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Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online?

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Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online?

By: Sandi Krakowski

Starting a business can be challenging and exciting all in one, and for good measure, let’s throw in a little bit of overwhelming on the side.

Life itself has taught me many lessons that have helped me to create the results in business we have today. For example- learning to pace myself was something I learned in my bodybuilding career of my 20’s. No matter how badly I wanted to be powerful and ripped, I had to do the work. To beat my body in the gym seven days per week without rest actually would make me tiny, loose and flabby! Dense, striated, strong muscles are the sum results of consistently pressing past my fatigue into muscle failure combined with appropriate rest and recovery. Constant muscle fatigue is no way to live, in the same way constantly working on your business is not the way to be successful.

Motherhood taught me that right when I think I’ve got things all figured out and mastered, the game can change when you least expect it. Babies get sick, jobs relocate, change of plays happen, layoffs, new children enter the scene, crisis with relatives and oh my goodness, learning to have The Gumby Anointing was the way to survival of the fittest! (Surely you know who Gumby is, right? Just think “Mom Version Gumby”. )  

Cooking has taught me that sometimes your biggest flops will actually end up being your biggest successes if you’re willing to give it a ‘try’ and get some feedback. It also taught me that no matter how creative you think you want to get- there will always be some ingredients that were NEVER meant to be combined. EVER.

A very important lesson I’ve learned through my 20+ years of working online is that when all is said and done, there are typically only a few select activities that absolutely MUST be done on a daily basis to keep things moving ahead. It is also critical to know that putting these activities off, outsourcing them to incompetent people and frankly, thinking you’ll get to a place of success that you no longer need to do them is a big impoverished delusion.  

So… what activities should you, the business owner, never neglect, put aside or outsource?

The first and most critical activity to always be doing is marketing.

The biggest break thru that most business owners I meet need is to come to grips with the fact that they must redirect themselves from being the marketer for their business to the investor and marketer OF their business. Marketing your business is much different than being a solo-employee of your own company.

Marketing should be 80-90% of all that you do. Most of your activities should start and end with marketing. What I typically see is more than 50% of the people who are marketing only 10% of their time. Even though they work A LOT of hours in their business (and stare at their computer!) sadly, many are simply not doing the amount of marketing that a successful business demands.  

WHERE Most Small Business Owners WASTE Their Time And Rob Their Business:

Creating- This is someone who is constantly creating. Many are actually addicted to the creating phase. Just like the love and excitement we feel with a new baby or even a brand new puppy, many wanna be business owners love the creating process just as much. To be real honest, just like when babies start to get sick, grow up, puppies start to soil the house, this is the kind of person who will change business models, seek something else creative or even just give up. Over and over again from one excitement to the other they go. Rarely does even 20% of their creating ever become a product or service that is marketed for a profit.

Planning-The amount of people who have numerous ‘Maps” and “Business Plans’ in the glovebox of their business vehicle is startling!  With a false security of having it all together, getting all their ‘ducts in a row’ and having everything all lined up, they are deceived into thinking this secures them a successful business. Many have a map from Expert #1 who doesn’t even understand pricing and map from Guru #2 who is an affiliate junkie but doesn’t know a thing about information publishing. Then they have the map their sister wrote them in a night of brainstorming (although she’s never even built a business). Maps, maps and more plans and maps! This is the person who seeks a guidepost more than a takeoff. Sadly, very few ever put ‘gas in the car’ or even pull out of the driveway of their desired business dream! Their plans make them feel super smart and somewhat  secure but year after year they are still struggling financially. 

Masterminding- This is one of my personal pain points when it comes to leading people in business. The amount of people I see who are part of a group and a mastermind but never getting anywhere is somewhat of a mystery to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against masterminding! I RUN one of the most sought after masterminds in the small business community, but I do it VERY differently than most do. My clients get RESULTS, as well. But most masterminds are simply not helpful or profitable! What seems to be an outbreak worse than the swine flu is people who are a part of a group, alliance, society or mastermind that is run by people who have never made any money in business. Most aren’t making any money and are addicted to creating and planning and critiquing to feel like they are doing something in business! Here’s the key– the groups that are FREE and very low cost are always worthless!! Any online group in Facebook that offers FREE reviews, critiques, hot seats, masterminding and brainstorming- BEWARE- this is a sign that no one is really working or making money. They are coming up with a ton of ideas but at the end of the day NO ONE IS MARKETING a growing business! INVEST into a mastermind that is worth your time! We invite you to ours! 

