Hack Your Metabolism, Get More Energy, Sculpt The Body You Want With Sandi Krakowski

Spend 60 days with Sandi in a private Facebook group working daily on your goals!

Dear fitness enthusiast, stay at home moms struggling with pain, anyone who has tried a diet and constantly fails and all the amazing people in between,

What if I told you that your metabolism wants to be hacked? I mean…. in plain English, your body can run more efficiently, you can eat more carbs and stay lean and you can have the body you want without feeling like your punishing yourself and constantly suffering? Well, I can. Because I’ve done this personally in my own life during the last 9 months. And… I’m ready to show anyone with a desire to free themselves from all the lies the typical fitness community is spreading.

I’m here to say you can have abs without living on no carbs. You can also have more energy, without downing energy enhancement supplements, caffeinated drinks and other things that are counterintuitive to your fitness goals. Did you know, by the way, that when you drink caffeinated beverages in excess, it acts like a diuretic and will ultimately make you retain water, instead of drying you out (getting your skin tight and water retention down) like you had wanted? This is just one one of the secrets I’m here to share. That by using the right amount of caffeine, very little micro-doses, or other energy enhancing herbs, you can eliminate excess water, have tighter skin and never feel drained or fatigued because you’re dehydrated.

Hacking your metabolism is using a ‘break all the rules’ type strategy that will enable your body to be running at optimal levels, without struggling, and it will go back to where it was originally when you didn’t have to worry about some of the things you struggle with daily like lack of energy, insomnia, belly fat, cellulite and more. Now listen …I’m not saying you will be perfect. We don’t condone plastic surgery in this process. I hope you’re laughing…… but I will say that your body WANTS to run efficiently and when you feel great, it’s an avalanche type effect on your entire system, because everything starts working synergistically together. So while we may start out working really hard, tearing down bad habits, reminding our body how to get energy, and even, on some days forcing ourselves to move, we CAN get to a place where everything is running easily the way we want it to, with less effort.

When you are dealing with a body that is out of shape, a mind that is struggling and energy levels that want to stay in bed for a week, it’s not very often that you wake up excited to go to the gym, or to get outside, or to even have sex for that matter. But imagine if you will with me for a moment, going on a journey where step by step everything begins to work together, in tandem, you begin to look forward to the things you used to fear or even hate, and you find there’s a new TRUE you inside, ready to come out and experience life!

Let’s work together for the next 60 days in a private Facebook Group where you can see me first hand doing everything that has gotten me to where I am today, and am still doing as a daily practice. You’ll see me cook, workout, meal prep, eat 400 carbs every Saturday, watch how refeeding and hacking my own metabolism is redistributing my fat cells, increasing my strength, and quite frankly, making me look like someone stuck me in a time capsule and took me back twenty years. YES….. that’s what I want for you, too.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn and receive:

  • Private time in a group setting with Sandi Krakowski in a Facebook group
  • Daily video check ins from Sandi
  • Weekly 1 hour training you can do anytime you want
  • How to know the difference between Macros and Calories
  • Why protein (the right kind and amount!) can eliminate cellulite
  • What is water retention and how to correct it
  • The truth about drinking water
  • Getting hormones aligned with food and more
  • Hacking your metabolism and finding weaknesses to be corrected
  • Daily workouts with form checks
  • How to walk away from pain with a workout you can do at home
  • What to do when you are sore that helps the muscles
  • How to eliminate post-workout swelling
  • What is fascia anyways
  • The reason most doctors don’t understand a woman’s hormones
  • How to make sure your doctor doesn’t kill you
  • The truth behind pain from illness, pain at the gym and recovery pain (You shouldn’t hurt excessively!)
  • Why our brain records what we’re doing in the gym
  • How to get the body you want
  • Why some healthy food will make you fat
  • How to eliminate daily weight checks and still watch your progress
  • The secret to killer abs
  • AND MORE!!

I could feed you a bunch of lies about how easy it is, and anyone can do it, but that’s never been my MO. I can say however, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you have been making it, the goal doesn’t have to always be shredded in 60 days, and we can get you to a place where you are moving forward, excited about your daily results and living the kind of life you only dreamed might be possible. If you will work with me, be honest with yourself, not look for a quick system, but will open your mind and heart to the possibility that YOU CAN have a brand new body and life, I am ready to help you.

Let’s get started!! This will be limited to the first 300 people ONLY!!!

So register NOW! 🙂

Program starts on July 2, 2018. You will be invited to join the private Facebook group and get to know Sandi and the other members until then. We can’t wait to work with you!

ONLY $177.00 per attendee – 1 payment 

ONLY $97.00 per attendee – 2 payments 

for the 60 day mentorship


Please note- we are not giving medical advice, nor are we making any medical claims. Please check with your physician regarding any medical conditions you may have.