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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

The emails are pouring in and the phones are ringing. It’s been such an honor to have some large house hold names contact us to assist with their social media marketing and advertising. It also shows me that big brands are starting to really REALLY pay attention to what is going on through social media.

People are making their buying decisions by what they see on social media and what their friends say, period.  Research is being done there first. Opinions are being sought there first. If you, as a brand of any size, are not there, you are losing. Period.

I love digital media in ANY form! Video, audio, PPC ads, blog posts, social media and more! I’ve also done so many ad campaigns in my 18 years online my head starts to spin when I even attempt to add them all up.

So how can you use social media for your brand? The #1 question that comes in every single day is this:  What actually makes a social media campaign work?

Now assuming “Work” means it generates money, because that is what most brands want to do with their marketing efforts, our focus would be the end result. But I want to take you to a step where very few marketers ever go to, that if you do go there with me, that not only increases profits but it also causes a brand to be contagious, sticky and in plain English, the one everyone wants to connect with!

The first key is relationship.

We’ve talked about that so often many of you have finished my sentence as I said it. Ironically, very few people are doing it.

If thoughts pertaining to relationship run through your marketing mind like, “How often do I post? What do I have to say? When will I see the money?” I can already tell you’ll have problems. This is very similar to the young man who is going on his first date asking, “When can I hold her hand? Is a kiss ok on the first date? What should I say to make a girl feel good about me?”  When we’re solely focused on the END result and rush into relationships like this, don’t be surprised if ‘brand divorce’ is what happens! People don’t want to feel used or like they are a cheap commodity in your marketing campaign. It’s nothing new….. but it’s something all brands must understand!

Repeat after me- you cannot systematize relationship.

You can schedule some posts ahead of time, I do it everyday. You can make sure you have reminders set on your phone if you run your companies social media marketing so that you remember to check in often, I also do this. But for goodness sakes, can we open our heart first before we open another marketing manual? Caring, really caring, is what makes things ‘work’ through social media. Which leads me to my next point. If your brand has simply ‘thrown someone on your social media campaigns’ who isn’t doing much in house to test it out, don’t even bother! Take your profiles down now!

I’ve been testing some brands out lately. Going to their Facebook pages and Twitter profiles and sending simple messages like, “Hey XYZ Company, how are you guys doing today?” The replies I get are very revealing.

Here’s a list of replies from some major brands I tested on social media:

1. “Good, how are you?” – Wow that sounds about as common stance as “I’m doing fine, you?”  Social media demands more. How about a nice, “We are doing great and hope you are too FIRSTNAME!” Personal. That would be nice.

2. “Great how can I help you?” – No beating around the bush. It’s the friendly way of saying, “Do you need something because I’m busy.” No further comment needed.

3. NOTHING – Yes, there are multiple brands that I posted this to and NO ONE said anything. Nothing. Wow, if I was a high paying customer of this brand you can bet this made me feel so special I’m gonna just run to your store right now and spend a ton of money, more than I typically do! NOT!

4. “Doing awesome Sandi and we LOVE your pink hair!” – This one of course won my heart. It’s personal, it’s kind and they even noticed something about me. I also had some say, “Wow what a pleasure to speak to you. You’re an expert!” Not schmoozing, just kind and complimentary. Another one was ,”Doing great and it’s a pleasure to hear from you today, Sandi!”   Awesome! Made me feel wonderful and it made me want to spend money at their store!

For several years large and even small companies poo-poo’d the whole notion of using social media to build their brand. “It is confusing, takes too much time and what on earth do you say?” is what so many said. “What is the ROI?” is another biggy. The Almighty ROI- Return On Investment.  I dunno. What is the ROI on having a happy cashier VS one who is acting like she has had PMS for 9 years or a guy who acts like he’s so busy ‘what on earth do you need from me’ at your front door? Do we really need to think that through?

What else makes a social media campaign work? Consistency. Don’t be sporadic. Stop posting 9 times in a week because you’re having a promotion and then disappear. When big brands (and even small businesses) do this it shows you honestly don’t care at all. Oh, remember, when you post through social media, everything you write is being cataloged. As a paying customer I can go read your entire feed and see how often you post and what you write. I can see your habit of only writing about promotions. GOTCHA!

