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Will This Work? Jumping In With Both Feet As A New Business Owner

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Will This Work?

 Jumping In With Both Feet As A New Business Owner

By: Sandi Krakowski


When we start a new business so many questions can run through our mind. Things like: 

“Will this work?”

“Is this something I can make money on?”

“Should I be doing this?”

…..are just a small sampling of the common questions that can plague the new business owner. Imagine if you will, that there is a coach who knows everything. They can just look at an idea and know if it will fly. Let’s say there is such a coach who anyone can bring their their business plans to. This person is able to tell others, “Yes that will work and be very profitable” or “No that’s a failing idea and that won’t work at all.” Such a coach, if there was one, would dominate the marketplace and be the “Go To” person of all business owners. Rest assured, there isn’t such a person. No one knows what can work or not work, what will be profitable and what will not just by reviewing documents and ideas from beginning business owners. 

Back in reality however, there are a few things every new business owner must take into consideration before putting their eggs into one basket believing their great business idea is going to build millions-

1. Market Research– it’s so important to know the climate where you wish to launch your business. Here’s a big key- is it being done by someone else already? If it’s not, there’s a very good reason for that. Because it won’t work! You want to find successful and profitable business models and then add your unique attributes and ‘spin’ to things. This is how you come up with a million dollar idea. Do something others have done but do it so uniquely YOU go farther! 

Let’s say you want to sell lambswool baby rugs for inside of a crib. My son had one of these as a little guy and it was very beneficial to him. It helped him sleep longer, have less tummy issues and he grew up loving it even late into life. Today, he even has a lambswool pillow case!

Begin doing research on where these lambswool items are being currently sold. Look at all the websites you can find. Do research that leaves no stone unturned. (like hours worth, not just one day!) Become so familiar with what is out in the marketplace with your perspective niche that you can tell the pros and cons in your field. 

Who is the best? What are the mistakes people are making? What are customers asking for? This can lead you to something very unique. Find the need that people have and if it’s within your ability to do so, fill it. Give an excellent experience with the purchase. Offer incredible customer service. Really care about your customers. This my friends is what a good business is made up of. 

2. Current Demand – Can you fix a problem and do it in such a unique way that everyone wants to be a part of it? Take fitness, for example.

Fitness is common, right? But dancing and doing choreographed kickboxing moves are not! Chalene Johnson has created many videos and DVD’s that BeachBody sells all over the world. She took a common thing- fitness and dance and created an uncommon solution. It’s fun and people love doing it! (Including yours truly!) 

Here’s another one- Teaching people how to blog, use WordPress and build a website with a small budget is not uncommon. But most of the current training venues out there, courses, books, DVD’s and videos, are all full of ‘geek speak’ that confuse people half to death!  We decided to “KISS- Keep It Simple Silly!” and have been hugely successful with our step-by-step courses that range from WordPress, to Web Copywriting, to Email Marketing and more. Growing a business with more than 80,000 clients in under 9 months we started and that later grew to over 1.8 million clients PROVES it was an ‘in demand and a unique offering’ people love!

3. Financial Considerations– It makes me very concerned when people purchase training courses and business opportunity kits like they do a lottery ticket. Now I’ve built businesses and pulled myself out of massive debt, but this is different. Making a decision to buy a business opportunity so that you can work hard real fast and pay off your past due bills is really not wise if you’ve never run a business before… or worse yet know nothing about business.

Learning to develop your marketing skills, write amazing copy, how to speak to your ideal client, write a blog and market any product is more important than anything else you could learn.

It’s going to take some money to learn marketing and start a business, so be prepared to invest some money. But if you put your marketing training above anything else it has been my experience that people begin to earn a profit MUCH more quickly than if you put it last. 

 Many new business owners get so caught up in the idea phase of business they forget that more important in all of your business building activities is Marketing. Even a ‘brilliant’ idea can fail if marketing is not done correctly. Sometimes a ‘not so good’ product can do well when marketing is done amazingly!

This is one of the biggest reasons why I created my entry level of our Inner Circle Mastermind, where the focus  of our program is marketing. It’s not a website assessment, audit, counseling session for dreams or hand holding to creating new ideas- it’s a strategic step by step online marketing mentorship putting into the hands of a beginner the keys they need to market and be successful online, QUICKLY.

When we understand what it takes to get a website up and running, how to craft a great opt in offer, write auto responders that build rapport and connect for us with our prospective clients 24/7, write newsletters, create amazing sales page and set up a shopping cart- the reality is this- we’ve now covered the hardest part that so many people miss. Finding the right product or service is actually much easier!

When we get our marketing in order, and we we learn how to launch something into the marketplace, find our ideal client, create a tight-knit growing list, offer and message, than the issue becomes, “What do we sell?”  Far too many times people spend most of their time in product development phase and they present something to the marketplace without any marketing abilities or without even knowing if the market wants what they have. Worse yet, they have NO ONE to sell to.

“Will this work?”  It’s the question every business owner asks themselves. A better question would be, “Do I know how to market this?” Now that you know what to begin in your online business career, finding the ideal product and service will be a lot easier. Because a big part of marketing is finding your ideal client and everything they need.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski









How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures

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Six years ago Karen sold an eBook to the tune of $50,000 per year. It’s an internet marketer’s dream come true, making a full time income selling one product, online. But then something happened, and it not only robbed her of her dream, it robbed her of her courage, determination and self-awareness.

