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Will This Work? Jumping In With Both Feet As A New Business Owner

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Will This Work?

 Jumping In With Both Feet As A New Business Owner

By: Sandi Krakowski


When we start a new business so many questions can run through our mind. Things like: 

“Will this work?”

“Is this something I can make money on?”

“Should I be doing this?”

…..are just a small sampling of the common questions that can plague the new business owner. Imagine if you will, that there is a coach who knows everything. They can just look at an idea and know if it will fly. Let’s say there is such a coach who anyone can bring their their business plans to. This person is able to tell others, “Yes that will work and be very profitable” or “No that’s a failing idea and that won’t work at all.” Such a coach, if there was one, would dominate the marketplace and be the “Go To” person of all business owners. Rest assured, there isn’t such a person. No one knows what can work or not work, what will be profitable and what will not just by reviewing documents and ideas from beginning business owners. 

Back in reality however, there are a few things every new business owner must take into consideration before putting their eggs into one basket believing their great business idea is going to build millions-

1. Market Research– it’s so important to know the climate where you wish to launch your business. Here’s a big key- is it being done by someone else already? If it’s not, there’s a very good reason for that. Because it won’t work! You want to find successful and profitable business models and then add your unique attributes and ‘spin’ to things. This is how you come up with a million dollar idea. Do something others have done but do it so uniquely YOU go farther! 

Let’s say you want to sell lambswool baby rugs for inside of a crib. My son had one of these as a little guy and it was very beneficial to him. It helped him sleep longer, have less tummy issues and he grew up loving it even late into life. Today, he even has a lambswool pillow case!

Begin doing research on where these lambswool items are being currently sold. Look at all the websites you can find. Do research that leaves no stone unturned. (like hours worth, not just one day!) Become so familiar with what is out in the marketplace with your perspective niche that you can tell the pros and cons in your field. 

Who is the best? What are the mistakes people are making? What are customers asking for? This can lead you to something very unique. Find the need that people have and if it’s within your ability to do so, fill it. Give an excellent experience with the purchase. Offer incredible customer service. Really care about your customers. This my friends is what a good business is made up of. 

2. Current Demand – Can you fix a problem and do it in such a unique way that everyone wants to be a part of it? Take fitness, for example.

Fitness is common, right? But dancing and doing choreographed kickboxing moves are not! Chalene Johnson has created many videos and DVD’s that BeachBody sells all over the world. She took a common thing- fitness and dance and created an uncommon solution. It’s fun and people love doing it! (Including yours truly!) 

Here’s another one- Teaching people how to blog, use WordPress and build a website with a small budget is not uncommon. But most of the current training venues out there, courses, books, DVD’s and videos, are all full of ‘geek speak’ that confuse people half to death!  We decided to “KISS- Keep It Simple Silly!” and have been hugely successful with our step-by-step courses that range from WordPress, to Web Copywriting, to Email Marketing and more. Growing a business with more than 80,000 clients in under 9 months we started and that later grew to over 1.8 million clients PROVES it was an ‘in demand and a unique offering’ people love!

3. Financial Considerations– It makes me very concerned when people purchase training courses and business opportunity kits like they do a lottery ticket. Now I’ve built businesses and pulled myself out of massive debt, but this is different. Making a decision to buy a business opportunity so that you can work hard real fast and pay off your past due bills is really not wise if you’ve never run a business before… or worse yet know nothing about business.

Learning to develop your marketing skills, write amazing copy, how to speak to your ideal client, write a blog and market any product is more important than anything else you could learn.

It’s going to take some money to learn marketing and start a business, so be prepared to invest some money. But if you put your marketing training above anything else it has been my experience that people begin to earn a profit MUCH more quickly than if you put it last. 

 Many new business owners get so caught up in the idea phase of business they forget that more important in all of your business building activities is Marketing. Even a ‘brilliant’ idea can fail if marketing is not done correctly. Sometimes a ‘not so good’ product can do well when marketing is done amazingly!

This is one of the biggest reasons why I created my entry level of our Inner Circle Mastermind, where the focus  of our program is marketing. It’s not a website assessment, audit, counseling session for dreams or hand holding to creating new ideas- it’s a strategic step by step online marketing mentorship putting into the hands of a beginner the keys they need to market and be successful online, QUICKLY.

When we understand what it takes to get a website up and running, how to craft a great opt in offer, write auto responders that build rapport and connect for us with our prospective clients 24/7, write newsletters, create amazing sales page and set up a shopping cart- the reality is this- we’ve now covered the hardest part that so many people miss. Finding the right product or service is actually much easier!

When we get our marketing in order, and we we learn how to launch something into the marketplace, find our ideal client, create a tight-knit growing list, offer and message, than the issue becomes, “What do we sell?”  Far too many times people spend most of their time in product development phase and they present something to the marketplace without any marketing abilities or without even knowing if the market wants what they have. Worse yet, they have NO ONE to sell to.

