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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

The emails are pouring in and the phones are ringing. It’s been such an honor to have some large house hold names contact us to assist with their social media marketing and advertising. It also shows me that big brands are starting to really REALLY pay attention to what is going on through social media.

People are making their buying decisions by what they see on social media and what their friends say, period.  Research is being done there first. Opinions are being sought there first. If you, as a brand of any size, are not there, you are losing. Period.

I love digital media in ANY form! Video, audio, PPC ads, blog posts, social media and more! I’ve also done so many ad campaigns in my 18 years online my head starts to spin when I even attempt to add them all up.

So how can you use social media for your brand? The #1 question that comes in every single day is this:  What actually makes a social media campaign work?

Now assuming “Work” means it generates money, because that is what most brands want to do with their marketing efforts, our focus would be the end result. But I want to take you to a step where very few marketers ever go to, that if you do go there with me, that not only increases profits but it also causes a brand to be contagious, sticky and in plain English, the one everyone wants to connect with!

The first key is relationship.

We’ve talked about that so often many of you have finished my sentence as I said it. Ironically, very few people are doing it.

If thoughts pertaining to relationship run through your marketing mind like, “How often do I post? What do I have to say? When will I see the money?” I can already tell you’ll have problems. This is very similar to the young man who is going on his first date asking, “When can I hold her hand? Is a kiss ok on the first date? What should I say to make a girl feel good about me?”  When we’re solely focused on the END result and rush into relationships like this, don’t be surprised if ‘brand divorce’ is what happens! People don’t want to feel used or like they are a cheap commodity in your marketing campaign. It’s nothing new….. but it’s something all brands must understand!

Repeat after me- you cannot systematize relationship.

You can schedule some posts ahead of time, I do it everyday. You can make sure you have reminders set on your phone if you run your companies social media marketing so that you remember to check in often, I also do this. But for goodness sakes, can we open our heart first before we open another marketing manual? Caring, really caring, is what makes things ‘work’ through social media. Which leads me to my next point. If your brand has simply ‘thrown someone on your social media campaigns’ who isn’t doing much in house to test it out, don’t even bother! Take your profiles down now!

I’ve been testing some brands out lately. Going to their Facebook pages and Twitter profiles and sending simple messages like, “Hey XYZ Company, how are you guys doing today?” The replies I get are very revealing.

Here’s a list of replies from some major brands I tested on social media:

1. “Good, how are you?” – Wow that sounds about as common stance as “I’m doing fine, you?”  Social media demands more. How about a nice, “We are doing great and hope you are too FIRSTNAME!” Personal. That would be nice.

2. “Great how can I help you?” – No beating around the bush. It’s the friendly way of saying, “Do you need something because I’m busy.” No further comment needed.

3. NOTHING – Yes, there are multiple brands that I posted this to and NO ONE said anything. Nothing. Wow, if I was a high paying customer of this brand you can bet this made me feel so special I’m gonna just run to your store right now and spend a ton of money, more than I typically do! NOT!

4. “Doing awesome Sandi and we LOVE your pink hair!” – This one of course won my heart. It’s personal, it’s kind and they even noticed something about me. I also had some say, “Wow what a pleasure to speak to you. You’re an expert!” Not schmoozing, just kind and complimentary. Another one was ,”Doing great and it’s a pleasure to hear from you today, Sandi!”   Awesome! Made me feel wonderful and it made me want to spend money at their store!

For several years large and even small companies poo-poo’d the whole notion of using social media to build their brand. “It is confusing, takes too much time and what on earth do you say?” is what so many said. “What is the ROI?” is another biggy. The Almighty ROI- Return On Investment.  I dunno. What is the ROI on having a happy cashier VS one who is acting like she has had PMS for 9 years or a guy who acts like he’s so busy ‘what on earth do you need from me’ at your front door? Do we really need to think that through?

What else makes a social media campaign work? Consistency. Don’t be sporadic. Stop posting 9 times in a week because you’re having a promotion and then disappear. When big brands (and even small businesses) do this it shows you honestly don’t care at all. Oh, remember, when you post through social media, everything you write is being cataloged. As a paying customer I can go read your entire feed and see how often you post and what you write. I can see your habit of only writing about promotions. GOTCHA!

A social media campaign that ‘works’ is speaking in my language, not yours. If you keep talking to me like you do in the advertising agency board room I won’t hear you.

The words that run through my head all day long are drowning you out. As a paying customer, I talk to my friends all day long on social media and I rarely talk to people who don’t talk like me. I don’t even feel comfortable talking to people who don’t think like me. (This is the voice of the average consumer and not the thoughts of this writer)  What did you say? I can’t hear you unless you talk the way I do! You want to see how I talk and what is important to me? Well for goodness sakes I’m talking all day long on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon! Don’t you marketing genius’ have any time to watch me? Or are you so busy researching your demographic cycles of ROI that you forgot I even exist?

