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How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures

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Six years ago Karen sold an eBook to the tune of $50,000 per year. It’s an internet marketer’s dream come true, making a full time income selling one product, online. But then something happened, and it not only robbed her of her dream, it robbed her of her courage, determination and self-awareness.

Karen was in my Inner Circle class last month when I asked for people to start submitting their applications to have me review their business. The plan was simple- I’ll pick 2-3 people every single month, review their business, and tell them what I would do if I owned the company, giving specific steps they need to take to double (or triple) their income, and revealing where their problems were. As an Angel Investor, I’m pouring my hard earned money into small businesses. There is STRICT criteria for the businesses I invest into. I’m looking for marketable products, people who are already making great money and are stuck, and can’t grow from there. These same methods I’m using to decide who to invest into, are being used in my Inner Circle, as I show what really makes a business succeed. 

Everyone was super excited when I told Karen that I could teach her how to make 6-7 figures with her business, if she had already been making $50,000 per year selling eBooks. This is not only a great income for anyone, but it demonstrated she has the skillset and wherewithal to build a successful small business online. The thing that shocked me is she walked away from it, and is now ‘struggling’ and ‘trying’ to build another business. She’s not happy, her website shows it, and she didn’t even realize that her choices sabotaged her success and made her sink into a pit of not only doubting herself, but thinking it was all a fantasy, the success she had experienced. She even told me she thought it was all ‘luck’ and THIS must be the reason she was having so much trouble now.

I have to warn you, I am HEAVY HITTING NO HOLDS BACK on this video. I give it to Karen STRAIGHT UP. Now listen, Karen knows I love her, I honor her and there is no going into this consultation with a need for me to reassure Karen I’m not upset with her, or that she has to ‘please’ me and for some reason she hasn’t. There’s NONE of these dysfunctions and codependent stuff going on. By the way, I see A LOT of this kind of thing in groups and forums online. But in this case, Karen knows I have her best interest in my heart, and I have less than 15 minutes to pull her OUT of the pit, wipe off her boots, give it to her straight and get her making money again.

How One Business Owner Went From Selling $50,000 Of eBooks Per Year To Multiple Six-Figures


So when you watch this, realize….. I was so shocked by what Karen was doing, I might sound like I’m upset. But I’m not. I was thinking of the hundreds of thousands of small business owners I meet every single day who are HOLDING themselves back just like Karen was. Listen, I’m a business owner. Not someone looking for popularity or to make people love me. These people need help and I HAVE their answers. AS I am giving Karen this consultation (that is on the video below) I’m THINKING of all of my readers, small business coaching clients, people on my social media profiles and more who I have met, who could be living the dream life, making six figures but sadly, they sit in a pit holding themselves back. Some in self pity, others buying into the lie that they ‘don’t know where to start’ and others still looking for their ‘big idea.’

When Karen saw my review, she not only cried, she laughed! Real hard! Because this is not only exactly what she needed, this is what she’s been praying for! AND…… she’s on her way to six figures. Using her skill. At least that is what she told me. I pray she is. I see too many people who don’t do this. THAT is why I created the Inner Circle Mastermind and Coaching group where we can help hold people accountable, give them the exact steps they need, and every month they can watch me do this with 2-3 other businesses. They can also get their questions answered on our Q & A day and meet with me in a live webinar! This is not a group where a ton of people are asking a bazillion questions and people who haven’t even made six figures yet are giving them answers that are totally wrong. NO.. this is a group of serious minded entrepreneurs who are making things happen. AND it’s only $47. ridiculous, I know. ….  (For more info on the Inner Circle go here)

I decided to let all of you see just ONE of the three consultations and reviews I did this month. I hope this pulls some of you out of the pit and helps you to go make your eBooks, videos and courses so you too can make more money. Your business can be the absolute answer you need to get out of debt, start taking vacations, pouring money into worthy causes and lay your head on your pillow at night knowing THIS IS your life, and no one can take it away from you.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


You Don’t Need A Website? Think Again!

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Why You Still Need A Website With Social Media

Recently I've been hearing people say things like, "You no longer need a website, people are on their phone on social media, so that is all you should focus on."  Or other statements that elude to this notion such as, "Building your shopping cart system into the Facebook Platform is one of the best ideas ever! You no longer need a website!"

Let me set the record straight. With 1.5 MILLION people connected to me on social media, 1 million alone on our Facebook page and millions of dollars in profits that come in every year to our corporation, there's a big reason WHY you still need a website. Don't miss this. Don't listen to someone who 'masters' one or two platforms and then tells you that you don't need a website simply because they hate updating theirs. The same kind of bogus nonsense floats around email as well. People saying, "Email deliverability is so low you don't need to use it anymore." Same thing, always said by someone who ONLY sends out promotions and NEVER sends out a newsletter or anything tied to relationship. They don't like email and they aren't getting great results with email because they ONLY time they email you is to SELL you something.