“Will this work?”  It’s the question every business owner asks themselves. A better question would be, “Do I know how to market this?” Now that you know what to begin in your online business career, finding the ideal product and service will be a lot easier. Because a big part of marketing is finding your ideal client and everything they need.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski









How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures

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Six years ago Karen sold an eBook to the tune of $50,000 per year. It’s an internet marketer’s dream come true, making a full time income selling one product, online. But then something happened, and it not only robbed her of her dream, it robbed her of her courage, determination and self-awareness.

Karen was in my Inner Circle class last month when I asked for people to start submitting their applications to have me review their business. The plan was simple- I’ll pick 2-3 people every single month, review their business, and tell them what I would do if I owned the company, giving specific steps they need to take to double (or triple) their income, and revealing where their problems were. As an Angel Investor, I’m pouring my hard earned money into small businesses. There is STRICT criteria for the businesses I invest into. I’m looking for marketable products, people who are already making great money and are stuck, and can’t grow from there. These same methods I’m using to decide who to invest into, are being used in my Inner Circle, as I show what really makes a business succeed. 

Everyone was super excited when I told Karen that I could teach her how to make 6-7 figures with her business, if she had already been making $50,000 per year selling eBooks. This is not only a great income for anyone, but it demonstrated she has the skillset and wherewithal to build a successful small business online. The thing that shocked me is she walked away from it, and is now ‘struggling’ and ‘trying’ to build another business. She’s not happy, her website shows it, and she didn’t even realize that her choices sabotaged her success and made her sink into a pit of not only doubting herself, but thinking it was all a fantasy, the success she had experienced. She even told me she thought it was all ‘luck’ and THIS must be the reason she was having so much trouble now.

I have to warn you, I am HEAVY HITTING NO HOLDS BACK on this video. I give it to Karen STRAIGHT UP. Now listen, Karen knows I love her, I honor her and there is no going into this consultation with a need for me to reassure Karen I’m not upset with her, or that she has to ‘please’ me and for some reason she hasn’t. There’s NONE of these dysfunctions and codependent stuff going on. By the way, I see A LOT of this kind of thing in groups and forums online. But in this case, Karen knows I have her best interest in my heart, and I have less than 15 minutes to pull her OUT of the pit, wipe off her boots, give it to her straight and get her making money again.

How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures


So when you watch this, realize….. I was so shocked by what Karen was doing, I might sound like I’m upset. But I’m not. I was thinking of the hundreds of thousands of small business owners I meet every single day who are HOLDING themselves back just like Karen was. Listen, I’m a business owner. Not someone looking for popularity or to make people love me. These people need help and I HAVE their answers. AS I am giving Karen this consultation (that is on the video below) I’m THINKING of all of my readers, small business coaching clients, people on my social media profiles and more who I have met, who could be living the dream life, making six figures but sadly, they sit in a pit holding themselves back. Some in self pity, others buying into the lie that they ‘don’t know where to start’ and others still looking for their ‘big idea.’

When Karen saw my review, she not only cried, she laughed! Real hard! Because this is not only exactly what she needed, this is what she’s been praying for! AND…… she’s on her way to six figures. Using her skill. At least that is what she told me. I pray she is. I see too many people who don’t do this. THAT is why I created the Inner Circle Mastermind and Coaching group where we can help hold people accountable, give them the exact steps they need, and every month they can watch me do this with 2-3 other businesses. They can also get their questions answered on our Q & A day and meet with me in a live webinar! This is not a group where a ton of people are asking a bazillion questions and people who haven’t even made six figures yet are giving them answers that are totally wrong. NO.. this is a group of serious minded entrepreneurs who are making things happen. AND it’s only $47. ridiculous, I know. ….  (For more info on the Inner Circle go here)

I decided to let all of you see just ONE of the three consultations and reviews I did this month. I hope this pulls some of you out of the pit and helps you to go make your eBooks, videos and courses so you too can make more money. Your business can be the absolute answer you need to get out of debt, start taking vacations, pouring money into worthy causes and lay your head on your pillow at night knowing THIS IS your life, and no one can take it away from you.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


How To Use The Social Media GPS Affiliate Program (and Just Say NO To Pimping)

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How To Use The Social Media GPS Affiliate Program

(and Just Say NO To Pimping)

with Jeremy Krakowski, A Real Change Media Director & Affiliate Manager


We launched the A Real Change Social Media GPS Affiliate program a few weeks ago and already have over 250 affiliates registered and promoting our event! But before I really share anymore about that I want to cover a few things (and that's what this video is for).

