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Wish You Had Better Clients? Start With The Woman (or Man) In The Mirror

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In the mirror

Wish You Had Better Clients? Start With The Woman (or Man) In The Mirror

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” ~Les Brown

It's no secret for many of us that eating healthy, drinking more water and exercising lead to a healthier more vibrant body. With the right nutrition, you can gain muscle, build a stronger immune system and have more energy to do the things you love. The truth is, health starts from the inside out. I heard someone say (probably one of those Beachbody coaches), "You can't exercise away a bad diet."

Well, the same is true for your business. Though this article is not about health per se, it kind of is. Because being healthy is not just a physical thing, it's a matter of who we are. Healthy is a way of being, a way of living, and a way of thinking. What's going on in the inside of you will always show up in your business. Yikes!

What a tough one to learn. Honestly, the "Work In Progress" sign is still hanging over my forehead when it comes to this lesson, but if you’ll allow me, I’ll share what I've learned on my journey, which has led to working with MUCH better clients, and yes, making more money…

Woman In The Mirror Lesson 1: You Are Your Highest Paying Client

This lesson came straight out of the mouth of our leader and mentor, Sandi Krakowski. I've learned it's important to keep your own business up to par in order to give the best service to your clients. It pays to invest the same – if not more – time, energy and money into your own business as you expect clients to invest with you. Practicing this also helps you to be authentic because your service to others comes from your own experience.

Woman In The Mirror Lesson 2: A Healthier You = A Healthier Business

In my business it's so easy to get stuck at my desk and forget all about eating, let alone eating healthy! I would make all kinds of excuses for not having time for meals, and you couldn't pay me to work out! The funny thing is I used to be so athletic, running track, playing basketball – I was such a tomboy. So I don't know where this sedentary girl came from, but I realized she had to go when I started feeling a loss in energy and it became hard to focus. I can't serve clients if I can't focus. So in came my essential oils and 30-minute blocks in my schedule for exercise and stretch breaks. To keep my energy up, I started buying snack-size fruits, quick salads and raw veggies to keep at my desk. I also started drinking more water. Not only has my focus come back, but so has my energy. Who knew?

Woman In The Mirror Lesson 3: What You Think About Money Can Make Or Break Your Business

I almost didn't go here, because money is such a "touchy" subject. But the truth is when we make amends with money we will stop being a slave to it and start using it to serve us.

Here's my experience with this: When I started in business, I would assume people wouldn't pay a certain price for my services. I wasn't sure where this was coming from especially since I never tested it and had no "real" proof for my assumptions. After a few coaching sessions with Sandi along with listening to Rabbi Lapin's book Thou Shalt Prosper, God turned the light on in that area.

What he revealed is how I didn’t consider myself "worthy" of getting paid "so much.” I had internalized something that had nothing to do with me personally. Ouch!

Realizing how valuable my services are in the marketplace, I stopped projecting my doubts onto other people and overcame those fears – and outright lies – about myself. I also learned that though my business is a part of me, my pricing has to do with my services and the value of those services, and neither of these things affect who I am, which means they don't affect my personal worth, which truly is priceless. :-)

The most important takeaway is learning to take care of my business and myself from the inside out, which helped me develop the right habits for a healthier, more sustainable and more profitable business.

I hope these lessons blessed you as much as they have me. Until next time!

PS: Raise your hand if Michael Jackson's classic hit, "Man In The Mirror" is stuck in your head now!  Sorry about that. 😉

Lane Jones is WordPress Designer and social media branding specialist at FreshtakeOnContent.com.

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Fear of Transformation With Sagi Kalev

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Sagi Kalev On Transformation

Fear of Transformation Sagi Kalev

Sometimes I feel that my life is a series of trapeze swings.  I’m either hanging on to a trapeze bar swinging along, or for a few moments, I’m hurtling across space in between bars.

Most of the time I’m hanging on for dear life to my trapeze bar of the moment. 

It carries me along at a certain steady rate of swing and I have the feeling that I’m in control of my life.  I know most of the right questions and even some of the right answers.  But once in awhile as I’m merrily swinging along, I look ahead of me into the distance and I see another bar swinging towards me.  It’s empty and I know in that place in me that knows, that this new trapeze bar has my name on it.  It is my next step, my growth, my aliveness coming to get me.  In my heart-of-hearts I know that for me to grow, I must release my grip on the present, well-known bar to move to the new one.

Each time it happens, I hope and pray that I won’t have to grab the new trapeze bar.  But in my knowing place I realize that I must totally release my grasp on my old bar and for some time I must hurtle across space before I can grab onto the new bar. 

Each time I am filled with terror. 

It doesn’t matter that in all my previous hurtles across the void of unknowing, I have always made it.  Each time I am afraid I will miss – that I will be crushed on unseen rocks in the bottomless chasm between the bars.  But I do it anyway.  Perhaps this is the essence of what the mystics call the faith experience.  No guarantees, no net, no insurance policy, but you do it anyway because somehow, to keep hanging onto that old bar is no longer an alternative.  And so for an eternity that can last a microsecond or a thousand lifetimes, I soar across the dark void of “the past is gone, the future is not yet here.” 

It’s called transition.  I have come to believe that is the only place that real change occurs.

I have noticed that in our culture this transition zone is looked upon as a nothing – a no-place between places.  Surely the old trapeze bar was real and that new one coming towards me, I hope that’s real, too.  But the void in between?  That’s just a scary, confusing, disorienting “nowhere” that must be gotten through as fast and as unconsciously as possible.  What a waste! 

I have a sneaking suspicion that the transition zone is the only real thing, and that the bars are illusions we dream up to avoid the void where the real change, the real growth, occurs for us.  Whether or not my hunch is true, it remains that the transition zones in our lives are incredibly rich places.  They should be honored—even savored.  Even with all the pain and fear and feelings of being out-of-control that can accompany transitions, they are still the most alive, most growth filled, most passionate, most expansive moments in our lives.

And so, transformation of fear may have nothing to do with making fear go away, but rather with giving ourselves permission to “hang out” in the transition between trapeze bars. 

Transforming our need to grab that new bar…any bar… is allowing ourselves to dwell in the only place where change really happens.  It can be terrifying.  It can also be enlightening, in the true sense of the word.  Hurtling through the void—we just may learn how to fly.

My friends, do whatever it takes! YOU are worth it!

Sagi Kalev


Sandi Krakowski Brain Training

How To Silence The Negative Voices In Your Head In 3 Easy Steps!

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Sandi Krakowski Brain Training

How To Silence The Negative Voices In Your Head In 3 Easy Steps!

Every single one of us encounters negative voices in our head, difficult challenges being thrown our way and unfortunately, things we can't change will show up, even if we think we've got everything under control! So HOW on earth can you stay positive, focused and moving forward when some days feel like a full-on assault?

Watch today's episode where I'll give you 3 Easy Steps that will help you to not only SILENCE the negative voices, but we'll get to the ROOT of where some of these gnarly things are coming from!

Let's get started!