Momentum And That “Big Break” For Your Small Business!

You heard from that top client!A celebrity tweeted back to you on Twitter!Someone came into your store today and talked about how they could get your product into 50 other stores across the nation with very little work. Your BIG BREAK just happened and now what's going to be important is keeping the momentum flowing and alive. Or is it?  I've been building companies for over 20 years now. That's SUCCESSFUL multi-million dollar companies. Now just things I play around with online. Truth be told, I've NEVER EVER had one big break. As a matter of fact, when I was recently talking to someone who has a background of over 20 years in the television world, she and I were talking about how even getting 'screen time' on a popular show doesn't promise or mean anything. It's [...]

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The Legal Side Of Copywriting, Marketing, Email Marketing and More

The Legal Side Of Writing (AND Teaching) For Your BusinessBy: Sandi Krakowski When I began my first business it was important to understand trademarked names, phrases and logos. We had over 400 kitchenware products we were drop shipping and while most vendors and dealers gave us unlimited permission to use the graphics and images in our online and printed catalog, some required that we only use 2-3 images at the most. This occurred when a vendor also sold the product we purchased from them for resale on their own company websites or catalogs. Limited use is the phrase for only permitting someone to use images and descriptions in a limited way.  Many times I used the phrase, "The Art Of Bread Rising" in my marketing and was advised several times to have this trademarked or copyrighted. We never did [...]

The Skill Of Listening For Huge Company Growth

        The Skill Of Listening For Huge Company Growth By: Sandi Krakowski Company owners do keyword research, brand analysis, review historical data and all the other big methods they can come up with to validate whether or not their product will sink or swim. Few ever practice the age-old art of listening. Your prospective customers are talking all day long. They're showing up on Facebook talking about their dreams, their worries and their fears.  Forums are filled with prospective buyers who are looking for someone who will give them a listening ear. Gone are the days of "Big CEO and Company" going into the marketplace with an announcement that draws millions. Telling the market what they need doesn't work. The question might really be, did it ever? Your present and future clients are savvy and they [...]

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The Social Media Engagement Snowball

The Social Media Engagement Snowball by Jeremy Krakowski Why is engagement more important than the amount of followers you have on Social Media? It’s a snowball effect that a lot of advertisers and social media marketers ignore at the core level, but is the very foundation of how social media works. It’s about human interaction. If no one is interested in what you are talking about, those 500,000 followers on your page don’t mean anything, and your impact is that of a page with 5,000 followers. But what does this matter to business? How does this convert to any impact in sales or revenue? Would you rather have a page of 500,000 people and only 50 of them purchasing from you, or 50,000 of them purchasing from you? I would say 50,000 is a [...]

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