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 3.44.01 PM

At A Real Change, we don't ever want to become an "Affiliate Farm", and what that means is we don't want our profits coming from people "pimping out" our products. What this means is, having 100s of affiliates just pitching back and forth our products to get thier products and offering deals and a "ill scratch your back, if you scratch mine, let's all just make alot of money and never help anybody" type of relationship! I'm sorry if that gets me some hatemail, but that's crap.

We thought long and hard about this and offering an affiliate program for the Social Media GPS Virtual Summit and the reason we decided to do so was because this information is so valuable about how to use Social Media in 2014 to grow your business, that we wanted as many people as possible to hear this information and to help compensate those who bring us business by offering a sales-based commission to affiliates.

We aren't doing any other affiliate programs, and probably won't ever offer another affiliate program like this in the future, but it's something that we wanted to do for this event only, not because we needed to make more money, but because we wanted to help as many people as possible and help you out for sharing this information with those that you know!

That being said, I also wanted to bring my previous experience with affiliate marketing (which I no longer do as my source of income, but have in the past). Back in 2009 I was able to generate over $500,000 in affiliate commissions from my apartment (about $200,00 in profit), and I found the best form of affiliate marketing to be the sale for commission type. It's the least "sleezy" type of affiliate marketing because your actually providing something valuable for your compensation, and so I'm bringing my previous experience to the table and set up this Affiliate Program for every one of our clients to use!

That being said, this video explains ALOT more information than I can share in this simple article, so click play to watch the video above.

You can register for the affiliate program here:


Jeremy Krakowski

Media Director & Affiliate Manager

A Real Change International, Inc.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 3.53.29 PM







How To Run A 6- Figure Home Based Business In The Country (Working Only 15 Hrs Per Week In A Community Of Only 700 People!)

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Running A Home Business In The Country

How To Run A 6- Figure Home Based Business In The Country (Working Only 15 Hrs Per Week In A Community Of Only 700 People!)

Happy Labor Day to those of you who are in the United States! Today's episode of ARealChange TV is a SPECIAL episode with one of our head coaches, Kayla Howard. 

Kayla is a homeschooling mother who first met us when she was earning $1000 per month in her home based business. Fast forward to 2 years later and she is making more than 6-Figures per year in her business, while homeschooling her children AND here's the clincher… in the country where there's only 700 people in her community AND working only 15 hours per week!

She is what we call "The Excuse Buster"! If you've ever had an excuse for why you can't run a home based business, Kayla will bust that excuse right here and now. She'll also give you 3 Top Tips for running your business that all of us can use! Let's watch NOW! 




Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

50% OFF For 5 Days Only!

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If you would have told me 4 years ago that we'd be serving more than 1 million clients in such a short period of time, to be honest, I would have thought such a thing was completely impossible.
Sure, I've grown big companies before, in a very short period of time, but nothing like we've seen in the last 4 years at A Real Change International, Inc. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart.
I remember what it was like to peel myself out of debt, watch where every penny goes, learn new skills and even take classes late at night. Studying into the wee hours of the morning so I could move my goals and my family's dream of financial independence forward wasn't easy, but it WAS worth it!
Just an hour ago I was on the phone with Facebook's corporate headquarters talking to them about what I think would help their ad manager to be more effective. It's such an honor to now be in the position of making a real change for everyone in business, small and large. 
Today I was asking my team how I could give back to all of you! The ones who are just starting out and need some help getting ahead! We came up with a SPECIAL 50% OFF promotion for 5 days on two of our most popular products!
NOW you can get 50% OFF my AWARD WINNING "Social Media Cash Conversion" class to show you how to not only engage with your audience online, but how to CONVERT this engagement into cash-paying sales! Through August 30, 2013
If that wasn't enough you can also get 50% OFF my BEST SELLING "WP II" class to learn how to create a blog that generates thousands of leads, outpaces all SEO tactics that most of the gurus aren't teaching, increases your page rank on Google in just 7 days and more! Through August 30, 2013
Your coupon codes to use :
"Social Media Cash Conversion" 50% OFF COUPON on the 1-Payment Option:   SMCC50  will give you the discount
"WP II" 50% OFF COUPON :  WP50 will give you the discount
It is such an honor to serve you! I know that these products will help PROPEL you forward into the profit zone and now…. it just got a little easier to get to your financial goals!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski

CELEBRATION!! Episode #50- How To Use The One To Many Model Through Video Marketing

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Sandi Krakowski Video marketing

CELEBRATION!! Episode #50- How To Use The One To Many Model Through Video Marketing

This is our 50th episode of ARealChange.TV!  WOOHOO!  

Video marketing is an excellent way to not only build a big client base, it's a very effective way to create connection, build a relationship and interact with your clients! In today's episode I want to teach you how to build your social media connections in a way that doesn't demand YOU be live every single hour in your business.