My friends, Sandi talking again, I’m being sarcastic but please admit, it’s real. It’s happening.

What makes a social media campaign work?

The same thing that makes any store shine in person. Let’s go back to 1950 when we polished our store floors, we made sure the place smelled fresh, we put on clean clothes, had a great haircut, did everything we could to have a smile, a winning attitude and we were genuinely interested in people. That’s it. Over and over again. Real deal.

This generation isn’t buying into the old school advertising agency nonsense anymore. They talk to their friends all day long and they pursue things to LIKE more than 4.6 BILLION times PER DAY on Facebook!

Learn to like them and they’ll like you back. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


Social Media Sucking Your Life Away? How To Overcome This Challenge!

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Time Management And Social Media

Social Media Sucking Your Life Away? How To Overcome This Challenge!

Do you ever feel like a crack addict on your smart phone browsing social media 24/7 looking for some 'better' news to keep you going?  Or have you ever felt like throwing your stupid phone into the river because it won't stop ringing?

During the last four years as I've had the honor of working with our 2 million clients, some big nationwide brands, Entrepreneuer Magazine, Forbes, BeliefNet and more, something keeps coming up that I had to spill the beans about today.

It's not a fun topic and it could make you quite uncomfortable. But my desire and my mission is to help create success for your company and to help you enjoy your customers, through social media. Today, in my latest column on Entreprenuer Magazine, I'm going to touch on this topic of 'time sucked away into a vacuum' because of social media. Join me as we plunge into this troubling challenge.

You can read my column here

Please leave me a comment, on Entrepreneur's site, on how this problem is affecting you, your company and what your biggest challenge is. I'll be answering your challenges next week as well!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski






5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement Without Spending Any Money

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Increase Facebook Page Engagement Without Spending Money

5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement Without Spending Any Money

During the last 9 months we've attracted more than 265,000 NEW clients to our Facebook page and it grows at an average of 8-10,000 per week! To say this growing community is a wonderful place to influence culture, serve others and build a business is an understatement. It has attracted so much attention even Forbes Magazine contacted me yesterday with a second follow up interview to the one we did last April when we had reached 100,000 clients in under a year!

Many people look at my page and say comments like, "Surely not everyone can do what you do." As a matter of fact I recently spoke to a Social Media Influencer who said those exact words and he wanted just a few pointers I could give the 'average' person to increase their page engagement, as if I was doing some form of guru voodoo to get the kind of results we are seeing. 

With more than 1/3 of our entire community engaging with us on a daily basis and more than 20,000 comments per week, it's obvious this is a marketing dream come true, but to say that the average person or small business owner couldn't do the same is simply not true. My proof is in my Inner Circle where every single day people are doing what we do, adding on average 80-150 people to their page per day, with a small ad budget of $10 per day! If that wasn't enough to make you turn your head, get this- these same small business owners are seeing engagement rates of 30-55% on average, with page likes in the range of 5800-25,000. Many start out with less than 2500 clients! AND much of what they do to increase their page engagement doesn't cost a penny! It's all wrapped around what they do on a daily basis.

What this means to ROI and bottom line is this: 

They are targeting and attracting the right clients and people are having relationship with them. Selling is the easy part after that!

So how can anyone, with or without an ad budget increase their page engagement? Here are 5 simple tips, that if you apply them today, I guarantee you, your fans will start engaging with you more. Unless of course you paid someone in Russia to add 20,000 fans to your page and they're a bunch of dead beat spammers to begin with. And no I'm not judging people in Russia. But when the majority of your Facebook fans start coming from that country it's time to wise up.

Raising Your Facebook Fan Page Enagement Without Spending A Penny

1. Post more frequently:  It's time to ignore the so-called experts who don't care about relationship and have a 'talking about this' of less than 5% on their page. They don't know what they're talking about. If Mary comes to your page at 10 am and Mark comes to your page at 1 pm and Sue comes to your page at 3 pm and so forth, you want to be in their feed as much as possible. Give it a test. This is the biggest thing I did with multi-billion dollar giants like Camping World and The Good Sams Club which raised their engagement more than 200% in the first 10 days we worked together. Start posting 1 time every hour, for 12 hours of the day. Your engagement will go up without spending a penny!