A social media campaign that ‘works’ is speaking in my language, not yours. If you keep talking to me like you do in the advertising agency board room I won’t hear you.

The words that run through my head all day long are drowning you out. As a paying customer, I talk to my friends all day long on social media and I rarely talk to people who don’t talk like me. I don’t even feel comfortable talking to people who don’t think like me. (This is the voice of the average consumer and not the thoughts of this writer)  What did you say? I can’t hear you unless you talk the way I do! You want to see how I talk and what is important to me? Well for goodness sakes I’m talking all day long on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon! Don’t you marketing genius’ have any time to watch me? Or are you so busy researching your demographic cycles of ROI that you forgot I even exist?

My friends, Sandi talking again, I’m being sarcastic but please admit, it’s real. It’s happening.

What makes a social media campaign work?

The same thing that makes any store shine in person. Let’s go back to 1950 when we polished our store floors, we made sure the place smelled fresh, we put on clean clothes, had a great haircut, did everything we could to have a smile, a winning attitude and we were genuinely interested in people. That’s it. Over and over again. Real deal.

This generation isn’t buying into the old school advertising agency nonsense anymore. They talk to their friends all day long and they pursue things to LIKE more than 4.6 BILLION times PER DAY on Facebook!

Learn to like them and they’ll like you back. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


Why I Built My Facebook Page With Over 1 Million Highly Targeted Followers EXACTLY Like I Build Email Lists (HOW we see 300-400% ROI on our sales on our FB page!)

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Why I Built My Facebook Page With Over 1 Million Highly Targeted Followers EXACTLY Like I Build Email Lists (HOW we see 300-400% ROI on our sales on our FB page!)

Many people don’t understand HOW we get 300-400% RETURN on our investment on my Facebook page. Well, I never built my page like the rest of the marketers out there. I built it like I have been building EMAIL LISTS for over 20 years!

Listen in LIVE as I share how I did this, why it was so inexpensive to do and HOW to get ridiculous ROI on your FB page efforts! 


How To Lower Your Cost Per Click And Increase The Response Of Your Facebook Ads

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Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.51.21 AM

Before we get started and I jump into this article, let me tell you what my background is, my past experience and WHY the tips I am going to share with you today, will work. I built my very first business online just a little over 20 years ago. That was when Google first started, and the only way to really get traffic to your website, outside of commercials, magazine ads and other very expensive methods, was to buy pay per click PPC ads, and drive traffic to the things you were promoting. Let me just say this: PPC has come a long way. Back in the early days of PPC and banner ads, we targeted keywords that people were typing into the search engines that related to our products or services. We targeted people who went to similar websites, bought similar items and had a proven track record of using specific keywords. It was much easier.

I am going to share with you in this article how I get great conversion, how I built a page with over 1.2 million people and have more than 45%  of those people are engaging with me daily. LISTEN UP Ya’ll…. I’m also going to show you how to DATA MINED my way to huge success and profits but studying other business owners on other platforms and targeting all of the people who were already interacting with them but were being IGNORED on Facebook. Heeheehee I’m smart. I know. AND we reach over 3.6 MILLION PEOPLE per week! Keep listening… 

 Facebook Marketing For Business

In a social media world traditional direct response marketing and PPC advertising will not work. You CAN NOT target simple keywords or hashtags and traditional demographics and expect to get the same results that you were on Google or other PPC platforms. This is why I teach the BEST method to use with social media is the following:

Step One: Facebook ads with the original offer

Step Two: Google ads for the remarketing ads to follow the prospect all over the internet

Step Three:  Facebook ads for remarketing ads to additionally follow the prospect all over the Facebook platform

But if you use traditional direct response marketing on a social media platform like Facebook, it won’t work.  I want to share with you what WILL work and WHY we have historic conversions on this platform. After spending over $1.4 million dollars through Facebook ads and generating more than $8.9 MILLION dollars in sales (that’s an insane ROI if I might say so myself) I’ve learned a few things about how to lower your ad spend, get higher click through ratios and create more engagement on the ad to increase the response. 