Do you have a plan so that when you aren't speaking on a stage, through a phone line or one to one you are STILL profiting and growing your business?  VIDEO is your answer!

Grab your pen and paper and get ready to learn how you can impact millions of people with just one video, over and over again. The one to many model that we teach here at A Real Change International has helped many of our clients to become very successful, very quicklyWatch the video NOW! 


Timeless Copywriting Lessons- Read Their Mind & Hear Their Heart

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Timeless Copywriting Lessons- Read Their Mind & Hear Their Heart
By: Sandi Krakowski
What do people look for in a weight loss product?  What is it that motivates millions to purchase one more product in hopes of finally reaching their goal…. even if they didn’t lose weight numerous times before?
These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you're selling a weight loss product.
I've sold millions of dollars in weight loss products. It became nearly an obsession of mine knowing what people look for in a weight loss purchase. Guess what? They aren't looking for another special ingredient. They are looking for something that works. Period.

When I see someone attempting to market a new product on Facebook or Twitter with posts like, "This Acai Berry really works! You'll love the taste I took it this morning!"… and 1 hour later it's, "This grape tasting Acai Berry really gives me what I need and my waist is shrinking fast! Ask me HOW!"  and then 45 minutes later, "I took another Acai Berry when my son brought out the graham cracker crusted cheesecake. Good thing I have it in stock!".. and another hour goes by and we hear, "My Acai Berry keeps me moving even when I feel like I can't! If you want some ask me!" I want to help them to succeed in their business not to mention help them to stop being ridiculous!

NEWS FLASH: No one has ever made 6-figures in their business marketing weight loss this way. Even if your 'leader' told you they did.. trust me.. they didn't.
How do you sell a ton of nutritional products?

And how is it that some people are hugely successful online and others seem to just struggle from one product to another, and go from one new website and then to another without ever reaching their goal?

It has everything to do being able to feel and move like your customer, patient, client or prospect. It requires that you totally understand where they are and what they are feeling. This is how you get the "Buy In" with your client. This is where your prospect actually chooses to purchase what you offer even if typically they would say no.

The goal is to find out what motivates your buyers to buy…. and then motivate them
So… what motivates people to buy these products?

Here's a list:

1. Their clothes will fit and they have no limits
2. They receive compliments and feel good about themselves again
3. They feel powerful and in control
4. They feel sexy and younger, vitality and youthfulness
5. They feel safe, healthy and protected

If you understand this about your customers and prospects you can market weight loss products to them and sell to them again and again. But don't forget this….. in the weight loss industry, maintenance is as profitable if not more profitable than the initial weight loss. 


Understanding why people buy weight loss products initially is not only important in the sales process but it will also give you everything you need  to keep your business moving as you serve clients in maintenance.

If you sell a health product, you should be serving people in their maintenance phase.  Did you assume that now that they've lost the weight it's time to find a new person to serve? Think about this-

Maintenance is a huge industry if done right because it means you're helping people to maintain their new life! 

So…. learning to read their mind and hearts is critical in sales both online and offline. It can create a long term business rather than a short term sale.

Here are a few tips for finding out this amazingly valuable information:

Do keyword research. Who is the biggest provider in your industry? Pay very close attention to what they’re doing. If they are profitable and ahead of everyone else pay attention to the words they use. How are they motivating people to purchase? Do the same thing.

Who is leading the trail in the niche you want to be in? Who has the lowest Alexa score and the bigger business? Watch that they do more than what they say. The things they are ‘doing’ are making them a lot of money so do the same.

Subscribe to newsletters of your competitors. Don’t be consumed with someone who isn’t making a big profit- I mean the people who are light years ahead of you. Watch careful what they do on a daily basis, a weekly plan and over the course of a month.

Here are a few other important things to consider.

Ask yourself WHY people buy the service or product you are selling. DO NOT answer with why YOU would purchase this item, rather, why do millions of people make these purchases?

WHY do they spend money on something even if the product didn't work the month before?


What is the pain point, where do they live, what are they experiencing everyday?

Images in your sales copy are just as important as they words

Make sure they are ‘speaking the same message’. I can’t tell you how often I’ve done a “Website Audit” and the pictures do not match the message. Just changing the pictures creates a new result.

Work to feel what your customers feel. Go where they live and make it your goal to really understand their struggles, their pain points and what motivates them.  Getting into these emotions in their mind and their heart will make selling your product and service easier than you ever thought could be possible… and it will happen over and over again. Serve with an open heart… and money will follow you!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski


The Five People Showing Up In Your Business

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The Five People Showing Up In Your Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

In a day when ezines, free training, coaching programs, self-help courses and more run rampant on the internet, what is one to do who is really serious about building their business?

