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Don’t miss this key factor in success online!

 Don't miss this key factor in success online! Years ago if you started a business, you'd have to get a building, a phone line, liability insurance and other things that many online business owners don't even think about! But let me break it to you- just because it's super easy to set up a business online doesn't mean it's going to be SUPER easy to make a business profitable. In today's episode I'm sharing with you THREE critical things you don't want to be without if you are serious about being successful in your online business.  PLEASE NOTE: These three things come after finding something that you know will sell, the market is demanding and you are convinced will solve an urgent, pressing problem. Here's my focus today-I'm seeing 'super casual' rise up all over the place [...]

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Where’s Your Focus?

Where's Your Focus? When you start your day, where is your focus? Do your thoughts go to everything that you lack, are struggling with and don't know what to do? Focusing on your problems? Or are you seeing all God can give? :) When we watch a child, it's amazing to me how resilient they are! We need more resilience! Children can fall down, scrape their knee, scream like they have been dismembered and need surgery...... and in a few moments, with the tender kisses of a loving parent, will be off and on their way! There are things to explore, things to take apart, dreams to be chased and invisible creatures to imagine! Today, as you go to work, build a company, build a ministry or whatever it is you've set your hands [...]

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Happy Anniversary Special !!!!

Happy Anniversary Special !!!! WOW! You've come a long way baby doesn't even come close to the transformation that Alan and I have had in our marriage, in our lives and on our journey with God! Tomorrow, June 20th, we will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary! In honor of this amazing day we thought we'd do something WILD AND CRAZY! We're giving you a $50 off coupon on any item over $97 in our online store! (Excluding coaching programs and memberships) Do you need to learn about social media? Great! Use this coupon with our Best-Selling "Social Media Cash Conversion" class! Need to learn more about Wordpress? Use it on our WP II class that tens of thousands of people have used to get a swarm of traffic to their blog! Want your Facebook [...]

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PR: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer Shares How Facebook Marketing Has Changed Communication For Brands, Artists and How Business Is Done Globally

PR: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer Shares How Facebook Marketing Has Changed Communication For Brands, Artists and How Business Is Done Globally  Sandi Krakowski, Indiana resident, has been featured three times in the last 30 days in  Forbes for her unconventional marketing methods. Recently featured as both a Top 20 Women In Social Media and one of The Top 50 Social Media Influencers in the world by Forbes, it’s plain to see her methods not only work, but marketing experts are paying attention. In a recent interview by Forbes she shared how she built a business page which serves over 120,000 people in under a year, “Social media is a process of good relationships, copy that speaks to your ideal clients and truly caring about your audience.” Living in Indiana among a small [...]

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