Karen was in my Inner Circle class last month when I asked for people to start submitting their applications to have me review their business. The plan was simple- I’ll pick 2-3 people every single month, review their business, and tell them what I would do if I owned the company, giving specific steps they need to take to double (or triple) their income, and revealing where their problems were. As an Angel Investor, I’m pouring my hard earned money into small businesses. There is STRICT criteria for the businesses I invest into. I’m looking for marketable products, people who are already making great money and are stuck, and can’t grow from there. These same methods I’m using to decide who to invest into, are being used in my Inner Circle, as I show what really makes a business succeed. 

Everyone was super excited when I told Karen that I could teach her how to make 6-7 figures with her business, if she had already been making $50,000 per year selling eBooks. This is not only a great income for anyone, but it demonstrated she has the skillset and wherewithal to build a successful small business online. The thing that shocked me is she walked away from it, and is now ‘struggling’ and ‘trying’ to build another business. She’s not happy, her website shows it, and she didn’t even realize that her choices sabotaged her success and made her sink into a pit of not only doubting herself, but thinking it was all a fantasy, the success she had experienced. She even told me she thought it was all ‘luck’ and THIS must be the reason she was having so much trouble now.

I have to warn you, I am HEAVY HITTING NO HOLDS BACK on this video. I give it to Karen STRAIGHT UP. Now listen, Karen knows I love her, I honor her and there is no going into this consultation with a need for me to reassure Karen I’m not upset with her, or that she has to ‘please’ me and for some reason she hasn’t. There’s NONE of these dysfunctions and codependent stuff going on. By the way, I see A LOT of this kind of thing in groups and forums online. But in this case, Karen knows I have her best interest in my heart, and I have less than 15 minutes to pull her OUT of the pit, wipe off her boots, give it to her straight and get her making money again.

How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures


So when you watch this, realize….. I was so shocked by what Karen was doing, I might sound like I’m upset. But I’m not. I was thinking of the hundreds of thousands of small business owners I meet every single day who are HOLDING themselves back just like Karen was. Listen, I’m a business owner. Not someone looking for popularity or to make people love me. These people need help and I HAVE their answers. AS I am giving Karen this consultation (that is on the video below) I’m THINKING of all of my readers, small business coaching clients, people on my social media profiles and more who I have met, who could be living the dream life, making six figures but sadly, they sit in a pit holding themselves back. Some in self pity, others buying into the lie that they ‘don’t know where to start’ and others still looking for their ‘big idea.’

When Karen saw my review, she not only cried, she laughed! Real hard! Because this is not only exactly what she needed, this is what she’s been praying for! AND…… she’s on her way to six figures. Using her skill. At least that is what she told me. I pray she is. I see too many people who don’t do this. THAT is why I created the Inner Circle Mastermind and Coaching group where we can help hold people accountable, give them the exact steps they need, and every month they can watch me do this with 2-3 other businesses. They can also get their questions answered on our Q & A day and meet with me in a live webinar! This is not a group where a ton of people are asking a bazillion questions and people who haven’t even made six figures yet are giving them answers that are totally wrong. NO.. this is a group of serious minded entrepreneurs who are making things happen. AND it’s only $47. ridiculous, I know. ….  (For more info on the Inner Circle go here)

I decided to let all of you see just ONE of the three consultations and reviews I did this month. I hope this pulls some of you out of the pit and helps you to go make your eBooks, videos and courses so you too can make more money. Your business can be the absolute answer you need to get out of debt, start taking vacations, pouring money into worthy causes and lay your head on your pillow at night knowing THIS IS your life, and no one can take it away from you.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


How To Use The Social Media GPS Affiliate Program (and Just Say NO To Pimping)

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How To Use The Social Media GPS Affiliate Program

(and Just Say NO To Pimping)

with Jeremy Krakowski, A Real Change Media Director & Affiliate Manager


We launched the A Real Change Social Media GPS Affiliate program a few weeks ago and already have over 250 affiliates registered and promoting our event! But before I really share anymore about that I want to cover a few things (and that's what this video is for).

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 3.44.01 PM

At A Real Change, we don't ever want to become an "Affiliate Farm", and what that means is we don't want our profits coming from people "pimping out" our products. What this means is, having 100s of affiliates just pitching back and forth our products to get thier products and offering deals and a "ill scratch your back, if you scratch mine, let's all just make alot of money and never help anybody" type of relationship! I'm sorry if that gets me some hatemail, but that's crap.

We thought long and hard about this and offering an affiliate program for the Social Media GPS Virtual Summit and the reason we decided to do so was because this information is so valuable about how to use Social Media in 2014 to grow your business, that we wanted as many people as possible to hear this information and to help compensate those who bring us business by offering a sales-based commission to affiliates.

We aren't doing any other affiliate programs, and probably won't ever offer another affiliate program like this in the future, but it's something that we wanted to do for this event only, not because we needed to make more money, but because we wanted to help as many people as possible and help you out for sharing this information with those that you know!

That being said, I also wanted to bring my previous experience with affiliate marketing (which I no longer do as my source of income, but have in the past). Back in 2009 I was able to generate over $500,000 in affiliate commissions from my apartment (about $200,00 in profit), and I found the best form of affiliate marketing to be the sale for commission type. It's the least "sleezy" type of affiliate marketing because your actually providing something valuable for your compensation, and so I'm bringing my previous experience to the table and set up this Affiliate Program for every one of our clients to use!

That being said, this video explains ALOT more information than I can share in this simple article, so click play to watch the video above.

You can register for the affiliate program here:


Jeremy Krakowski

Media Director & Affiliate Manager

A Real Change International, Inc.

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