During the last 16 years of building businesses I’ve discovered a secret that I wish I knew years ago. The top 5 people I listen to the most are showing up in my life. When you look at your inbox today, for email, who is influencing you?

Face it, no one can read 47 ezines and newsletters. It’s not an exaggeration that in the information age, far too many people are subscribed to three times that amount.

A recipe for confusion, discouragement and procrastination is when you have so much information coming at you that it’s nearly impossible to digest it all. You’re left to delete, promises to get to it later and all the other things we do …. Other than the thing we should do. TAKING ACTION!

I challenge you to make a decision during the next 90 days to put some boundaries around your mind, your business and your life. During this 90 day period apply some of the following when it comes to your "In Box":

1. Only subscribe to Ezines and Newsletters that you know have a proven track record. Be careful, because you could have overlooked the most valuable one of all in an attempt to ‘read them all.’ Pick the top five and unsubscribe from everything else for 90 days.

2. Pay careful attention to how relevant in today’s business world the mentors you are following are. Are they marketing and selling the same ole methods? Direct sales is full of people selling concepts that were outgrown in the 90’s. Be careful. A social media driven culture DEMANDS we use social media- get off the phone and go where people are at!

3. Time is of the essence, so when you pick your top 5, decide to focus on these 5 for 90 days. PURGE the rest… FOCUS on these 5.. and PROSPER as you go! It works! Make a commitment to read everything these 5 send to you.

Take notes, highlight, write down key points and journal if you have to but do everything you can to absorb content from these five places during the next 90 days.

NOTE: If some of you were to treat the training you are getting like a high-level college course you'd get MORE out of what you're learning! Don't learn like a hobbyist… go AFTER your dreams and goals with the intent to succeed!

Here are some of MY personal committed to newsletters and updates:
1- Mashable- You'll find they are THE headquarters for everything social media.
2- Fast Company-I read their regular updates on the world's leading innovations in technology and more.
3- Steven Furtick- I like to read his blog, anything he puts on audio, video or in any form of media. He is a powerful world changer for this generation.
4- Kris Vallotton- He is a voice that I trust when it comes to looking into the future, knowing the Father heart of God and wondering what God says about money, wealth and our spiritual gifts. 
5- LifeHacker- Get your life back! Hack your way into productivity.
Now it's your turn!

90 days is the perfect time frame for something like this. Change a habit, break some bad ones, get yourself focused. What you’ll soon discover is that you learn more, grow in areas that have been lacking in and your retention will skyrocket! Learning + growing + retaining = MORE action!

Let’s all work on our focus. Focus will pay you a fortune.

WHO is showing up in your business everyday? Check your inbox for clues. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


A well rounded education makes you disposable

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A well rounded education makes you disposable 
By: Sandi Krakowski
I got to thinking this morning about how many people are programmed to get a well-rounded education in life and learning.
People go through the motions, learning just enough about as many topics as they can…. and some don't even bother, because it's so darn boring anyways. And what kind of results do we get? We see an entire world filled with people who have NO mastery, NO marketable skill and no special talent. We have a bunch of well-rounded "Nonthinkers" and drones.

If you are reading this you are definitely not one of those kind of people.
You'd never survive with some of the radical out of the box thinking we present. I mean give me a break, I have pink hair, a tattoo and a big diamond in my nose. .. enough said. To be successful in life you don't need pink hair but you need to learn how to think in a way that is totally different than the rest of the world. 
I feel a moral and an ethical obligation to challenge you on something today. If you are still trying to learn everything you can in a basic understanding of business so you can one day have the life of your dreams, my friends, you'll never ever get there.

The way that you get yourself to earning 6 or 7 figures is very strategic.
You MUST become a Master at something. You must get so good at one thing that no one can compete with you. You MUST get so masterful that you are unstoppable in the marketplace.

So… how do you do that? Well, you saturate and dissect one thing until it's become a part of your DNA. This is how marketing is for me and the study of how people respond to things online. It requires intense focus to get to where you want to go… and I feel a moral obligation to tell you that a well rounded education or degree in business will NOT do it!

If you had 12-24 months of focus on one thing.. and you got so good at this one thing that you were unstoppable… what would YOUR life look like?

That's a question you have to answer or you, my friend, will become a well rounded citizen who takes on a role that doesn't impact anyone. It's about time…. now… to get masterful at something.
The life you now live is a result of choices and decisions you have made. Do you need to make a real change in those?   I'm fighting for YOUR future.. will you join me?

With love,
Sandi Krakowski


The Big Difference Between Running A Business And Having A Job

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The Big Difference Between Running A Business And Having A Job

By: Sandi Krakowski

Everyday I see people so excited about building their own business and talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. Their excitement inspires me! Their ambition encourages me! But sadly, many will never make the money they are dreaming about.

