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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

By: Sandi Krakowski

Have you noticed a shift in how people communicate?

No one wants to talk on the phone anymore!

Even when it's a friend or family member calling, talking on the phone all day is no longer desirable!

Most people do not want to answer the phone when someone they know calls. They'd rather talk to them online through social media, email or texting. So how can someone who is trying to build a business use the phone to do so? Or would a better question be, do you have to use the phone like we used to in years past to grow your company?

We can't do cold calling and phone prospecting like we used to be able to do it. As someone who has personally dialed more than 30,000 leads myself in my years of phone prospecting, it is my belief that we either have to step up- or step out, when it comes to using the phone to build our business. (Yes! I have phone logs and lead lists to prove I DID that many phone calls! Wild huh?)

If people don't want to answer the phone when a friend calls what makes anyone think they'd want to talk to a complete stranger?

Currently, A Real Change International has a client base of over 1.5 MILLION customers. News flash! We don't have phones ringing non-stop, we don't have a call center and we don't have employees falling like flies because they are worn out with whining customers. Most of our clients speak to my team of staff through either email or social media. Answers are fast and easy – everyone is happy. This is the new way to do business. Our customers tell us all the time they love it!

When you build a company, one of the biggest keys to success is staying relevant to where customers are currently. If customers don't want to talk on the phone, it's our responsibility as business owners to put up systems so that they can contact us in a way that they feel most comfortable. It's obvious that social media is where people want to communicate in the year 2014. 

Having someone active at all times through email and social media gives our clients a high level of security and trust when doing business with us. Here at ARC, we do have a phone line where someone can be reached during normal business hours. But most of our clients reach out to us through email and social media, as their preferred means of communication.

This same method can be in place if you are running a business that requires a lot of phone prospecting or calling. One of the best ways to get through to a gate keeper is to build a relationship with them online! By doing some initial connection with a client's assistant or secretary through Facebook, Twitter or email, you'll not only be welcomed when you call by phone, but you'll be invited! 

Social media and email are great ways to 'warm up' a lead or to even do your sifting. When I was prospecting years ago for a direct sales company, I would send out initial emails that asked all the right questions to get my clients to reply back to me. These are some of the same things we do today with every person who joins our email list and the results are amazing!

Rather than having hotel meetings, many people online are now hosting tele-classes, info summits that are run virtually and even Skype Chat video parties!  In the same way social media and email have made it much more easy to connect with people and start a genuine conversation quickly.

Disconnect your phone a few hours per day and start making relationships with prospective clients through social media. This is how I was able to make a solid 7-figure income in my copywriting business, too!

Social media and email are how most people prefer to communicate. Go to where your client is, speak their ideal language and closing more sales will be easier than ever!

Come join me on Twitter and let me know if you are already using social media to build your business! I'd love to hear how it's going for you! Connect with me here: http://www.twitter.com/sandikrakowski 

Whatever you do, remember this- People love to talk to those who care and make them feel special. Social media is one of the best places to make that happen!

Sandi Krakowski

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Purpose and Vision

Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus

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Chasing Your Dreams With A New Focus


By: Sandi Krakowski

My body hurt. I'd done my time, the body fat was below 4% and the workouts had paid off. No carbs had entered my body for more than 10 days and the lack of water had created the final 'sharp edge' I needed.

Walking on stage that day, in the Mount Pleasant Body Building Championship, I knew that my dreams had come true. Overcoming every mind game and trick, forcing my body beyond it's own emotions and feelings, it had obeyed and gone beyond all of my expectations. My tan, lean and ripped body became my trophy and I'd earn a huge one at the end of the day. Ribbons placed around my neck for the best arms, most ripped abs and biggest back had given me cheers and honors beyond anything expected. 

That night as I lay in my bed in the hotel room, the pizza and beer I had consumed bubbling in my belly, you'd think I was floating and living in a dream enclosed bubble. But that wasn't what I felt. The push to go forward, find a new challenge, reach another level burned within me. Satisfaction was not what I experienced. Rather, a burning hunger for more and more and more was still raging inside of me.

This led me down the road of using steroids, bringing into my body some unnatural substances that I would later be so ashamed to admit. My choices were fueled by a self-consuming fire that would never let up…. to be the best. My bones would later ache because of those choices. Disease would fill my body because of the poison I had let into my mouth, my bloodstream and into my DNA.

I've walked through a lot of forgiveness and releasing to even be able to share this moment with you.

Let me make it very clear right here and now, that was not the first passion I pursued or the first challenge that became everything I would breathe, live and move towards. Big businesses, perfection as a mother, aiming to be the best wife who ever lived and more were equal pursuits that I ran after. Sadly, none ever gave me what I wanted.

"I can't get no satisfaction" was more than just a song in my life. It became my life. Until God realigned my heart, my mind and my passion to seek after things that were greater than me and quite frankly, didn't even involve me.

When making profits in business meant being able to rescue more babies out of starvation it became very apparent to me that any choice of 'retreat' and 'rest' would mean lack of food for them. As I sought to be better in my career, become a better person, get past my own pain, trauma and abuse and become all that I was designed by God Himself to be, the reality became, "It is not about you, Sandi."

