, Marketing, Email Marketing and More

The Legal Side Of Writing (AND Teaching) For Your BusinessBy: Sandi Krakowski When I began my first business it was important to understand trademarked names, phrases and logos. We had over 400 kitchenware products we were drop shipping and while most vendors and dealers gave us unlimited permission to use the graphics and images in our online and printed catalog, some required that we only use 2-3 images at the most. This occurred when a vendor also sold the product we purchased from them for resale on their own company websites or catalogs. Limited use is the phrase for only permitting someone to use images and descriptions in a limited way.  Many times I used the phrase, "The Art Of Bread Rising" in my marketing and was advised several times to have this trademarked or copyrighted. We never did [...]

How To Write Emails That Get Opened And Convert Sales!

I've been writing emails since the early 90's. My very first online company was built with nothing more than PPC ads and email marketing. So I learned very early on in my career, how to write emails that get opened and more than that, convert sales.Ironically, I didn't realize until many years later how unconventional my methods were. Major copywriters would ask me, "Who mentored you to write like that?" I would look like a deer in headlights as I thought back to the hundreds of email campaigns I wrote for my online kitchen store. No one mentored me. But I did a LOT of what I do today. I watched, listened and was very careful to not imitate what WASN'T working. You see, many small business owners believe that to be successful in email [...]

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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales By: Sandi Krakowski Have you noticed a shift in how people communicate? No one wants to talk on the phone anymore! Even when it's a friend or family member calling, talking on the phone all day is no longer desirable! Most people do not want to answer the phone when someone they know calls. They'd rather talk to them online through social media, email or texting. So how can someone who is trying to build a business use the phone to do so? Or would a better question be, do you have to use the phone like we used to in years past to grow your company? We can't do cold calling and phone prospecting like we used to [...]

Email Marketing Secrets Made Easy -Creating Rapid Response To Your Opt-In

Email Marketing Secrets Made Easy -Creating Rapid Response To Your Opt-In By: Sandi Krakowski When building your website there is one component that should be in the upper right hand corner of your online real estate that you don't want to be without it. This one critical component increases credibility, helps build rapport and determines more than 50% of your long term results... It is your Opt-In box.   Just putting up an Opt-In form and adding words like, "Sign up for our latest news!" isn't going to work. No one wakes up in the morning with a strong desire to sign up for anything, let alone another newsletter.   The only reason that someone would give you their private information, their email address, is if you in turn give them something of value at [...]

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