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Your Niche And Your Ideal Client- How To Choose One And Monetize It

Your Niche And Your Ideal Client- How To Choose One And Monetize It By: Sandi Krakowski   What on earth is a niche and why do you need to have one? According to Webster's Dictionary the word niche means the following: A distinct segment of a market. So the question becomes for anyone who wants to build a business, what distinct segment of the market are you holding? Here's your first key to finding a niche that will work for you- It must be something you are passionate about and that you believe in. In my days of copywriting and marketing for other companies, it was my job to write and produce marketing for companies I had never heard of before. My first task was to increase my belief and conviction as fast as I possibly could! [...]

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Who Is Your Ideal Client?

  Who Is Your Ideal Client By: Sandi Krakowski You feel the rush of the cool fall air blow thru the trees as you sit on the deck of your dream house, sipping freshly ground coffee with organic rich cream. Taking in thesights, sounds & smell of your dream, which has now become your reality, you wrestle between four topics for this week's newsletter. Each is a great topic and each will meet a need for your target audience. But remembering all the comments on Facebook the week before steers you toward this week's focus. You begin writing...effortlessly. Beating with the heart of your ideal client has made writing, marketing, growing and expanding your company a breeze. They move and live with you. Serving these customers is like second nature to you. Or maybe not. [...]