Facebook Ads How To Lower Your Cost Per ClickHere’s just a small example of what I’m talking about. We spent $34,000 and did $418,000 in sales. Crazy, huh? But we did NOT use traditional direct response demographic targeting. We didn’t use traditional PPC ad keyword searches and we most definitely DID NOT do what most social media marketers are teaching. I’d like to show you what we did do and how YOU can lower your cost per clicks fast and increase response and conversion. 

Three Steps To Lowering Your Cost Per Click and Increasing Conversions

1- Lowering Cost Per Click: People write me all the time and say something like this, “OMG! This ad I have was creating 300-400 likes per day at just $15 per day. It was amazing. Then all of a sudden the costs goes up! What the heck is Facebook doing?!?! Did they change their algorithm? Is anyone ELSE seeing this happen?! I didn’t touch the ad. WHY is it now costing me twice as much and I am only getting 100 likes per day?!?! Someone help!”  

Has this happened to you? Where you have a great ad, highly targeted, where thousands of new people are liking your page and engaging with you and then BAM! the ad starts diving? Let me tell you why. The #1 thing that causes this is NOT Facebook changing their algorithm like people say.

It’s the unique dynamics of the social media world, first and foremost. Facebook is a marketing firm at it’s core, driven by COMMUNITY and content. We are advertisers who are asking for permission and paying to put OUR content- our products and services, in the middle of this community. SO pay attention…. 

Initially, your great ‘like’ ad was excellent content, people were engaging with it and your directive was happening ie. you were getting a lot of highly targeted likes to the page. So, Facebook, as a good marketing firm, charges you very little, because they can produce a LOT of engagement and likes for very little effort, which is what you HIRED them to do. But then, because people have a lot of content in their feed, they saw one too many cat videos, they had a bad day, Facebook starts showing it to new people, the trends on the platform change and a hundred other ORGANIC FEATURES of the culture of this platform, things change, and fewer people are engaging and Facebook has to work twice as hard to get the same result on your ad and content so they are going to charge YOU twice as much!

Your ad spend goes up, the results start going down and the war begins. Trust me, it’s not Facebook’s algorithms. It’s your content, the nature of the social media platform, a ton of stuff in people’s feed and well, it’s TIME to write a new ad. So what! Get over it! Don’t write a gnarly post on your profile, complain about Mark Z, find some social media influencer who will listen to you and write a bitchy letter to Facebooks Ad team. Just change your ad, for crying out loud. It’s the nature of this platform. It’s gonna change daily. It is DRIVEN by people and content (community), not Facebook. So go create another ad, target new highly targeted people with the tips I teach in my Facebook Ads 2.0 class, drive traffic to micro-niches just like I teach, and go get great results again.  

When we do an ad in a magazine, we never see people getting disinterested. We don’t see them looking at other ads, other magazines, other content. We simply do not see that entire process. ALL we see is the traffic coming to our website, or our phone line or whatever else we create a DIRECT RESPONSE TO. This is direct response marketing at it’s core. We place an ad, put it in front of highly targeted people and hope the content gets a big direct response to whatever we are driving it to. BUT……. and this is a big but, so pay attention... on Facebook, the content changes a lot. People’s mood change. Their interests change. The trending news that people are sending about this topic and that cat video and this presidential election and that celebrity CHANGE hourly and because of THAT FACT, we, as wise marketers, must be willing to change our content. 

I write several ads per week. Some will create great results for months! Others will create a result that lasts about a week. I will then do this simple step:

  • Change price
  • Change photo
  • Change headline slightly (50%)
  • Change targeting

If these steps don’t cause my price to go back down and the response back up, I write a NEW AD. I go into FanPageKarma and find some more micro-niches and write a new ad and it works! The price goes down. So when your ad starts to bomb, don’t blame Facebook, just go put that EXACT SAME AD in front of new people and you’ll get GREAT response again. It’s that simple. Quit getting so emotionally attached to your ad spend and go get results, for crying out loud! :) Love you, I mean it.