Please don’t think I’m angry or upset, truth be told I feel like a Momma who is watching children go astray! Some of the decisions I see people make are absolutely heart breaking to watch! And while I wish I could prevent the foolish decision making. (Like someone who doubles their income and then thinks they no longer need any coaching or training)…..

That’s not my job. It’s not your job either.

People need the freedom to do what they want to do. Even sabotage themselves and fail if that is what they want to do. I’ve seen some of my most successful clients get full of themselves and go backwards because they thought they didn’t need to be around successful people anymore. It’s not my job to stop them. I pray and let them go. 

Your focus needs to be on where you are at.  A key component in any business is in knowing WHAT business we are in and then…… be about your business. PERIOD.

My friends, the way we pay down our debt, make more money, create jobs for others and increase the economy of not just our own life, but the lives around us, is to do a few key things- daily, monthly, yearly. Over and over again. 

Marketing your product or service 80-90% of the time is your key focus on the pathway to success.

There’s no way around it.  You need to be marketing! This doesn’t mean that all we ever write about is our product or our service. We don’t blast people on our Facebook walls with mention of our cosmetics, weight loss, greeting cards and natural facelifts every single day, over and over again, and in every single blog post, over and over again. The key to marketing successfully 90% of the time is not rooted in sell, sell, sell, sell!

DO NOT OVERLOOK These Key Steps To Growing Your Business AND Your Bank Account:

  • Have a relationship with your customers. You’ve heard me say it once, I’m going to say it again. It might not seem possible but having a genuine, caring relationship with just 1000 clients will get you father down the path to success than constantly pitching 100,000 people who have no relationship with you. Quality is the key.  Step by Step- in today’s economy connection is the currency you are after. 
  • Always seek fresh, new traffic, leads, followers and customers. Loyalty is a very real aspect of a successful business that is profiting for a long time. But a business that isn’t seeking out new customers, clients, visitors and sales is already dying. Build relationship with the new and keep the connection deep and alive with the current. That’s the key. I am ALWAYS 24/7 growing my client base by email and social media. We grow by a minimum of 20,000 new clients per MONTH.
  • Multiple platforms equals bigger results.  Here’s a list to give you a bigger picture of where to go to grow your brand. You don’t need to be using nor are you READY to be using all of these (unless you’re over the mid-six figure range) but you will want to find 5 things that you’ll start on NOW and build from there. Start out with these platforms and grow from there. Do not settle, do not shrink back and for heaven’s sake, don’t just ‘grow comfortable’ where you’re at or you might end up with a big surprise! Keep growing- moving- expanding.

Some marketing platforms that we use in our company to get our products and services into the marketplace-

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • InstaGram
  • Google organic traffic
  • Google PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • Newspaper ads
  • Guest speaking
  • Guest writing
  • CD’s 
  • DVD’s 
  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Mp3’s 
  • Tele-Classes
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Radio ads
  • Radio interview
  • Full paged magazine ads
  • Small mag ads
  • Post Cards
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Offline newsletter
  • Banner ads on other sites
  • Solo Email Campaigns to other people’s list
  • Co-Reg (Minimal)

and a few more we haven’t even mentioned.  

Pick five to start out with.

It takes time to grow a business, but the last time I checked, it takes time to grow a great healthy body. It takes time to grow a great family and relationships. It takes time to get your finances in health. Bottom line is most just won’t do the work. Most won’t eat right to heal their body, most won’t forgive bitterness and offenses and start to live in freedom. Most won’t do the uncomfortable and unpopular things and will continue to stay the same, day after day. 

BUT you.

YOU are not most. You are a Champion. 

You press forward between the gap that exists separating the life you live now and the unlived life you’re pressing to.

YOU are not a quitter. You are not a victim, in a delusion or believing a lie. YOU are created for more and you are doing more. You, my dear friends, through thick and thin, through your own personal hell some of you, are A Real Change in the earth.

