The Skill Of Listening For Huge Company Growth

        The Skill Of Listening For Huge Company Growth By: Sandi Krakowski Company owners do keyword research, brand analysis, review historical data and all the other big methods they can come up with to validate whether or not their product will sink or swim. Few ever practice the age-old art of listening. Your prospective customers are talking all day long. They're showing up on Facebook talking about their dreams, their worries and their fears.  Forums are filled with prospective buyers who are looking for someone who will give them a listening ear. Gone are the days of "Big CEO and Company" going into the marketplace with an announcement that draws millions. Telling the market what they need doesn't work. The question might really be, did it ever? Your present and future clients are savvy and they [...]

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Did relatives at the Christmas party discourage your business dreams?

   I get it. You were at a Christmas party with relatives, doing your best to #BeMore and make a difference, and before you know it, YOU were the center of the conversation. It wasn't good. People were asking you why you are still chasing your dreams and before you knew it, everyone was discouraging, negative and you wanted to run away!I've been there. Nearly every holiday gathering for many years, this would happen. Then when I started writing for some public magazines and it became OBVIOUS I was not changing my tune, I was not going to listen to 'their advice', relatives stopped telling me to give up on my dreams. They realized, I was serious. Even after making more than $10 million dollars in business,  I still had some cantankerous people in my life [...]

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When it’s the darkest, trust your friends

We all have dark seasons in our life. Times when we can't seem to find the light switch to get out and we begin to coast from one day to the next. During these times it's really important to know who your friends are. In a recent private mastermind I was teaching some of my clients the difference between valid criticism someone might bring and hurtful, irresponsible opinions other people can bring. The more successful you become in business, the more opinions you will attract. Ironically, some of the darkest comments people bring will not come from those who are close to you. Sure, our loved ones, spouses and family can say hurtful things at times. Sometimes they're threatened, other times they're afraid they are going to lose us if we're successful and there [...]

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The Average Church Could Not Handle A Move Of God To The Elite

The Average Church Could Not Handle A Move Of God To The Elite Pondering.... I don't think the average believer or the average Christian community could handle this. If God promoted someone & the king they had the honor to serve lavished upon them a brand new car, big castle like house & other luxuries... The average church would accuse and ridicule and rebuke said person and call them greedy or say they had an ulterior motive. While all the while the king is showing gratitude to the servant of The Lord; he is showing kindness & has a deep respect for Daniel. If God honors you to love & speak life into someone who is the elite of the world, remember Daniel please & honor that person. Receive their gifts. Stay pure & [...]

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