If you don't have a website, listen to me very carefully, you own NOTHING online. You're homeless. You have no real estate, you are under the control of someone else's property and when push comes to shove, you my friend are in a big pickle!  If Facebook, InstaGram, Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer, Rebel Mouse or any other platform ever shuts down, makes new rules, changes things on you this is how that will affect you: It's like a board of directors meeting together and NOT letting you in on the decision making. They'll come back to you and tell you what you can and can't do. And here's the WORST part, you have nothing to say about it. Because YOU my friend don't own any of the real estate!

I am not suggesting that you should only blog! I am not saying you should not spend your time on social media where billions of people are every single day! I am also not saying you should freak out, lose sleep, and throw a website up just to 'get it done!'. What I am asking you to do is act maturely, wisely and behave like a business owner.

You must cover your assets. Be sure to have a website AND social media.

The things that make you money are where you need to keep your security high. Your content is directly related to this. Building relationships on social media is one of if not the best thing you can do today online for business. I've been online running my corporations successfully now for 18 years, so this is not theory, it's not a guess, it's truth established with consistent experience and results. When you are building these relationships on social media you MUST have a place you can call your own, that YOU own. No one can tell you what to write on this piece of real estate. No one is regulating you, monitoring you and telling you when and how to do things.

I am all for crop sharing with the most successful channels online, such as Facebook and Twitter. GO where your idea clients are!  BE there everyday! Engage, have relationship and sell there! I'm all for building a huge following on InstaGram and Pinterest and spending your time connecting, relatinng and selling there. But if you throw out the website, you are homeless. When push comes to shove, well, you're in trouble.

What do you do if Facebook goes down? Or Pinterest? HOW do people get ahold of you?

When you think like a business owner think SATURATION. You want to saturate the market, you don't want to just own one platform. You want to get really good at being everywhere that your ideal client is at. That is why you see me, my pink hair and our message EVERYWHERE you go. We've done this intentionally.

So, today's update is this: If you hear this kind of thing,  just smile. Don't pick a fight. Don't try to correct the person. Just realize that owning real estate online is important and you need to have a place you can call your own. Direct your traffic from Facebook and Twitter THERE. Build relationship around yourself and your message.

This is what we call "The Circle Of Life For Your Business." TM  (see below) Build your business around the top platforms and direct them back to your blog and connect through email as well. It's beautiful and it's a business model that works with ANY and all businesses!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Circle Of Life

WHAT Are We Doing To Our Children?!

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I feel a fire rising inside of me and I CANNOT BE SILENT! 

Can you IMAGINE the Olympics without a winning team? A law student at Harvard not receiving grades?! 

WHAT are we doing with our kids in school? 

I'll tell you what we're doing. We are raising up a bunch of apathetic children who can't grow up, believe they are entitled to everything, don't know what it's like to work and sweat and work again! Everyone is a victim and it's of course, no one's fault! YOU WANT HAPPINESS and joy and overcoming power? LIFE is not a playground! It's a battlefield! Between WHO you could be and WHO you are! 

We make it seem like competition is unhealthy when our heavenly Father created us with a desire to WIN! One big key to winning is to know how to LOSE WELL! If we don't ever let our kids experience losing, we don't equip them for wining! 

When you remove the winning team and the losing team and you just say, "Play the game you all win" even the heart of a child thinks, "WHAT?!" When we remove the athletic spirit, the fight to win, the drive to succeed and the power to overcome we enable apathy, obesity, poverty and more!!! THIS CANNOT continue. It can't. We need adults who will DO THE WORK and work on their own lives and empower young people and we need to RESTORE OUR FOUNDATIONS!  

"The Champions Creed" 

"I take full responsibility for my rising & for my falling.
I don't beat myself up nor do I beat up others.
When I make decisions I live with the results & don't play a victim.
With the power that is within me I seek above all things wisdom & discernment.
I fly high & sometimes I crash but the total race is the goal, not just one episode.
I know when to push & I know when to pull back.
I give it my all & I love others even when they don't.
I am a Champion!"  

Written by Sandi Krakowski. All rights reserved. 2014 

My strongest words are I did great & I'll do better next time. 
Step UP! BE more! BE the Champion our world needs today! 

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If you roll over and play dead so with the generation after you! 


With love, 

Sandi Krakowski  

Sandi Krakowski