2. Stop posting so many pictures:  Another dumb marketing ploy by so-called experts got a lot of Facebook business pages into trouble. "They" used to say to post pictures more than anything. "They" used to tell us that people on Facebook only like pictures, that's why Facebook created InstaGram. Until… Facebook changed their news feed and everyone's engagement went down the tubes and the fact of the matter is this: Yes, people love pictures but people love GOOD CONTENT more. Pictures aren't going to sell long term and it won't build relationship. It's like the hood ornament on  your Facebook business page. It's gonna draw attention, will get some engagement and new likes, but you'll never get them 'married' to your brand. Facebook changed their algorithims and you are now in trouble if that's all you were doing!  We teach to do pictures 10-15% of your entire feed for the day. So if you're posting 12 times, do 1-2 photos. If you do more sporadically don't go crazy with legalistic rules, it's ok. Just make sure GOOD CONTENT is what is driving your marketing plan. Your engagement will go up without spending a penny!

3. Ask questions but for crying out loud, not more than a few per day.  This is another 'marketing tactic from the internet social media marketing pimps.' They teach us to ask questions! Ask LOTS of questions. Oh my goodness, before we know it our entire page is nothing more than question after question after question! Imagine how good that will work in a showroom at a store or in a coffee shop! Someone will feel like you have a false motive for asking all these questions. OH SURE you'll get a lot of answers but Facebook also pays attention to how often someone comes BACK to your page on their own for engagement ratios. Do they read your content in their feed or are they actually coming back to the TIMELINE page on their own. Most questions are answered on the fly in the feed. If you build an entire page around pictures and questions, you'll see alot of comments but you won't increase your engagement. Ask a question a day or so. Make it fun. Be genuine. Let your random questions be enjoyable. Not something you pull out of a hat to increase your engagement. Be genuine and authentic. People can tell. Your engagement will go up without spending a penny!

4. Stop trying to raise engagement with strategies, marketing plans and ploys. Yes, you read that right. I’m a top social media influencer in the world and I've just told you to stop using strategies, marketing plans and ploys to increase your page. Now you can ignore me or you can look at the 265,000 people we’ve added to our page in the last 9 months and the more than 1/3 of the people who are engaged with our page or not. Yes, I am getting a little cocky here because from the beginning I've been telling people to STOP listening to the pimps, it will come back to bite you. Some of you have been bit. You sit down to schedule posts and all you care about is how many there are, oh my gosh did I ask enough questions, did I do enough pictures, how many posts was that supposed to be and did Sandi say something about how often the percentage of ideal targeted keywords should be on the page frequently per day? Please stop that. It's about as pathetic as scheduling into your iPhone how often you'll make love with your spouse. Oh dear God, please don't tell me you do that. *sigh*  If you will care about people, engage with your clients, they will engage back with you. That's what commerce was built around years ago when people built community around their stores. Just because we're digital doesn't mean people have changed. Your engagement will go up without spending a penny!

5. Study your client. Ok, this is where the big dog, marketing guru million dollar money making secrets come out. Do you have your pen and paper? I don't think anyone else is going to teach you this. Ok, sure, they will. That's just me trying to impersonate a pimp. Heeheehee They always say that. NO ONE is teaching this. Listen, if no one is teaching it there's usually a reason. But anyways, I digress. All kidding aside. Study your client. When a man loves a woman, he takes a keen interest in her. He begins to study her. His heart turns toward her. When my son recently married his sweetheart, I saw this happen over the last two years. His mind and heart were set toward pleasing her, knowing her and being able to predict what would draw her to him and make her happy. He can predict when she might need a pick me up, which in "Holly Language" is flowers and dark chocolate. He knows how to surprise her. He can sense when she's in the room, before she says a word. It's beautiful. Start loving your clients. Pay attention to what they read. Turn the pages on the same magazines they read, listen to some of the same podcasts they listen to and study the blogs they frequent the most. Stop obsessing about your competitors for crying out loud and start paying attention to what they love! Listen, if a man wants a woman he doesn't obsess about the other men trying to get her attention. He pays attention to what SHE LOVES. Your engagement will go up without spending a penny!

I've given you today some very simple steps anyone can use immediately in their business to grow their Facebook page and increase engagement. If you increase engagement, you'll increase the liklihood of sales. Now I have a challenge for YOU!

Currently we reach more than 2 million people in our client base. Imagine what kind of exposure that would be for your business if you were to be a featured case study I write about! It would increase your Facebook page engagement without spending a penny in a second! HA!  

I want your results. Here's your assignment. Do what I just taught, every single step, for 15 days. Then send me a screen shot of your before and after engagement from your Insights Page on Facebook, along with a photo of your page header and your URL. I'll pick the top 7 people and feature them on my blog! 15 days from today: Monday, February 10th I'll feature the top 7 stories! Send me your results by Wednesday February 5th to be considered. You can send your results to me at sandi at a real change dot com. I can't wait to see how you do! AND give you ridiculous exposure for your page as well!

Have fun! With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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