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WHAT Are We Doing To Our Children?!

I feel a fire rising inside of me and I CANNOT BE SILENT!  Can you IMAGINE the Olympics without a winning team? A law student at Harvard not receiving grades?!  WHAT are we doing with our kids in school?  I'll tell you what we're doing. We are raising up a bunch of apathetic children who can't grow up, believe they are entitled to everything, don't know what it's like to work and sweat and work again! Everyone is a victim and it's of course, no one's fault! YOU WANT HAPPINESS and joy and overcoming power? LIFE is not a playground! It's a battlefield! Between WHO you could be and WHO you are!  We make it seem like competition is unhealthy when our heavenly Father created us with a desire to WIN! One big key [...]

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What To Do With An Idiot Customer So You Don’t Lose Your Cool

What To Do With An Idiot Customer So You Don't Lose Your Cool I've been running businesses online for the last 18 years and it still never ceases to amaze me how just one person, someone who in an everyday situation would be arrested for their behavior, but hidden behind social media, email and blog anonymity, can disrupt a situation so profoundly if you're not careful you could lose not only your focus but your cool. When you're delivering happiness and loving your customers, always remember that the customer is always the customer. Let's be real. The customer is not always right. The customer who wants to return something 18 months later because they've fallen on hard times is not right. They're irresponsible. The person who bought a weight loss program and continued to eat [...]

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ENDURANCE…. it’s the sign of a Champion!

  ENDURANCE.... it's the sign of a Champion! Everyday someone asks me how to stay positive if their spouse or family is very negative. Easy- love them, just don't be LIKE them! Get a good support system around yourself. If you're in a very abusive or dangerous situation, get OUT of that situation! Get good Godly counseling. BE all that God designed for you to be! Some of you may have to endure for a season. Be willing to endure so that your entire family could be changed! GO the extra mile! Be willing to endure for the sake of the entire heritage of your family. I'm not suggesting you endure and suffer abuse, beatings or anything like that. No. But I am suggesting we stop using our family as an excuse for why [...]

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Brain Training With Sandi Krakowski

"Kick fear in the face, overcome your self-limiting beliefs once and for all so you can live the life you were designed to live and change the world!" Becoming Your Best Self & Living A Powerful Life! NEVER BEFORE RELEASED SPECIALTY CLASS  Saturday Afternoon Brain Training With Sandi Krakowski I am so excited to write to you today.   Not a day goes by on Facebook, on our Blog, in our client care system and more that someone doesn't ask me these words, "HOW do you stay so positive and on task everyday?"   Let me ask you a personal question.  Do you struggle with fear, lack and worry? Or worse yet, could you admit that YOU are your own worse enemy?   I feel for you.   Many of you know I was [...]

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