Where does your dream world lead you? Is it a bigger house? A faster car? More sex in a relationship that is always perfect?

What are you willing to do to get there?

I'm not saying nice houses, fast cars and hot passionate sex inside of marriage is wrong. Frankly the third one is a gift from God and one that more married couples need to enjoy, as often as possible. *wink* But the truth be told, even hot sex in marriage can't satisfy when you don't know who you are or what you were designed for.

My friends, pay very close attention to your thoughts.

Because of my own disbelief and my own lack of confidence, years ago I attracted voices and people into my own life that would encourage me to only go so far, but to never compete with the experts. I was NOT allowed to be an expert. My own lack of belief in myself and my destiny brought in leaders who helped me get so far, but don't ever go beyond that. It didn't matter if it was in the religious world, the business world or wherever they showed up- they all gave me the courage to move far and wide, but to never go to expert. Never.

I blame no one for this sad reality.

It was just like all the other dysfunctional relationships I created in my life who conveniently helped me to fulfill my belief that going so-far was good enough.

Today-I have a very personal, pointed and strategic question to ask of you. 

What is your dream all about?

And who is it for?

It has to be bigger than your mortgage payment and just catching up on your bills. 

Whether you realize it or not God loves you, celebrates you and has a dream in your heart that was ignited when you were first born. With the very first cell that was created inside of your physical body…. a dream was planted. Life has watered and fertilized that dream. And of course… it most likely has also trampled on it. But that is a part of the plan.

ANY dream worth pursuing has challenges.

There will be conflict and chaos. That's what makes it so worth it. When you see it come to reality you'll have memories of all you've gone through to get there. You'll remember all the tears, the doubt, the fears and every step it took to get there.

My desire is to see you move forward in your dreams.

But I have to tell you here and now, it will take work. You'll need a good mentor. You'll need a community of like-minded people to support you, love you, encourage you along the way.

Who do you have?

If you're still alone in this pursuit, we're here for you. We are here to help you every step of the way. But you, my friend, have to move forward. You have to do the hard work.

You, and you alone, have to slay that dragon all on your own.

What do you say?

Are you willing to live a life that goes beyond yourself? I hope so. Because if you do, it will be a life bigger than a dream!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert

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Make More Money WIth A Blog

How To Successfully Take A Survey To Create A Bigger Sales Campaign, More Responsive Client Base And Longer Lasting Business

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"How To Successfully Take A Survey To Create A Bigger Sales Campaign, More Responsive Client Base And Longer Lasting Business"

By: Sandi Krakowski

Simply taking a survey isn't going to work.

You can't ask strangers questions at a mall and earn their trust, so please don't think you can do this without any consideration ahead of time online.

But when executed the way I'm going to teach you today, taking a survey can be the difference between copy that converts and copy that flops. It can make or break a pay per click campaign on Facebook. Taking  a survey in the right way can take a Tele-Class that might have produced 25 attendees and create 250+ who pack out your lines.

Grab your pen and paper because you will want to do more than just read today's article,you need to activate it quickly!

Implementation that happens as quickly as possible is far more successful than implementation that is delayed, thought through and processed. Why? Because if someone who is successful gives you a brilliant idea and you ACT on it, you go from having mere knowledge of the situation – gnosis- to having experienced what HAPPENS when you accomplish the knowledge, activate and propel it forward- epignosis.  Your homework today is to activate what I teach you and then come back to me with your results. 

Taking a survey is something that you want to do strategically. You don't want to wing it. 

When you ask questions of your clients, it's important to not only pay attention to the answers they give you, but you want to influence them in the direction that you would desire that they should go. What direction is that? The direction where their honest answers are, the things they are already thinking about and talking about.

Your questions need to be written in such a way that your clients spill the beans, so to speak. They are already very familiar with how they feel and have opinions about things that matter to them. Your job is to do whatever you can so that YOU become familiar with this as well.

Conversion goes way up when you speak to your clients in the same language they think in all day. Email campaigns convert, social media pay per click ads get higher response and even tele-classes get greater results when you KNOW how to speak in the words your clients are most familiar with. 

We use Survey Monkey for all of our surveys. 

Three Rules For Successful Survey Taking:

1. Do not ask open ended questions. Lead with multiple choice and give the option of none of the above, or all of the above. The choices should reflect where you know they will go and then give you a percentage of which direction is strongest. If you leave it open ended, the input will be too confusing because people have to think too much.

2. Don't ask more than 8 questions, preferably 4-6. If you are doing a survey that is going to go beyond 8 questions, give your clients the option to not have to answer every question. Leave only 4-6 as the mandatory needed to participate. Remember, most people won't want to do long surveys, so keep it brief but not so brief there's no interest.

3. Report your results.  People not only love to give opinions and suggestions, but even more than that, they love to see what OTHERS are saying! So give your clients who answer your questions an opportunity to 'spy' on all of your responses!

Make it fun.

Make it something that is motivated by helping your clients more fully. 

Don't pitch them, don't try to sell them. Ask questions so you can more fully serve them.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski

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