Many gather on phone lines every single day planning and 'masterminding' together about how rich they are going to get. They have dream boards that cover the entire wall of their office and they already know what clothes they are going to wear on that cruise they're planning.

Sadly, very few will ever get to their cruise, let alone a small boat.

Before it sounds like I'm raining on your parade, my heart and my passion is to cut through the thick schemes and plans that exist online. The kind that gets everyone super excited and motivated, but quite frankly, don't ever help anyone to make any money.

Being excited and motivated is not what puts money in the bank, keeps your doors open or pays the bills. Good old fashioned hard work does. But for some reason, that has become a four letter word.

Work is a privilege and it's an honor. 

Unfortunately, many people have a warped view of work. I don't know when it happened but teenagers don't grow up dreaming about working hard and making a great life for themselves anymore. People whine about not having enough money, or they whine about having too many hours at work. We've come to the place where those who work hard and succeed are oftentimes even judged and discredited. 

My personal mission includes restoring the work ethic and rebuilding fallen walls in many homes.

My desire is to see young men and women grow up with a goal of hard work and the accomplishments it brings, such as a house paid for, a car bought with cash and a debt free lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is one of the paths to creating such a lifestyle. So, let's talk about the topic of owning your own business. What really makes the difference when it comes to building a business and working a job? Is there a difference and can it affect your business building efforts on a daily basis?

Here are five things that you must have in place to build a thriving business-

#1- Building a business demands that you have your time and your life managed. 

An out of control life cannot build a thriving business, ever. You might be able to fake it for awhile but it will never generate the profits you deserve. Get control of your time and your life and your business will follow.

A business requires hours of operation, a set marketing plan and a commitment to bring value to the marketplace, every single day. As a business owner you will own your time and you do have more flexibility, but don't buy into the nonsense that says you can work whenever you want to. This is a poverty mindset and is rooted in laziness. A real business owner isn't looking for an escape from work. They desire to be the best they can be every single day at their workplace, especially when they are the CEO.

The most successful business owners are not those who dream of never having to work again, but rather, they who have to actually discipline themselves when to not work. Typically, working is an enjoyment for them and they get a rush of out creating a result. But an out of control life and schedule can't thrive for very long. Be sure you're committed  to the long term of your business goals and not just the excitement of 'making a sale'. 

#2- Building a business requires focus. 

Distraction, restlessness and the inability to focus will destroy your business building efforts. There will be days when you'll have to shift between multiple things in one hour, and people will be looking to you for answers. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to gain more focus? 

A business owner can't use personal issues or any excuse as a reason to not be 100% on game every single day. As a professional athlete is committed to their goal, a business owner must also have a rare commitment that doesn't look for opportunity to shrink back.

Focus is the result of a good diet, enough sleep and plenty of fresh air and exercise. A wise business owner will look at these key factors as being as important as getting the best write-offs they can on their taxes. They are critical ingredients in a long term, low stress, and highly rewarding business. 

#3- Building a thriving business requires a plan. 

When I was bodybuilding I had a workout schedule. Every day of the month mapped out- which days we did arms, which day we beat up the legs, when to do cardio and fat burning, when to cut back on carbs and when to stack up on protein. This is the same mindset and action that a business demands. A plan that is written out and executed.

A plan will save you the drama of trying to make decisions when 'play' calls your name and you know you should be working. It will help you to take the time off you deserve and never feel one ounce of guilt. Create your plan, it is an absolute requirement for business. 

Having a plan, however, is not enough. A business that is thriving is moving forward, always one step ahead of the competition and implements as quickly as they plan. All out massive action is normal mode of operation. 

#4-Building a profitable business requires a mentor. 

Every professional athlete, musician and expert who has gone beyond the norm in any capacity can usually be traced to one common thread-mentorship. When you build a business, you are going to hit some hard roads, stumble a few times, lose money and earn a fortune all in the same year! A mentor gives you a sounding board, a point of reference and experience in which to trust.

The single biggest factor and key to my success in life is related to mentorship. I currently have one mentor I regularly work with for business- Bill Glazer. My spiritual life is thriving and strong because of a spiritual life mentor I work with every few months. These people are ambassadors for truth in my life. Being able to see myself, my business and where I am at accurately takes more than just a mirror.  Mentors in my life give me a confidence that doesn't exist without them. It protects against horrific mistakes, and propels me forward at a rate that working solo could never accomplish.

Find a mentor who has done what you want to do, and has done it over and over again. Make yourself accountable to your mentor. Do not work with mentors who seek to control, dominate and dictate to you. CLUE: If they sound like the "Alpha" and demand you answer, "Ma'am and Sir" it might be a good idea to find a new one. Find a mentor you feel safe with, who inspires but also pushes you forward. Find one who can give tough love without entitlement or abuse.

