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Schedules And Systems For Small Business Owners That Actually WORK!

 I have a free gift for all of you today! Listen now! https://goo.gl/zk9nAI This is one of my best trainings on schedules, time management, building a business at home and more! Your schedule either supports you or destroy you. You can't keep flying by the seat of your pants, doing things that pop up in front of you, working your 'business' when you have a few free minutes. If you have less than 10 hours per week to build your fortune you need this even MORE than ever! But if you have 40 hours per week to build your business, I guarantee you, if you're not making $1 million yet, you're wasting a lot of time. I want to help with that. If you have a full time real job the truth is you will have [...]

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Do You REALLY Have To Work 90 Hours Per Week To Succeed In Business?

 SMALL BUSINESS INSPIRATION For June 14, 2016:THOUGHTs for you today on mentors: Some mentors make people feel bad, or guilty for not working 24/7, 90 hours per week. For many many years a 'stronghold' belief was creating in the business world that you can prove how powerful and rich you are by how many hours you work. Not only is this faulty, but it's ego and based on idolatry. GOD can empower you to DO MORE in less time and to ACCOMPLISH things you've never done before because you are WILLING to work hard, work excellently, work diligently and then you will obediently UNPLUG. Family is important, rest is important, personal time and self care are important. When we neglect these things, or get them out of balance, EVERYTHING is out of balance.For example, [...]

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The “One Hour Appointment” I Have With Myself Every Week That Helped Me Build A $20 Million Dollar Business!

Happy Monday!!  It's a great day to chase your goals, see your dreams come true and to make a big difference! It's also Martin Luther King Jr Day. An amazing day to think about what we can do to help others.Through the years, people ask me so many questions about my schedule and what I've 'really done' to build such a successful business. People want to see my schedule, my planner, my To-Do list and more. As I began to pray about that this morning, I was reminded of an audio I did last year in my Inner Circle coaching program that has impacted thousands of people.  It's a training on Schedules, Priorities and Building A Business however...... it has a clip where I share the ONE HOUR APPOINTMENT I have with myself every [...]

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing

Sometimes You Just Gotta Do The Next Thing! Are you stuck today? Feel like the wind got sucked out of your sails?  Life happens, computers crash, projects get ruined on the hard drive and if you're a business owner, you might believe you just aren’t ‘cut out’ to do this sort of thing. My advise is just get unstuck and do the next thing. When you’re faced with a life threatening situation you don’t weigh the odds to see whether or not you’d ‘like’ to live, do you? Is there an option? The same holds true for business. Especially when you feel you're called & designed with the purpose of business in your life. Life was never created to be easy, but it was designed to be lived fully. Entering our 20th year of business, [...]