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Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing

Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing! Are you stuck today? Feel like the wind got sucked out of your sails?  Life happens, computers crash, projects get ruined on the hard drive and if you're a business owner, you might believe you just aren’t ‘cut out’ to do this sort of thing. My advise is just get unstuck and do the next thing. When you’re faced with a life threatening situation you don’t weigh the odds to see whether or not you’d ‘like’ to live, do you? Is there an option? The same holds true for business. Especially when you feel you're called & designed with the purpose of business in your life. Life was never created to be easy, but it was designed to be lived fully. Entering our 20th year of business, [...]

You Too Can Be Productive!

You Too Can Be Productive! Silvia Pencak Almost on a daily basis I meet people who ask me, “How do you get so much done? What am I missing?” We all have a desire to get more done in less time so that we can enjoy more time doing what we love. I wish I had a magic formula that you can say and things will turn around, but instead, I have three tips to help you shift your current perspective and take a step in the right direction. If this sounds right to you, this article will be a wake up call you need in order to get more done.  Tip #1: Know Yourself Way too many times people give in to “proven” strategies that only take them away from their unique abilities. [...]

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How Are You Spending Your Time?

  How Are You Spending Your Time? By: Sandi Krakowski     The singing iPhone woke me up at 4:00 am today. I love to have music programmed as my alarm clock.     Most days I awake between 4:30 - 5:00 am. Today the day was going to be full, with very few moments for pause. So the choice was made to grab a few 'extra' moments to think early in the day. I've heard it said a long time ago that the way you spend the first 2 hours of your day will influence the rest of your day. Well, by 7:30 am I already felt far more stressed than I was comfortable with. So, as I do on a daily, hourly basis - I made a choice for joy and not stress. [...]