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How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week?

How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week? The culture of social media is a marketers dream. But ironically not every company who becomes active on the social media platform see results. What if you could see 54,975 sharing your products and services every single week? The picture above shows our Facebook page. It took 16 months to build such a culture. This is one weeks time. 370,543 post clicks in 7 days. That my friends is a marketers dream! Here are three strategies you can implement today for your business or ministry: 1. Be very consistent and regular with content posting. People have argued with me over and over again about this one. But the truth of the matter is this- when we started posting every single hour [...]

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Why Would ANYONE Want To Talk To Me?

Why Would ANYONE Want To Talk To Me? I get up in the morning, drink my coffee, check my Twitter feed and how many people have joined my Facebook page. My puppy sits at my feet while my 21 lb ragdoll cat yawns on top of my printer. Pretty same every morning. Talking to God about what is going on, via the social media world. Real people. Real lives. So why would anyone want to talk to me? It’s amazing what happens when you give people a chance to voice their opinion. 4.6 BILLION times per day people click on the “Like” button on Facebook. 400 million tweets per day. Every 24 hours. The world is talking. I remember the first time I sat at my desk and was at a loss for what [...]

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It’s REAL Time!

It’s REAL Time! Someone just said something stupid on television. A singer is performing and they cough mid-song. An athlete collapses on the field. A 12 year old has a gun at a preschool. The wind just kicked up to 90 mph out of no where, with no warning in Joplin. Someone just tweeted about Obama and the FBI showed up at their front door. Whitney Houston is possibly dead. Real time. Right when it happens. For years journalists have raced through weather, crowds, without sleep, not even sure where they are going but knowing a story is breaking and they must chase it. The prize was given to the one who could report quickly, as it happened. The plane just crashed, who will arrive at the scene first to give first-hand information. Now, [...]

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“WHY Facebook Is The #1 Platform For This Generation”

  "WHY Facebook Is The #1 Platform For This Generation"  In today's episode of ARealChange.TV I'm sharing a full training session I just did in my Inner Circle coaching program. BE FOREWARNED: This is raw, it's real and it's READY to give you very strategic methods you can use today to grow your client reach. Are you doing direct mail? Do you ever do phone prospecting, post card mailings, lead generation from your blog? Let me show you WHY and HOW Facebook is outpacing ALL of these methods of marketing and why it's imperative that ANYONE with any message get very good at Facebook marketing. Real time statistics, daily connection, instant feedback and data... it's a marketers dream! Watch this 20 minute training now and BE SURE you have a pen and paper ready! [...]

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