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Behind closed doors of our exclusive Inner Circle Coaching Mastermind (you might want to take notes because I may never do this on Facebook live again)

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BIG Copywriting Tip For Facebook Ads & Your Sales Pages

How To Write Better Headlines And Ads (and GET THE CREDIT CARD!)The bottom line of every business is closing business. Even if you love your business, it's driven by passion and you want to help people, at the end of the day, if you don't close business (have money going into your bank account) you're going to have to CLOSE your business soon! Operating like a "non-profit" is not a good sign for a business. Even non-profits have to bring in donations, sponsors and money to keep their doors open!One of the biggest things you can do for your business is learn how to write better headlines, ads and call to actions. The best website, email campaign, YouTube video, Facebook page and even the best InstaGram following isn't going to add up to much IF [...]

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Don’t miss this key factor in success online!

 Don't miss this key factor in success online! Years ago if you started a business, you'd have to get a building, a phone line, liability insurance and other things that many online business owners don't even think about! But let me break it to you- just because it's super easy to set up a business online doesn't mean it's going to be SUPER easy to make a business profitable. In today's episode I'm sharing with you THREE critical things you don't want to be without if you are serious about being successful in your online business.  PLEASE NOTE: These three things come after finding something that you know will sell, the market is demanding and you are convinced will solve an urgent, pressing problem. Here's my focus today-I'm seeing 'super casual' rise up all over the place [...]

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How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week?

How Would You Like 54,975 People Sharing Your Content & Products Every Week? The culture of social media is a marketers dream. But ironically not every company who becomes active on the social media platform see results. What if you could see 54,975 sharing your products and services every single week? The picture above shows our Facebook page. It took 16 months to build such a culture. This is one weeks time. 370,543 post clicks in 7 days. That my friends is a marketers dream! Here are three strategies you can implement today for your business or ministry: 1. Be very consistent and regular with content posting. People have argued with me over and over again about this one. But the truth of the matter is this- when we started posting every single hour [...]

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