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A well rounded education makes you disposable

  A well rounded education makes you disposable  By: Sandi Krakowski   I got to thinking this morning about how many people are programmed to get a well-rounded education in life and learning.   People go through the motions, learning just enough about as many topics as they can.... and some don't even bother, because it's so darn boring anyways. And what kind of results do we get? We see an entire world filled with people who have NO mastery, NO marketable skill and no special talent. We have a bunch of well-rounded "Nonthinkers" and drones. If you are reading this you are definitely not one of those kind of people.   You'd never survive with some of the radical out of the box thinking we present. I mean give me a break, I have pink [...]

Are you making the kind of income you had hoped for?

      It's FRIDAY!!!   Funny, in the corporate world Friday is the day you look forward to... so you can GET out of there!  But when you're building your dream online, in a business you own, ironically, there are very few days you wish you could get OUT of there! Typically... as our clients start making more money, we have to teach them to just 'take some time off' to play hard and enjoy life.... because they LOVE what they do and they COULD do it everyday, all day! HA!   Let me ask you a very personal question... and please know my heart, I want to help you succeed.   Are you making the kind of money you had hoped for in business?   There are a lot of 'coaches' and [...]

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Miracles still happen today….

I'm writing you today with so much joy in my heart I can't hardly stand it! As many of you know a recent health challenge caused me to have to take some ACTION to get my body back on track. (If you missed that info, the entire story of my hospital visit is here)  This article produced more responses than anything we've ever seen! More than 300 of you wrote personal notes, more than 100 comments on Facebook and replies on Twitter! It was obvious that you guys are the real deal... you love us as much as we love you!  And here's another thing I observed..... many of you are suffering from digestive issues and even disease. You might not know that I've lived and moved in the alternative health industry for more [...]

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Keywords, Surveys, Working On Your Blog & More Inner Circle Video Update

Keywords, Surveys, Working On Your Blog & More Inner Circle Video Update I just got done doing our 10 minute video for my Inner Circle and got to thinking.... we have 5 weeks in this month, so why not "leak" this exclusive content to our entire list!

 We do this occasionally and every time.. people are floored at the amount of content we give away.

 So, without further delay.... here is today's Inner Circle content!

 Keyword Research, Surveys and More!


 Feel free to share this with anyone else you know who needs help in their business! 

 Have a great day!

 With love,
 Sandi Krakowski

 P.S. If you are struggling with keywords, surveys, hearing what your clients are wanting... this will help tremendously!! And it's at no cost, this one time, to you!

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