A thriving business requires a mentor.

When a company is soaring with momentum it is always because of a strong mentor and support system around that company. This is a big reason why we have the Mastermind coaching levels we offer here at A Real Change International, Inc. 

#5- A business cannot be built with an option to fail. 

It cannot ever be a thought. This is not something you 'try out' or 'test out' or 'give it a whirl'. It demands that you always move forward, always improve, celebrate every success and learn from every mistake. Quitting can never, ever be an option in the mind of one building a business. As soon as it becomes an option, the door is now open for failure.

Many in our current generation no longer esteem marriage as sacred. Commitment is no longer esteemed, sacrifice and hard work are now seen as workaholism. While I do reject the notion of working 90 hrs per week, this one thing is true:  If you are going to build a thriving profitable 6 or 7 figure business- it is WORK. There are going to be days and even hours when you feel like throwing in the towel. But the big difference between success and failure is simple- one who didn't quit or give up.

If you leave the door open in marriage to give yourself an exit, you'll gravitate towards that door anytime things get the least bit challenging. The same holds true in business. Leave a door open for quitting and you will SURELY find an exit.

A thriving business is a big commitment and it's a big deal. 

It's not for everyone and it's not easy. But this one thing is true- it could pay you more money, change your heart and the way you think, more than anything in life ever could. My life has been personally transformed and changed inside and out because of my businesses. My mistakes in business nearly killed me…. and it was in business that I found the true love of God, that completely changed me.

Building a business  and being an employee are very different. 

To best describe how I see the biggest challenge of business I'll share one of my favorite sayings from the movie "Alice In Wonderland".  Near the end of the movie, the White Queen gives Alice these words of wisdom: 

"You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours. Because when you step out to face that creature….. you must step out alone."

I pass these words onto you as well. YOU, my friends, must be willing to step alone.

There will be victories in business, if you choose to move forward each and everyday, that will never be experienced in a role as an employee. There will be new challenges and new goals to chase that you could never encounter if you remain in a job. And…… there are new heights for you, you alone, to reach as a thriving successful business owner, that only business itself can teach you.

If you will stay committed, find a mentor, build a plan, stay focused, manage your life and never, ever quit…. you could end up living a life that is beyond anything you've ever imagined. 

My dream is to help you fulfill your goal

It doesn't matter to me, quite honestly, if you build a business… or if you don't. But this one thing does matter to me enormously…. that if you were designed to build a business, impact the world and bring your blessing to those who need you … yet you never made a firm enough decision to do so, this bothers me more than anything. I want to help you make that decision. Will you?

Dreams that are never reached because of indecision will haunt you for a lifetime. Make a decision today. Either way. Make a decision and then live it out, with all you have! 

With love, 

Sandi Krakowski

The Root Of Workaholism And Why It Is Never Tied To Wealth, A Happy Life Or A Dream Business

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The Root Of Workaholism And Why It Is Never Tied To Wealth, A Happy Life Or A Dream Business

By: Sandi Krakowski


It's a topic that many people don't want to talk about.

Right up there with overeating, procrastination, money management and fitness…. many entrepreneurs really don't want to talk about the topic of workaholism, let alone that it is most likely one of the biggest addictions of it's kind that holds people back and is not linked to wealth.

Many wanna be business owners hold themselves back with the excuse that they don't want to be a workaholic, thinking if they don't work, they are working less. Silly thinking, I know. The same wanna be people spend all day on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other web pages blocking out the fact that they are not doing the things they need to for creating wealth so by definition they already are workaholics, they're just not making any money. Workaholism is linked to constant movement more than constant work.

Workaholism is never attached to wealth because the root of this epidemic is fear of loss.

People won't stop working because they fear they'll lose the one big break. They press forward when they know they should be resting because in their mind, that is what successful people do and they fear not being successful. Fear is a big root if not the primary one when it comes to being a workaholic.

I personally built a $4.5 million dollar company working 90+ hours per week. That means, that aside from sleeping occasionally, my mind was on my business more than it was on anything else. Many of you know the story, it did almost kill me, literally. And when I made a commitment to never do that again, my life and my business began to flourish. I didn't lose out on anything, actually, in under 30 hours per week I've built our current company past $ 4.5 million in 1/3 of the time and with far fewer headaches. We outsource the 100's of hours I used to work in my previous companies. So the work is still being done, it's just not being done by me. With 16 employees, the company is being held up by a TEAM working together, not Sandi doing it all. 

First things first- how do you stop being a workaholic. Well, it's critical to be aware that there is a problem and then take actionable steps to hold yourself accountable. But beyond just getting another planner, calendar, desk timer, assistant who reminds you to stop working, it's even more critical that we get past our root issues, and that is fear.

