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Big Facebook Ad CONVERSION Secret For Small Budgets

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During the last few years I’ve spent over $1 MILLION dollars on Facebook Ads. So you could say I’m somewhat of an ‘expert’. Through my research, marketing and sales I’ve discovered a few key secrets that small business owners can use to get big results, on a super tight budget!

It’s been an honor to help over 200,000 small business owners increase their conversion through Facebook marketing and Facebook Ads. One of my specialties, because I am a direct response copywriter, is in teaching business owners who have never done any kind of ads before how to target their audiences accurately and get quick response to their ads.

Here’s a BIG tip for your small budget ad campaigns on the Facebook platform: MICRO-NICHES. When you do any kind of Like Page Ad, Website Conversion or Website Click ads, be sure to target it DOWN, rather than up, if you have a small budget. 

Micro-Niche Targeting To Get BIG Results With A  Small Budget

Step #1: Go Into Audience Insights In The Facebook Ad Manager (Use FanPageKarma to do the same thing if AI isn’t  available in your country)


Step #2:  Find the ‘expert’ or big leader in a specific niche, industry, marketing real, etc and then start targeting DOWN (not up!) If you target UP you’ll pay more. (Big tip for tight budgets!)Watchers. You can also target magazines, radio stations, tv shows and more. WHERE would you do a regular ad (like a full page spread?!) THIS is where you’ll do your FB ad.

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Step #3: Find highly engaged pages in this niche/target market that are BELOW 100,000 people on the page.



Step #4: Target 1-4 of these pages. Keep your total targeted audience BELOW 500,000. If your budget is $10, stay below 400k. If your budget is $5 per day, stay below $150,000. IF your budget is at $50 per day, stay below 1 million total targeted people. (You can even micro-niche down from within these searches!) 


Then write your ads exactly how I teach in my Facebook Ads 2.0 class. If you haven’t taken this class I HIGHLY recommend you do! If you want to test out some of my ad writing templates, here’s a few you can have for FREE. NO strings. Join the over 200,000 people who are getting great results, writing like an expert and doing it ALL on a tight budget!

I also teach more specific micro-niche targeting on Facebook Ads 2.0 class all the way down to countries, age, gender and more for every niche! Don’t miss it! :) 








YouTube Is Changing Dramatically! How Facebook Really PUSHED The Shove On Google

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YouTube Is Changing Dramatically! How Facebook Really PUSHED The Shove On Google

I’m not so sure it’s coincidental. A few days after Facebook releases it’s “GoLive!” feature on verified celebrity pages (I happen to be one of those pages!) through their Mentions app, we see Google creating a new parent company, Alphabet. The world as we know it is changing.

About a year ago I predicted that Facebook would become the largest search engine online. Being the single largest community driven platform, with 1 out of 7 people on the EARTH connecting, as Mark Z announced just last week, it holds a lot of clout. But the biggest shift we’re seeing is in the realm of videos.

Facebook also announced their going to be sharing revenue with video producers. This will DRAMATICALLY change the life and even the work of many “YouTube Made Millionaires” because now audiences are staying on the Facebook platform even more. Studies show that a Facebook native video gets higher views, more engagement and is overall, better for a brand than even a YouTube link. I’ll add that the GoLive! App has increased our reach by 4000%!

But the biggest change we’re seeing on YouTube is where it’s going. To a paid and a free service, where videos are now stored, released and cataloged. They’re also releasing an ad-free version of YouTube. If you’re sick of all the 5-17 second commercials at the front of the video, you can now pay to have these removed.

The huge earning potential for many YouTubers is directly connected to these videos. Brands are using these micro-advertisements even more than television commercials, in many cases.

But the changes don’t stop there! Music Key, YouTube’s new music streaming platform is going to offer new potential for artists. They’re willing to push users away from free ad-supporting offerings over to memberships.

Enter Facebook. If a musician were to post their videos natively on the Facebook platform, the viral ability of that one video far exceeds what would or could ever happen on YouTube. It’s all about ‘seeing what your friend did and joining them’ that Facebook is built around. But here’s the real clincher, on Facebook, the musicians could earn revenue in a way that YouTube doesn’t offer.

Facebook gave Google the PUSH and the shove. The changes we’re seeing in video, live streaming, and the interactivity of even artificial intelligence is making Facebook an even more appealing platform for business owners, musicians and any brand that is serious about building community and culture.

One of my specialties is helping small business owners to communicate their message on the platform through $10 per day ads. Rather than getting their direction and even training from the marketing firms and agencies, by learning some simple direct response marketing techniques, they can step into this powerhouse community and make a big profit!

If you want to learn how to make more money on your Facebook page and how to use VIDEOs in a way that revenue flows in magnetically, register NOW for my “Magnetic Engagement” class that starts September 9th. I’m eager to help YOU, the small business owner, with a teeny tiny budget, make a big impact!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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Facebook “LIVE” and the “Go Live” Feature Coming To Pages

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Earlier today Facebook released "Facebook Live" that allows a page to live broadcast on their page to their followers. Think "Periscope" with a broader reach, being able to save your video and it's right on your page. WOW! This is currently only being released to celebrity and public pages that are verified. It works through the "Mentions" app with a "Go LIVE!" button. It also includes live interactive Q & A features, where you can host a 'townhall' question session right on your page. I'm so excited to know I will be getting this feature, according to my Facebook advisor, in the next day or so! YAY!!

When we begin to look at the Facebook feed, brands trying to fight for their content to be seen, more and more users on the platform, it's obvious that something has to give. We as brands must begin to think with good ole fashioned copywriting skills and direct response marketing tactics. 

Here are some of my thoughts that I recently shared in a Facebook Media and Advertising Group I belong to. In that group are large brands like National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News and other large brands.  As you read these thoughts, start to think how you could use Facebook LIVE on your page. They always start out with a very select group of pages and then advance to everyone. SO, it's coming to a page near you!

My thoughts on Facebook Live:

First off, I LOVE the idea and am very excited about it. There's so many ways a brand could use it. I think live broadcast videos and other videos should be in a place on the page that the audience goes to. A section, that has it's OWN separate notification system built into it that you can subscribe to as a page follower/fan. If we have articles like that as well (using the brand new tool, "Instant Articles" that Facebook is also releasing to some select brands and verified pages), and even groups connected to our page directly, people would come to the page more often, like a blog or website.

I've always said that part of the page owners task is to 'train their readers/followers' to come back to the timeline regularly and don't depend on just a 'LIKE" to mean you won their attention. We've seen more than 70% of our followers do just this- get our content on our timeline. Then the feed would be for conversation and other posts. You could advertise to get others to your page, kinda like you do on Google, and use hashtags and great content and copy so that a 'SEO' type search starts working.

There's gonna be a nightmare if all the content ends up on the feed. I think FB will come up with some creative way to 'categorize' or 'file' different things on the page and ways for the page owner to 'trigger' or use great direct response marketing to get the attention of followers and new people. Winning the trust and loyalty of the reader and follower is important, just like on a blog and website.

Just because someone likes a page doesn't automatically mean that they'll see your content, anymore than someone who finds our page on a website. I'm eager to see what kind of technology they'll use to keep things organized. It's obvious that business pages and advertisers are important to Facebook. I have always said I wish they'd have paid pages with amazing features you could upgrade to.

I believe Facebook will become the most robust search tool on the internet, better than even Google, in upcoming years. Just not sure when that would occur. With streaming broadcasts, more videos, being able to revenue share video content and over a billion users, organization is going to have to happen. AND it will require great marketing skills on the part of the page owner as it always has in business. Just my 2 cents.  

With love,
Sandi Krakowski