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50% OFF For 5 Days Only!

50% OFF OUR TWO OF OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCTS FOR 5 DAYS!   If you would have told me 4 years ago that we'd be serving more than 1 million clients in such a short period of time, to be honest, I would have thought such a thing was completely impossible.   Sure, I've grown big companies before, in a very short period of time, but nothing like we've seen in the last 4 years at A Real Change International, Inc. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart.   I remember what it was like to peel myself out of debt, watch where every penny goes, learn new skills and even take classes late at night. Studying into the wee hours of the morning so I could move my goals and [...]

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Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi?

Does Your System Work In Direct Sales, Sandi? Does our system work for direct sales? WOW!!!                       Ask Rochelle Griffin - she got RID of her phone calls, constantly on the phone, talking by email, running around the country to do meetings & 90 hours per week. Went to 30 hours per week, working through social media. After 10 months her income went from $180k per year (90 hrs per week) to $400k per year (30 hrs per week) and she just PROMOTED to the next level in her company!   WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! GO ROCHELLE GO!!!    YOUR next step is below.   With love, Sandi Krakowski We encourage you to start with Sandi's FREE 30-Day Blogging course. This will give you an overview of WHY [...]

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Creating Jobs And Impacting Others Through Business

​Creating Jobs And Impacting Others Through Business By: Sandi Krakowski I'd like to challenge you today to look beyond your own situation and circumstances and seriously consider what you could do to change the lives of people who need a job. What if you began to think beyond your own desires and began to create into your business plan a map and a strategy so you could give others a chance for wealth too? Let's go beyond vacations, bigger cars ....and let's look at a BIGGER reason for creating wealth- creating jobs. When you have the power to create wealth you are also given the power to create jobs. But it will demand that you get beyond your own limitations so that others can get beyond theirs. Imagine adding $ 5000 per month to [...]

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Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus

Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus   By: Sandi Krakowski My body hurt. I'd done my time, the body fat was below 4% and the workouts had paid off. No carbs had entered my body for more than 10 days and the lack of water had created the final 'sharp edge' I needed. Walking on stage that day, in the Mount Pleasant Body Building Championship, I knew that my dreams had come true. Overcoming every mind game and trick, forcing my body beyond it's own emotions and feelings, it had obeyed and gone beyond all of my expectations. My tan, lean and ripped body became my trophy and I'd earn a huge one at the end of the day. Ribbons placed around my neck for the best arms, most ripped abs and biggest [...]