  • Do you fear missing out on that big contract?
  • Do you worry about letting that one big client go even though you know it's not a good fit?

Fear of loss and fear of missing it are a big component to workaholism. It's also a key ingredient of living a life without boundaries.

Living without boundaries never creates wealth. 

When we are willing to take phone calls from very successful people at 11:00 pm at night just because of who they are, we are lowering ourselves so that others can tear down our boundaries. If someone is truly respectful and successful they won't ask you to be available at any time that they have open so they can connect with you. I advise you to be flexible when a good client or conversation presents itself but that doesn't mean shrink back, be manipulated or do whatever someone ones. Boundaryless people need training, so respect yourself enough to give them some.

PARENTS- be an example to your KIDS that you are serious about saying, "NO!" to workaholism!! Here's my family with none other than Gary Vaynerchuk. What a blessing to have some time with him… and to see my kids as excited to see him as I was! If I was working 90 hours per week that wouldn't be the case. They wouldn't want to see or meet anyone associated with my company.

If you want to know if you are struggling with being a workaholic, just ask those who live with you. They won't lie.  And if you are very serious about finding out if you are ignoring your relationships at home, the best way to do so is to simply ask. 

Map out your most productive hours.

Don't accommodate bad habits. People who want to work through the night tend to be more creative but they also need to make sure they are sleeping and resting through the day. My husband tends to be nocturnal and I am a morning riser! He is the owl, I am the rooster! But in honor of our relationship and being a good example to our children, he doesn't work until 4:00 am and I don't get up at 3:00 am . Most nights I am in bed and asleep by 9:00 pm. I love to get up before 5:00 am. Alan tends to like to get some good work done between 10 pm- 1:00 am. But then he calls it quits. This is called having boundaries with our lifestyle. If we both didn't honor these time frames, we might not be able to work together. Alan still gets up before 8:00 am and I still go to bed before 10:30pm.  We manage it like a team.

Ask those who are around you when you seem to be in your best mood.

Learning to train your body WHEN it can and will work is a big ticket to overcoming workaholism. Work when your creative flow is best and you tend to be in your best mood!

Most workaholics have a massive amount of tension and anxiety they need to release. This is why a good intense cardio or weight lifting workout can help!  Both Alan and I work out! Not only does it keep us in great shape and attractive for each other, but it helps direct our differing energies so we are in harmony with each other.  

Overcoming workaholism can be very challenging. Some people need a mastermind group or a mentor… others need an intervention.

Here's a litmus test for you- do you feel panic and shaky when you say no?  Well let me tell you this, so do I. But then I settle into the fact that this is most likely a good sign that I am supposed to say no. I make sure I'm not saying no because of fear or some other form of regret. And I also test the waters to give myself the freedom I need to make great decisions. If someone can't wait 24 hours for an answer from me on something they are most likely not someone I want to do business with anyways. If someone can't honor my privacy and keeps calling my cell phone even though they know I run a very big business, they are definitely not someone I want to work with. It's a walk of faith, honestly. Time is the thing that heals the most. But taking those first few steps to be sure that fear doesn't' have a noose around your neck is the ticket.  

There are times, like when we are preparing for a big project or event that I have to work some longer hours. This is an issue of balance and budget. Just like learning to balance and budget our checking account. If the total sum is still going to be great for our family, it's a small sacrifice and no one minds at all. But if it becomes the norm, it's a sign that you might have a problem.  

Learning to breathe is a big key to wealth.

Learning to say NO to the good things so that you can do the BEST things is what you want to pursue.  

As a mentor and a coach I've seen people let go of workaholism in our coaching programs, say no to things that were robbing their time, work hard to get rid of the fear of loss and they ended up tripling their income with less hours and effort.  YOU are designed by God my friends for more! You are given a unique gift to serve the world with. If you never get past your own personal issues, you are unable to serve the people who need you. Ever.  So make a decision that it is NOT about you, your goals and your plans… it's about impacting the lives of others with the gifts you posses.

Workaholism is not defined by the days you work. I know people who are so prideful about the fact that they only work Mon-Friday. Whatever… I take a 1 hr nap almost everyday… have 1 full day off per week from coaching at least 3-4 times per month. Take a 3 day weekend every month… and I write on Sunday afternoons and enjoy my clients on FB. 😉  It has nothing to do with set days, set hours. 9-5 doesn't mean you work less than someone who works 4pm-1 am a few days per week. It means you operate best 9-5. A BIG ticket to ending workaholism is to stop looking where others fail and be real and honest with yourself. :) 

Do whatever it takes to get out of the workaholic mindset and into Champion mode!  

Come on over to my Facebook page right now!   Hanging out with OTHERS who are just saying, "NO!" to the 90 hour workweek is a huge first step. 

With love,
Sandi Krakowksi

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