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A Millionaire’s Weekend With VIPs

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A Millionaire's Weekend With VIPs

What an AMAZING weekend PJ McClure, his wife Tammy, my husband Alan and I have just had with the most amazing Champions!! Our VIP Millionaire Mastermind members flew in from Texas, Florida and Kentucky to be with us Thursday – Saturday to work on their businesses AND their life. Angela Brooks, Jimmy Hays Nelson and Rochelle Griffin were here for the time of their lives!

When you are designing your most profitable business, never forget to design the most profitable LIFE you can as well. The two are inseparable and we need to stop segregating what we do in business and what we do in our personal lives. Let the two blend together in perfect harmony and you'll find a life that God has been dreaming up for you, for a long long time.

The weekend started with everyone meeting at my home, casual and fun… God and I have been dreaming that together for a long time. I've had mentors advise me to not bring clients into my home, be careful you don't get too close. Well this is a bunch of phewey from The Land Of Stupid In Business, if you ask me.  I love our customers and bringing them to where I really live, where I really work…. was a dream of mine.

My dream came true this weekend!

Friday we headed to a Bed & Breakfast that PJ & I had provided for them, all expenses paid, and we had 9 intense hours of meetings.

I rewrote their Facebook Ads ( and they were approved, all of them, in under 5 minutes) with new clients connecting with them in less than 30 minutes! YES that's how business should be.  PJ rewrote, where their priorities are. Putting God and Family at the top and making sure that self-care and being available plenty of working hours, WHILE building a multi-million dollar business, was our focus. 

The learning curve was shortened this weekend!

The growth was accelerated!

We continued with a marketing plan that was mapped out for the next 90 days and how to double their client base. Live radio recordings were done and immediately passed to their teams and staff.  BOOM…. that's how a mastermind is done!

Lunch had been catered by one of my FAVORITE restaurants, The Boat House, and oh, I might add, they don't do catering but because of their amazing hospitality and the relationship Alan and I have with them, they personally delivered our lunch to us!  Thank you Kyle!!!

Then we headed to another one of my favorites for dinner, as you can see above, Cerulean. Having my clients gather around a table and enjoy a meal, fun, a glass of wine and LIVE LIFE together was priceless. This IS the dream that God and I had been creating for a long time….. and it all came true!

Saturday was a day of fun, hanging out together, processing all the information and enjoying each other's company some more… the girls and I headed out to the salon for pedicures! Woohoo! It was SO MUCH FUN!!  Alan and the guys headed for a workout and lunch at a local restaurant…. guy talk at it's finest and my 16 year old Bobby joined them!  Bobby was with us all weekend long… and Justin, my 18 year old, as you can see on my Facebook page, is actively working for 10 days in Honduras right now, loving on and caring for children in that amazing nation.

What a fun photo!  HAPPY FEET for VIPs!  It was so much fun!!

We ended this amazing weekend with a meal at The Boathouse and also celebrating Rochelle & Keith's 21st wedding anniversary!!  Memories were made… lives were changed… all on a business trip!

My friends, what does YOUR ideal personal AND business life look like?

Mine blend and flow….. and live in harmony with each other. My clients have become some of my very best friends. The internet has connected me with all of our staff… and over 300,000 clients that we love and adore!

Create the life you dream of! God has BIG BIG dreams for you!

With much love,

Sandi Krakowski  

Rabbi Daniel Lapin speaking at our live Dallas, TX Event!

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I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to share with you today!
As many of you know a few months ago we had our TOP Tele-class ever held here at A Real Change when I interviewed Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of "Thou Shalt Prosper: 10 Commandments For Making Money".

Here is that recording in case you missed it! 


The moral and ethical reason to make a lot of money and impact lives is a topic that I absolutely love! I love studying the REAL reasons why we should make a lot of money.
Imagine if you will-
You earn $ 5,000,000 per year in your company
You give $ 2,000,000 per year to the hungry, the poor & the slave trade
You pay out $ 800,000 per year in salaries to staff and create jobs
You live comfortably on $ 300,000 per year for yourself
You have operating expenses and advertising of $500,000
The rest is savings and investments, your own personal growth and more.
Can you IMAGINE A LIFE like this?!

According to the world's society, you might not look like you have a "Net Worth" worthy of being on the front page of Inc. Magazine…. but in God's eyes you have a Net Worth that goes beyond this world into the spiritual realm.
My friends, I just got off the phone last night with my friend, Rabbi Lapin and he and I talked about our Dallas, TX event.  And it is now my pleasure to let you know that Rabbi Lapin will be our Featured Guest Speaker on Sunday, April 1st, 2012! 


"The Divine Call Of God On Business And The Key Role You Can Play"
March 31 & April 1, 2012
Dallas, TX
lapindaniel The Divine Call Of God On Business And The Key Role You Can Play
INTRODUCING Featured Guest Speaker
Sunday, April 1, 2012
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Author of "Thou Shall Prosper: 10 Commandments For Making Money"

PJ The Divine Call Of God On Business And The Key Role You Can Play
SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTER, The Mindset Maven, who helps people like NO ONE WE KNOW to get to their Divine Purpose, Passion and Power faster than anyone in the marketplace,
PJ McClure!
If you haven't gotten a seat yet… I need to PUT YOU ON WARNING! We are doing national press releases on this and we're hosting an Introductory Tele-Call in the next few weeks. This event will be much bigger than even we had originally designed it to be!
Don't delay…. Get your seat now!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
P.S.  This event WILL BE A POWERFUL TOOL to usher in wealth, wisdom and more fun than you ever dreamed as possible to have, with GOD on your side!