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The BIGGEST Topic In Social Media Marketing – why you should be really careful !!!!

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A Farming Industry Business Owner Using Facebook To Grow Their Business! You gotta see this

They DOUBLED their engagement and INCREASED their organic and paid likes by using "non-traditional" methods for their industry!Every single week my client care team gets emails and questions on our Facebook page regarding our products, masterminds and the services we offer. In the top three list of questions we hear is the concern that Facebook might not be relevant or viable for 'their unique business.' You've heard me say it over and over again- there are very few, if any, businesses that can't use Facebook to increase their exposure, attract more clients and close more sales. When Karen wrote me the other day about the business they are in and how our Inner Circle mastermind has changed everything for them, I knew I had to show you guys this story!Excuse me.... they are in the FARMING industry. [...]

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What Chewbacca Mom Taught Every Business Owner About Facebook

If you've been on Facebook in the last week I'm sure you've seen the Chewbacca Mom - the lady with the mask from the Star Wars film and her contagious laughter.So many people were amazed by the joy this lady had and how happy she was just being herself. Now, she's been on TV interviews, got to go visit Facebook's headquarters, and her profile has over 750,000 followers in just 1 week (from no where)! Woohoo! You go girl!There's a huge lesson that every business owner needs to take time - stop what they are doing and pay attention to - you ready?This woman gained the publicity with 1 video on Facebook that takes people year's to build - as well as thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to grow - in an instant [...]

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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

What Makes A Social Media Campaign WorkThe emails are pouring in and the phones are ringing. It's been such an honor to have some large house hold names contact us to assist with their social media marketing and advertising. It also shows me that big brands are starting to really REALLY pay attention to what is going on through social media. People are making their buying decisions by what they see on social media and what their friends say, period.  Research is being done there first. Opinions are being sought there first. If you, as a brand of any size, are not there, you are losing. Period. I love digital media in ANY form! Video, audio, PPC ads, blog posts, social media and more! I've also done so many ad campaigns in my 18 [...]

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