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Do You REALLY Have To Work 90 Hours Per Week To Succeed In Business?

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THOUGHTs for you today on mentors: Some mentors make people feel bad, or guilty for not working 24/7, 90 hours per week. For many many years a ‘stronghold’ belief was creating in the business world that you can prove how powerful and rich you are by how many hours you work. Not only is this faulty, but it’s ego and based on idolatry.
GOD can empower you to DO MORE in less time and to ACCOMPLISH things you’ve never done before because you are WILLING to work hard, work excellently, work diligently and then you will obediently UNPLUG. Family is important, rest is important, personal time and self care are important. When we neglect these things, or get them out of balance, EVERYTHING is out of balance.

For example, you can’t neglect your small or home business because of family and expect it to grow. YOU ALSO can’t neglect your family because of your business and expect your relationships to grow. We must take care of BOTH things. We must have healthy boundaries. Learn to say no to some extra-curricular activities. You DO NOT have to be at every meeting at church. You don’t have to do everything that people say you would be good at. You also don’t have to do everything now!

There are seasons in life. There is a time for harvest and there is a time for caring for our harvest.

Some people could work diligently on their home business just 7-10 hours per week or in the evenings and build a legacy in under 5 years. We don’t have to do things overnight. Have a few trusted people who can speak into your life and help you to get sharper and do better. That’s my desire! I want to be THAT VOICE in the wilderness for you, if you’ll let me. 🙂

DO NOT go it alone. It’s a very deceptive road to do things alone. Be faithful. Be diligent. Give it your all. Remember self care, family, relationships, rest. The STRONG person is the one who endures, the one who sustains through the seasons and challenges in life. NOT the one who works 120 hours per week and never sleeps. That’s actually a sign of insecurity and scarcity.

God has a way that is different than what most will teach, and with it, comes joy, rest, peace and happiness! Be blessed today my friends!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski


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The “One Hour Appointment” I Have With Myself Every Week That Helped Me Build A $20 Million Dollar Business!

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Happy Monday!!  It’s a great day to chase your goals, see your dreams come true and to make a big difference! It’s also Martin Luther King Jr Day. An amazing day to think about what we can do to help others.

Through the years, people ask me so many questions about my schedule and what I’ve ‘really done’ to build such a successful business. People want to see my schedule, my planner, my To-Do list and more. As I began to pray about that this morning, I was reminded of an audio I did last year in my Inner Circle coaching program that has impacted thousands of people.  It’s a training on Schedules, Priorities and Building A Business however…… it has a clip where I share the ONE HOUR APPOINTMENT I have with myself every Sunday night that helped me to build a $20 million dollar company.

The Inner Circle mastermind is a paid group but I thought I’d share this private training with all of you today, as my gift, to help you to accomplish your goals so YOU can make a difference in the world. Dreaming doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t step into the game, every single day.

This ONE HOUR appointment I have with myself will revolutionize your life. 

It’s YOURS absolutely free, no charge. My gift to you! Download it below. 

Listen now!

With love, Sandi Krakowski

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing!

Are you stuck today? Feel like the wind got sucked out of your sails?  Life happens, computers crash, projects get ruined on the hard drive and if you're a business owner, you might believe you just aren’t ‘cut out’ to do this sort of thing.

My advise is just get unstuck and do the next thing.

When you’re faced with a life threatening situation you don’t weigh the odds to see whether or not you’d ‘like’ to live, do you? Is there an option? The same holds true for business. Especially when you feel you're called & designed with the purpose of business in your life.

Life was never created to be easy, but it was designed to be lived fully. Entering our 20th year of business, I'll admit that there are days when my brain lacks enough cells to keep up with the tasks. But having a sense of humor, a strong circle of friends and enough skill makes it easier. PLUS…. we have an incredible team here at ARC! And they ALL help with these three key components. Don’t ever try to build a business without these three things.

Let me repeat them:  A sense of humor, strong circle of friends and enough skill.

Champions don’t get stuck and pause for a week. Neither should we.

Life happens …. So what do you do when it happens in over drive? The next thing. You just do the next thing. It's not so much about getting everything done on the To Do list all at once, as it is getting it done & having the list to keep you moving. Far too many people just don't "do" when faced with challenges.

For the new business owner challenges can sometimes seem like a sign of sabotage. To the experienced business owner it's a normal part of life. Businesses have challenges, customers have challenges, the internet has challenges, human beings have challenges. To believe a successful business is one without challenges is a delusion! It’s not the challenges that are the issue…. It’s knowing what to do next.

My advice is to DO the next thing.

When I was a young Mommy and days without sleep were the norm, I remember looking at my To-Do list (because I’ve always had one, charts and the whole 9 yards) and feeling super overwhelmed. Back then my standard was ridiculous- I felt as if I was a failure if everything on my list wasn’t done that day.  As I've grown in age, experience and value in the marketplace I realize that everything is never really done. Success is moving through the list and enjoying every step along the way. 🙂 

As a budding writer years ago I would struggle to put some thing, any thing, on the page and felt a total loss for words.  Now this might sound shocking to anyone who knows me well but yes, I did lack words and didn’t know what to write about. A secret tip that always worked was to change my environment.

Go somewhere else!

I’d go grocery shopping, run errands, or even go to the coffee shop for a date with my sons who were teens at the time. Maybe I’d clean a room, do a load of laundry, take a walk or do something with my pets. It worked every time… on the way home the ideas would be flowing and I’d get the writing started and finished.

Something to consider is this- was it the change of scenery that caused the words to flow again or was it that I just ‘did the next thing?’

Momentum is what you want in your business and getting momentum in your life will help considerably. You might not always know what the next thing is but the key is to never get stuck, never give in, and never back down.

Remember this saying the next time there’s a challenge- no matter what it is:  “Do The Next Thing”!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski











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