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From single Mom living on $5k a year to building multi-million dollar businesses! Do I believe anyone can do this? The answer will SHOCK you!

OMGoodness!!! WHO is that?!!!! It's me! When I was a single Mommy living on $5k a year and praying for a better life with my oldest son my sweet Jeremy!Life has changed so much since then! But single mommies and daddies will forever hold a special place in my heart. God has blessed me so much and given me so much to share with the world.People ask me all the time if I believe anyone can do what I did?As a matter of fact, my answer was SO SHOCKING that when I did a video about it last night it went viral.I'm not a 'dream catcher' or someone who chases fantasies.  I give the cold-hard facts of what it takes to succeed and WHY some people are going to fail. If you want to know [...]

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How I Built My First MultiMillion Dollar Online Store From My Kitchen Table

It all happened here! I built my very first kitchenware business from my kitchen table at home! Listen as I share how I made my first million dollars and why YOU need to be a part of my upcoming class 12 Weeks To Your Own Retail Store!  http://www.12WeeksYourStore.com Watch this 3 minute video NOW!    

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You Have No Idea WHO Is Watching You!

You Have No Idea WHO Is Watching You! As you are staying true to your passion, creating your videos, serving your clients and answering questions on social media... don't be surprised when the voice of doom comes wandering into the room and says something like, "What is all this for?" The translation of the broadcast can throw quite a damper on your light filled day if you're not careful. For Resistance knows how to bring a shadow and hides in the same. Little did you know, that on the other side of the computer, or smartphone or maybe it's a pad device is an upper level executive who is really needing your inspiration, answers and insights, but just hasn't written you yet to ask. It doesn't matter how big your Facebook page may be [...]

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How To Make Your First Million Dollars Online

​ How To Make Your First Million Dollars Online If you are SERIOUS about building a business online, RESEARCH YOUR CLIENT. Live where they live online, pay attention to how they talk, tune your ear in to what they are saying MORE than you study how to say the right things so you can make money. Service and listening and paying attention is a successful business plan. Far too many wannabe entrepreneurs have been completed 'duped' by marketers who teach so many marketing strategies that are so over their head.... and before you know it, all they obsess about is ROI, Click Thru Rate, Call To Action and more. I'm a professional copywriter and marketer. I've written copy and made a ton of money with it for myself and my clients for 18 years. [...]

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