It’s an honor to work with you! Now get to work! :) 

With love,


How To Create Great Content Without Being Overwhelmed Or Bored On Your Social Media Pages

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Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.41.30 PM

How To Create Great Content Without Being Overwhelmed
Or Bored On Your Social Media Pages 

I've been building my social media presence since 2010. I got very serious about it
in 2011 when things really took off. As many of you know, we now reach more than
1.8 million people every single day with over 73 MILLION ORGANIC impressions every 90 days. This possibility awaits you!

One of the top three questions I get from students who attend my classes is :
"How do I create great content every day, day in and day out?"

My best advice is this: Always be living in the realm that your clients live in. Don't let their barometer or questions spur your interest, always be one step ahead! If you're in the nutrition and health industry, you should be reading 2-4 books per month on the latest trends in this field, reading magazines every week, reading blogs, how to's and more that all pertain to the industry you're in! 

Ironically, I see people studying, "How to do business" and "How to make money"
more than anything else. This is totally wrong, if you want to build a profitable
business. WAY off base. Why would I say such a thing? Because unless you are
building a business that specializes in teaching people how to grow a big business,
you should be studying the field you are IN and becoming the best thought leader,
guru and expert you can become! Studying business doesn't make you smart for
business. Studying the field your in does! (By the way people who lead others in
creating businesses rarely study business, they master the field their in, learn how
to be very successful in multiple realms and are then qualified to lead others!) 

You'll never lack great ideas, inspiration or motivation when it comes to creating
great content if you are saturating your mind in the topic that you are seeking to
influence and become an exert at. You want YOUR customers and clients to trust
you for information, guidance and expertise! Do your homework! :) 

As you do this, you'll know what to lead with, easily and nearly, effortlessly!

I think some of you have a big SHIFT to make and homework to study!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Scheduling Content Ahead Of Time On Your Social Media Platforms

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Social Media Content Manager

Scheduling Content Ahead Of Time On Your Social Media Platforms

Today I want to share with you the thing that keeps me on track, helps me to never forget a day of content,
and it helps me to stay accountable to my audience with regular postings.

I schedule ahead of time 90% of my content. Most of it I schedule in Sprout Social and the same content is being sent to both Twitter and Facebook. This makes it very easy to get things in place ahead of time, especially on very busy days. If I am going to be traveling, gone for a weekend, etc, I can schedule my content and not worry about it.

I make a committment to check in on my page twice per day, nearly every day, for 10 minutes each time. This takes only 20-30 minutes per day. Engaging with people, talking back and having relationship with them is just as important, if not MORE important, than anything else. To be honest with you, if we don't have 20 minutes per day to interact and have relationship with our clients, we should rethink being a business owner. I'll talk back to people, answer questions, delete any soliciting that someone might be making on my page and other content that shouldn't be there.

Scheduling content should never replace listening to your clients, being active on your page or as an excuse to 'schedule ahead for a month and forget it.' We want to always stay connected with our clients, but we don't have to be on social media 24/7. When people tell me they were on social media interacting for hours, I have no clue what they're doing. I've built a multi-million dollar brand checking in a few times per day, for 10 minutes or so at a time. Now I have a few staff members who come onto my page and help out. So if you've ever used the excuse of 'It will take all of my time!' for not building a big page, you no longer have any excuses. If I can do this with over a million people on my pages, you can too! Just a few times per day, 10 minutes at a time. No worries! Feel free to take Sunday or a day off. Just make sure you're consistent and that things are scheduled ahead of time so even if you're not talking back, there's fresh digital content and posts everydat.

When I have a long post, or want to post videos, I'll go ahead and use Facebook's scheduler. But the majority of my content is scheduled ahead of time, on my iPhone through Sprout Social.

I schedule 3-7 days at a time, but never schedule any more than that. I don't want to get out of touch with my clients. If I do more than this, I start to  feel it in my spirit, and I'll also miss the real-time opportunities that present themselves to be the solution to a problem, to be an encouragement and to win a client's business.

Another tool I've used before is Hootsuite. I have found however that the data reports, real time analytics and data mining capabiities on Sprout Social are much better, and more reliable. 

If you're just starting out and feel like you can only do a few posts per day, at the very least schedule at these times:

8 am EST
12 noon EST
4pm EST
8 pm EST

Your engagement will be lower if you schedule less, but at least this is a good start. You can change the time zone to be your correct location.

Scheduling ahead of time helps you to make sure your best content is being posted, rather than winging it when you feel like it. Consistently creating great content is a big key to social media marketing success.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski