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Behind closed doors of our exclusive Inner Circle Coaching Mastermind (you might want to take notes because I may never do this on Facebook live again)

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WHY Your Business Is Failing And You Are Broke!

 Hey!Most business trainers will constantly focus on what they can do for you, what you can accomplish and how to get there.  HOWEVER, the bottom line is- if you've never gotten there before and everything you've applied is still leaving you lacking, and nothing is working than someone will need to walk you through what makes you BROKE (lacking money, impoverished and struggling financially in business) and why your business isn't prospering. I want to be that person!If you don't have highly targeted clients on your email list and your social media following AND on your blog, every single day..... you're going to be broke and your business will fail. Unless of course you've got somebody giving you a big endorsement or a TV spot, but most of you don't have that! Neither do I! So what we [...]

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The BIGGEST Topic In Social Media Marketing – why you should be really careful !!!!

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A Farming Industry Business Owner Using Facebook To Grow Their Business! You gotta see this

They DOUBLED their engagement and INCREASED their organic and paid likes by using "non-traditional" methods for their industry!Every single week my client care team gets emails and questions on our Facebook page regarding our products, masterminds and the services we offer. In the top three list of questions we hear is the concern that Facebook might not be relevant or viable for 'their unique business.' You've heard me say it over and over again- there are very few, if any, businesses that can't use Facebook to increase their exposure, attract more clients and close more sales. When Karen wrote me the other day about the business they are in and how our Inner Circle mastermind has changed everything for them, I knew I had to show you guys this story!Excuse me.... they are in the FARMING industry. [...]

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