2- Increase Response- Now, after you’ve read all of this, remember that the content is changing a LOT so we as wise advertisers can NOT put ads in the feed that look like commercial pitches. We have to create ads that have more ‘organic’ appeal to them and feel like friend’s posts and relationship-style content. We have to have photos of people that our highly targeted audiences can relate to, that are more natural!  Then, when that ad goes in their feed, they will respond to it, most times, without much thought. YAY!!!

This is WHY your ad cannot have a photo of your product, your result, and your store! We want to see PEOPLE and it is going to convert much higher and get better response if we use photos of the kind of people our product and service help. Test it out yourself. Do an ad with your product showing AND do the exact same ad, to the exact same people, with a picture of the kind of people it will help. Get some stock images of real live people having a great time and use that photo. WATCH what happens to your response.

It’s one of my TOP 3 SECRETS I have never really shared before. When I use real-live images of people who look real, my ad converts at a rate of about 60% more. It’s crazy, I know! But it makes sense when we think about it. People see selfies all day long, and their friends content. So when I post an ad with a more natural looking person in a great environment that people can relate to, real life images, like families at dinner tables, and people walking on a side walk, or Moms in the middle of the store with their kids, or people at work laughing and texting on their cell phone, the ad conversion goes WAY UP.

3- Micro-niches will win every single time! Here’s a big tip for my small business owners. In my Facebook Ads 2.0 class I show you step-by-step how to target to micro-niches that have less than 100k followers. We start with the highest- converting target market and we go down to about 5-10 micro-niches. When we do that the response goes way UP and our ad cost goes way DOWN because Facebook can get a lot of interaction with those target markets. 

But here’s a big tip I’ve never shared before. Go to InstaGram or Twitter in FanPageKarma and find a page that is having RIDICULOUS response. When you find this person or company or whoever it is, then find the pages they are connected to on Facebook through Audience Insights. (You’ll find this under tools in the Facebook Ad Manager like I taught in my 2.0 class.)  THEN…… find the small pages that these people connect to. It’s crazy, my friends! HOW EASY this is.

  • Find the highly converting person or page on InstaGram or Twitter
  • Then find the same page on Facebook
  • Find smaller pages the EXACT same people who are interacting with this person on InstaGram or Twitter connect with on the Facebook platform
  • Then micro-niche down to about 25k-50k with 5-8 pages
  • Then drive your ads to THAT group of people

You’ll get RIDICULOUS results with this. The method I just mentioned is how we get great response with my new apparel store Today’s Mood. We find the rockstars on InstaGram and then target their followers on Facebook because so many boutiques and clothing companies are flat-out IGNORING them on Facebook.

Hint Hint. This is EXACTLY WHAT I DID with social media influencers and small business owners. Smart, huh? It worked! These social media influencers have been ignoring Facebook for so long and their highly-interactive BUYING clients are on that platform daily talking to everyone, so it was super easy for me to target them and sell millions of dollars in products to them.

It’s not hard my friends, but you gotta stop blaming Facebook for your poorly converting ads and high ad costs. It’s your content, your targeting and your photos. I give you some RIDICULOUS advice you should have paid for in this article that is for free. If you want more of this kind of training and want to build the business of your dreams with less than $15 per day in ad spend, get my Facebook Ads 2.0 class TODAY!!! If you are in direct sales …. listen up!

If you’re in a direct sales or network marketing business I have a special offer for you!! BUY 1- Share 1!!! Right now, through March 3rd, you can buy my BEST SELLING “Facebook Pages For Direct Sales” class that has helped over 65,000 people for 50% OFF! But that’s not all! You can also SHARE it with a friend, for free! Yup! You read that right. I’ll send you a link to share with one new team member!

Facebook Ads are a dream come true for small business owners. Go get some great results with this teaching and then run to my Facebook page and tell me about your results! I’d love to feature you to our over 3 million clients, on my blog and in email as well.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski