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Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online?

Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online? By: Sandi KrakowskiStarting a business can be challenging and exciting all in one, and for good measure, let's throw in a little bit of overwhelming on the side. Life itself has taught me many lessons that have helped me to create the results in business we have today. For example- learning to pace myself was something I learned in my bodybuilding career of my 20's. No matter how badly I wanted to be powerful and ripped, I had to do the work. To beat my body in the gym seven days per week without rest actually would make me tiny, loose and flabby! Dense, striated, strong muscles are the sum results of consistently pressing past my fatigue into muscle failure combined with appropriate [...]

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How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures

Six years ago Karen sold an eBook to the tune of $50,000 per year. It's an internet marketer's dream come true, making a full time income selling one product, online. But then something happened, and it not only robbed her of her dream, it robbed her of her courage, determination and self-awareness. Karen was in my Inner Circle class last month when I asked for people to start submitting their applications to have me review their business. The plan was simple- I'll pick 2-3 people every single month, review their business, and tell them what I would do if I owned the company, giving specific steps they need to take to double (or triple) their income, and revealing where their problems were. As an Angel Investor, I'm pouring my hard earned money into small businesses. [...]

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You Don’t Need A Website? Think Again!

Recently I've been hearing people say things like, "You no longer need a website, people are on their phone on social media, so that is all you should focus on."  Or other statements that elude to this notion such as, "Building your shopping cart system into the Facebook Platform is one of the best ideas ever! You no longer need a website!" Let me set the record straight. With 1.5 MILLION people connected to me on social media, 1 million alone on our Facebook page and millions of dollars in profits that come in every year to our corporation, there's a big reason WHY you still need a website. Don't miss this. Don't listen to someone who 'masters' one or two platforms and then tells you that you don't need a website simply because [...]

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WHAT Are We Doing To Our Children?!

I feel a fire rising inside of me and I CANNOT BE SILENT!  Can you IMAGINE the Olympics without a winning team? A law student at Harvard not receiving grades?!  WHAT are we doing with our kids in school?  I'll tell you what we're doing. We are raising up a bunch of apathetic children who can't grow up, believe they are entitled to everything, don't know what it's like to work and sweat and work again! Everyone is a victim and it's of course, no one's fault! YOU WANT HAPPINESS and joy and overcoming power? LIFE is not a playground! It's a battlefield! Between WHO you could be and WHO you are!  We make it seem like competition is unhealthy when our heavenly Father created us with a desire to WIN! One big key [...]

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