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Business Plans and Brainstorming

Business plans and brainstorming can be good for your business but it could also be your BIGGEST problem! MaryEllen Tribby of WorkingMomsOnly.com had this to say: "Great video - solid thinking and execution." Do you find yourself more excited about your latest greatest plan than you ever do crossing the finish line? Are you the kind of person who just LIVES for a brainstorming session, it's the highlight of your week- but you just don't seem to ever implement everything you were excited about? Maybe your the person who lives for lists- you just love having everything all laid out and checking things off as you go. But what if your business plan is not working, your customers do NOT get your message and you can't stand not completing a list?! What do you [...]

Why Are You Paying Someone Else To Set Up Your Website?

   Do you have a budget of $ 15,000 to hire me to write your copy, build your website and do all the work for you OR would you like to learn how I do what I do? When I came online 14 years ago I never had any idea the vast knowledge I'd eventually be able to share with people. Beyond just knowledge of the good, the bad and the ugly of what it's really like to build a business online- I also possess results. I've seen huge businesses grow fast and businesses that could have grown...can also sink quickly. I've seen it all, experienced it all and have personally made millions for myself and my clients online.  Through the years I've taught how to write better copy, how to do PPC ads [...]