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BIG Copywriting Tip For Facebook Ads & Your Sales Pages

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How To Write Better Headlines And Ads (and GET THE CREDIT CARD!)

The bottom line of every business is closing business. Even if you love your business, it’s driven by passion and you want to help people, at the end of the day, if you don’t close business (have money going into your bank account) you’re going to have to CLOSE your business soon! Operating like a “non-profit” is not a good sign for a business. Even non-profits have to bring in donations, sponsors and money to keep their doors open!

One of the biggest things you can do for your business is learn how to write better headlines, ads and call to actions. The best website, email campaign, YouTube video, Facebook page and even the best InstaGram following isn’t going to add up to much IF you can’t write a great headline that causes people to jump OUT of the seat, grab their credit card and start entering THEIR numbers into YOUR shopping cart. It could make you feel super popular, envied and great about yourself, but you won’t be paying off any debt, supporting missions you believe in OR going on any dream vacations if you can’t close sales!

4 Closely Guarded Secrets For Magnetic Copywriting:

1- Speak to ME about what I want and not about your product. When you write a Facebook ad, rather than saying, “Buy The Best Tasting Shake Thousands Of People Love!” tell me about what I WANT with an ad that says something like this, “Stop Laying Down To Put Your Jeans On! One Shake Per Day Makes The Fat Go Away!” or something like this, “Those Skinny Jeans Are Calling Your Name! One Shake Per Day & You’ll Be There In No Time!”

So many small business owners love their product or service so much they just HAVE to talk about it. But can you imagine if I sold you my Facebook Ads class and said that it was filmed on the best video platform so you could play it anytime day or night and it has the best HD color and it will be filled with all kinds of things you’ve been hoping and praying for! You might be curious, but I’m not gonna get that credit card until I say, “It’s going to show you how to cut your ad costs in half and bypass all of the long steps most marketers take to higher conversions! Use dark posts to get your competitors customers buying your products without them even knowing it!”  NOW I got your attention. You want money, you want short cuts, you want your competitors customers and you want them NOW!  See what I mean? Speak to me about what I want and you’ll get my credit card.

2- Use a photo I can relate to and stop showing me your product!  When doing Facebook ads and to be honest with you, even sales pages, focusing on the product, what the product does and how pretty the product is really doesn’t work. It might have grabbed your attention on an infomercial, but remember, that same infomercial also told you stories and stories and more stories you could relate to and before you knew it, even against your better judgment, you took your credit card out!

So when you write a Facebook ad, create your next sales page and send out your next email campaign, try using a photo that shows the people your product or service will help. When we did our Facebook Ad class I didn’t use photos of the FB ad manager. NOPE! I used photos of small business owners and made over $348,000 in just 60 days! When we marketed our Twitter for Business class we didn’t focus on the blue bird or all the Twitter logos! NOPE! We focused on the small business owner who was struggling to figure out what the HECK Twitter was about! $58,987 in under 2 weeks!  When we can ‘see ourselves’ in the ad, it’s just as powerful as hearing story after story on an informercial. Later on down your sales page, feel free to show me your product, tell me more stories and go into more details. But remember: Facts tell and stories sell so SHOW ME someone I can relate to in your ad and you’ll get my credit card!

3- Speak in words I can relate to and not your cultish brand ideals! So many people get super excited when they start a small business and they want to create something ‘ultra unique’ that identifies who they are and what they do. In this process, they set out to create ‘buzz words’ and phrases that will uniquely identify who they are. Sadly, this is driving a lot of business AWAY from the new business. Most of the buzz words I hear are completely irrelevant and make me want to ask the question, “What the heck does that mean anyways?” If your customer is asking this question, YOU are in trouble and you will not get the credit card!

Use words that they are already using! Read comments and testimonials on Amazon about similar products, or about books written for your niche! Pay attention to the praises and positive feedback the customers in your niche are giving to your competitors. Then FLIP THAT ON THEM: Mirror it back to them in your headline and you will close more sales and you will get the credit card! Say back to people what they are already saying. It’s Sales 101. It still works on social media!

I hope these tips help you when you’re writing ads.

Remember, TEST don’t guess. Do tests. Try different options! Don’t guess your way through! I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years now. I wrote my very first Pay Per Click ad for LinkShare and Overture before GOOGLE was even created. So I’ve been around the block so many times you can see my footprints. A lot of people give me their credit card heeheehee! AND… I’ve had the honor of pouring into a lot of missions that mean the world to me!

Trust me, these tips will work. I look forward to seeing the results you get!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


Don’t miss this key factor in success online!

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SOS Plan For Struggling Businesses

 Don't miss this key factor in success online!

Years ago if you started a business, you'd have to get a building, a phone line, liability insurance and other things that many online business owners don't even think about! But let me break it to you- just because it's super easy to set up a business online doesn't mean it's going to be SUPER easy to make a business profitable.

In today's episode I'm sharing with you THREE critical things you don't want to be without if you are serious about being successful in your online business. 

PLEASE NOTE: These three things come after finding something that you know will sell, the market is demanding and you are convinced will solve an urgent, pressing problem. Here's my focus today-I'm seeing 'super casual' rise up all over the place and people thinking they can drink Strawberry Daiquiris on the beach all day while they profit! Sure, you can profit while you sleep but you CANNOT just work whenever you feel like it. 

I think you'll be shocked at what these three things are!  Let's watch NOW!

How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week?

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Facebook Marketing

How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week?

The culture of social media is a marketers dream. But ironically not every company who becomes active on the social media platform see results.

What if you could see 54,975 sharing your products and services every single week? The picture above shows our Facebook page. It took 16 months to build such a culture. This is one weeks time. 370,543 post clicks in 7 days. That my friends is a marketers dream!

Here are three strategies you can implement today for your business or ministry:

1. Be very consistent and regular with content posting. People have argued with me over and over again about this one. But the truth of the matter is this- when we started posting every single hour on our page, over 12 hours, 7 days per week, not only did our engagement go through the roof, so did our sales. Don't be like a 'fly by night' doing this sporadically or only when you have something to sell. Be consistent every single day and people will come back to your page regularly to have relationship with you.

2. Make no more than 15% of your content on the page what you sell. Relationship is key. People are tired of feeling prostituted and they don't want to come to your page to hear about your product over and over and over again. For those of you who want to argue this all I have to say is check the page shares I have above and I rest my case. Our profits have quadrupled in 16 months. Relationship is what people come to social media for. Pay attention, please. 

3. Pictures aren't the only thing that convert on Facebook. A lot of Facebook Marketers have convinced the masses that pictures convert the best, so be sure you're using pictures. Yes, that is true. But CONTENT that converts is content that the audience wants. CONTENT that they love is why they come back day after day. CONTENT that they enjoy and will read is what they SHARE. Check out this photo below. While we do see a lot of engagement on the page with photos, we also see that regular, consistent content that is ON TARGET to my ideal client is what increases engagement long term.

Sandi Krakowski Facebook Marketing Expert

For years magazines, radio show hosts and TV stations have known this to be true. If they had commercials and pitching 60% of the time, they would have HORRIBLE ratings. People want the show- the content. They want the issue- the content. Magazines that are 60% ads DO NOT SELL. Apply that to social media and your profits will go way up.

More than 4.6 BILLION times per day people click the "Like" button on Facebook and it's not because the ads they see are changing their life. It's the content. Be in the middle of that as a company or ministry and you'll be unstoppable.

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski